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  1. I believe most people are afraid to be different and Moe certainly was that. From his grip to his stance to his backswing and follow though to his mannerisms. It could also be that most golfers today have never heard of Murray Irwin Norman. He was humiliated in a Masters tournament simply for being different. He went back to Canada and continued his illustrious career. All his knowledge and wisdom went with him. What a shame. Today's golfer isn't willing to spend the time it takes to teach themselves how to make the ball fly and land exactly where they want it to land. Moe did this though years of self education and millions of practice balls on the range. The golfers of yesterday couldn't afford expensive lessons from professional instructors and swing coaches and mental game coaches and what have you. Moe taught himself. Ben Hogan taught himself how to correct his unwanted hook simply with a slight wrist cupping in the backswing and changing his grip by 1/8 of an inch (yes, it works). An instructor didn't help him-he did this himself. No instructor would teach a student to swing like Moe. Moe did what worked for and ignored others telling him "the correct way" to do things. However, even Moe stated that he lost distance by swinging his way. To him, accuracy was the key. The results? In a USA Today news article from 28 September 2004, titled, "Golf's purest striker rarely missed a fairway". "[Today's greatest golfers count their career holes in one, on a few fingers. Norman had 17 aces. He also had nine double eagles and three sanctioned scores of 59, won more than 50 tournaments, and set more than 30 course records." Could you imagine if everyone approached golf the way Moe did? The courses would be packed! Anyway, thanks for listening to my two cents.
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