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  1. I ended up picking up both. Will see which one feels better
  2. Im liking the 755s based on the research. I still need some forgiveness so it will come down to that once I hit them.
  3. Neither of the golf shops in my area have these clubs. I can get both sets for less than $200. I am thinking at this point to pick up both sets and sell the loser of the 2.
  4. Thanks Jeremie. The year and the value were the only things I had to go off of so I was leaning towards the 755s myself. But I've always wanted a set of forged Mizunos so tough decision.
  5. Will not be able to try both of them out unless I buy them both
  6. Help me chose between these 2 iron sets. I have a choice between Mizuno T-Zoid Comp-EZ, and Titleist 755. Both are 3-PW and both are right at $100.00. I am a mid handicapper and am upgrading from some adams game improvement irons. Both of these seem like a good deal, and I am split between the 2.
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