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  1. Hi Sloweey, I think you and I share the thoughts about golf, I'm getting close to breaking that ton mark, by hook or by crook, it's going to happen this year. There goes another £100 on six lessons !!
  2. I had a Wilson 3 wood and after a bit of work on the internet went out and bought a Cobra Baffler XL Golf Fairway Wood. Due to the naff weather conditions at the time it was off to the driving range to get to grips with it. WOW ! blown away with it, left my old Wilson for dead..... If I can transfer that day at the range onto the course when the weather picks up, I will be well pleased.
  3. Just wanted to say hello as a new member of the Sand trap. I don't normally join forum groups but after spending an hour or so reading through some of the topics that you all discuss, that clinched it ! Had to sign up.