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  1. Thanx for the advice. I'm gonna continue the driving range for another month or so, then try the par 3 course. Thanks again.
  2. I just started back after a year layoff. I believe I'm more focused this year.
  3. Went out today and took some swings. It was pretty good. 😀
  4. I'm about to start over again. I miss getting out and trying to learn this game. I gotta read back through these posts and remember some tips. I appreciate all the advice in this thread and will not let any of it go to waste. Thank you...
  5. Hi folks. New golfer. I've been going to the driving range, and decided i want a training cage to put in my backyard to practice my swing between trips to the driving range. I saw that there are a ton of choices out there. What would be a good recommendation from anyone who has used one. Obviously, i want something that is very forgiving for any slices. Don't wanna hit a ball into my neighbor's yard, lol. Thanx for any input...
  6. Been away for a while. I had quit, lol. Good advice. I'm soo glad i got the cheap set i did. lol
  7. Im finally back..lol. I had Quit. Seriously, i had raged quit on this game shortly after making my last post. Left a bucket of balls on the driving range and headed for home...lol. Ok, i started back last week. My main problem is i couldn't get any lift at all. Not with the driver, hybrid or irons. I was hitting consistent 1 foot off the ground line drives. I couldn't figure it out. What i did was found some golf tips about lift and found out what i've been doing wrong. 1.First, my ball lie wasn't proper at all according to the type of club i was using. I learned where to place the ball relative to my stance and the type of club i'm using. 2. Second, i learned that my club alignment wasn't proper. My heel was meeting the ball before the toe. 3. Third, the angle of my club when addressing the ball wasn't proper. I was meeting it too flat and not taking in consideration the angle that was engineered into the club. 4. Fourth, i found a tip where i learned to finish my swing with my chin rear of my club on follow thru. In other words, i learned to properly start and finish behind the ball. I actually bend my torso a little to line up behind the ball. 5. Like you said above, i learned to relax and not be too tight. I can actually tell beforehand if my swing is gonna be bad because of how i feel settling into everything. I'm also a lefty. I'm using a 10 finger baseball grip. I don't believe my grip is a issue. Today i hit 75 balls. About 15 of them had proper lift and direction toward the flag. About 5 had the proper lift but were sliced. I don't care about the slicing just yet. The rest where the usual, horrible, thin shots. Had a couple of fat shots, but hitting it thin is my main problem. Once other major thing that i forgot to check on today was the angle of my club shaft itself on my swing. I don't know if my hands are getting too far forward or not. I lucked up and found a guy who wants to give me some lessons. He has been playing since he was a child. I'm gonna take what i learned on my own, let him look at it, and go from there.
  8. No problem. Look. I didnt even know IF i would like playing golf, so i wasnt about to throw a lot of money into it upfront. I went to the range today for the first time and took my first ever swings. I dont care about the quality right now, just wanna learn the basics. THEN, i will worry about better equipment. thanx.
  9. Ok. Went to the driving range for the first time today. I WAITED till nobody else was there and got my clubs out.......lmao ( i knew this was gonna be a embarrassing day). Like i said, my FIRST time ever even swinging a club. I got a bucket of 50 balls and hit about 25 each with the 7 iron and the 9 iron. I got about 10 balls off the ground with decent loft. The rest were either fat ground divots, or some serious slices.........lol. Ground crew gonna be upset with me. My FIRST adjustment i learned on my own was to place my back foot closer to the ball. I was more in the middle. This helped a lot. As i was leaving, the driving range operator/ owner stopped me and said he was observing my swing. He gave me some free swing lessons on the spot. First, my posture. He said i was starting correct, but dipping down into the ball. MY swing. He worked on it from the ground up. lmao. I was swinging too hard. My swing was too high on the backswing. My wrists were bending. My lead arm was bending. My torso was turning too much. My follow thru wasnt complete. He suggested i experiment with a interlocking grip. Im using a 10 finger. Lmao. He admitted my head would be spinning from all the advice, but it helped greatly. I feel my next practice session will be better because now i have a starting point. I greatly appreciated what he did for me today. I now have a starting point.
  10. Thanx for the fast response and the advice. Once i know what im doing, im gonna take your advice and get clubs from Callaway preowned and the other sites. Again, thanx. :) Greatly appreciated. ( my bad, i already quoted you above, lol.) Well, once i learn the basics of the game and get a feel for what im doing, i intend to upgrade one club at a time to a better set by getting used clubs. Thanx. :)
  11. Thanx for the fast response and the advice. Once i know what im doing, im gonna take your advice and get clubs from Callaway preowned and the other sites. Again, thanx. :)
  12. Got my first set of clubs today. Im a beginner. Im starting off with a 12 club starter set by Callaway Strata. Ive reviewed the board and the Strata starter sets seem to be a good place to start learning the game. Any advice on the clubs is appreciated.
  13. Thanx for the tips rainmaker and 70sSanO. Im gonna look for some people to practice with and go from there. Good tip about not taking too much advice.
  14. Thanx for the quick response. Gonna study what you just posted. :) I already know im gonna tinker with a 10 fingergrip by the way. lol
  15. Gonna pick up some golf clubs for the first time next week. I intend to play strictly for fun, but do wanna learn the game properly. Ive never picked up a club. I think im gonna start at a local golf range near me which has everything but a putting tee. What are some basic practice tips that i could use? Again, im totally new. I KNOW its a broad question, but just wanted some input on what people did when they first got started. Thanx.
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