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  1. HI, Thanks for the detailed response.. The spots are on all irons I usually (try to remember) to clean after each shot but do clean my after clubs after every round Greenkeeper? maybe... It hasn't happened with my Mizunoo JPX 825's but then again that probably has to do with the different finish on both clubs.. Anyway a bloke from the golf club is interested in buying them, I have given them to him to try out for 2 weeks before deciding if he wants to purchase them.. Thanks everyone for the help.. We are having a rather unusual Autumn (Fall) here in Syd
  2. Lol.. I don't mind it either but I purchased these on a whim when I had a BAD case of the shanks 6 months back but I am now back to my Mizuno JPX 825's and was looking at selling the SpeedBlades.. Cheers Keith
  3. Hi, These spots have appeared on my TaylorMade Speedblades in the last couple of months.. Nothing I do can get rid of it? Cheers Keith
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