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  1. Anybody get this thing to work decently? Haven't touched it in the last couple months, but I might break it out tonight. I noticed they did an update to where you can use Tittle directly on your laptop with e6 so you don't have to go through both phone and laptop. Since my laptop doesn't have Bluetooth, I will have to get a dongle... but those seem to be very cheap. My previous experience with it: e6 is awesome, great graphics. Using Tittle itself, I had major connectivity issues, could only do a couple swings without being disconnected (if it ever connected at all) and was totally inaccura
  2. I have only used it with the swing stick so far. The e6 software is awesome. I don't think the Tittle is very accurate though, but like I said I've only used the swing stick so far, I'm hoping it's more accurate with a real club. It keeps messing up when I try to play an actual round, so I've been at the 'driving range' most of the time. It's fun to mess around with. I think the basic mechanics are off....... It says I fade/slice just about every ball, but in real life i draw/hook most of my shots. It shows a bunch of swing metrics after each swing on e6, like club speed, spin, ball speed, clu
  3. I can't find the Tittle X app in the Apple app store. The e6 nice visually looks awesome, but I haven't been able to use the Tittle yet. edit: just found it. All I had to do was delete the space, it's 'TittleX' in the app store if anyone else is having trouble. I feel dumb :)
  4. Sounds like his back is so bad that he can't do a press conference. Not good
  5. Mostly to save money, and because I feel I play better when walking. I take much more time on each shot, thinking about the shot while I walk to my ball gives much more time to prepare than thinking about it as you pull up to the all in a cart. Also, if you hit one way off line, it is much more penalizing when you have to walk way off line and try to find your ball. Another reason that is not listed is because I often golf by myself, and if I have a cart by myself I'm always pulling up on groups in front of me and having to wait. Walking helps to mitigate that.
  6. Big Cat swinging a Taylormade FW. FWIW, he looks to be pretty loose. We've been through this before though http://www.golfdigest.com/story/heres-video-of-tiger-woods-testing-a-taylormade-fairway-wood
  7. A couple weeks ago, I was playing to my personal best ball-striking ability. These were the first few rounds of my season, and my short game was way out of whack and I still ended up shooting 88,89, etc. Since then, my short game has magically appeared and saved me multiple times, but my iron play has became very inconsistent and my tee game with driver/wood/hybrid has been absolutely horrible. I went from hitting 10/14 fairways 2 weeks ago, to hitting just 2/14 fairways yesterday at the same course. And one of those came with a 4 iron. I have been hitting huge slices instead of my normal sli
  8. Blues over Pens in the final.
  9. Any guesses on how far he can hit the driver with that swing? It'd be nice if he could still put it out 280, and greatly reduce the risk of re-injury. Regardless how he is hitting and progressing, I think he should wait to come back to the Tour until next year.
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