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  1. Because of the new rule, I no longer have a H.I. anymore. For better or worse? Yes, I play golf. Alone. I'm working on my game, but I still keep score when I'm out on the links. I could tell my CC Golf Professional what I normally score, but it would not matter.
  2. I save my scuffers for shots over water. And that's usually where they end up. I remember reading a story by divers who recover water balls. They said they were amazed how many of them were damaged from scuffs, cuts, etc.... :)
  3. Jordan Speith is a young one. He has a future. A good one.
  4. Hardspoon, I knew that the captains don't control the pairings for the singles match. They post their starters - blindly. I also knew that the strongest (most successful) players would be front loaded at the beginning. The Euros had to, because they were behind. DL III and Reed knew this. Reed stepped up and took on the challenge. Reed is now the giant killer. He did it. I am so proud of him. And, I'll always be one of his fans. Forever. BTW - Snedeker won all of his matches. 3-0. Later, Reed asked RM, "when will we meet again"? Love it. This was Golf at it's best. I'm so impressed how well these guys played. Amazing.
  5. Why would you pair up one of your best players (so far) to play against RM? I would have saved Reed for a later match up. DJ would have been RM's best opponent (on paper). Doesn't DJ have something to prove after the last time they played against each other? I will give the Euros a win in the first pairing (no matter who RM is playing). Sorry DJ. And I would have picked Brandt Snedeker to go against RM in the singles round. I like Brandt. :) He stands a chance of beating RM.
  6. Reed carried you thru 18 holes of tough competition. Carpe Diem. Now, is the time.
  7. I also have a sense of humor. (and I am unanimous in that). I agree, Kevin is funny.
  8. He's in good physical shape. I don't like 'Running Golf'. Does not impress me. Just a new fad. Go ahead and run to your next shot. I don't care.
  9. Not impressed. Not fun to watch.
  10. Well, I might not be running up to my next shot (I'm older than dirt), but I promise to floor the pedal of my cart and get there as fast as I can. :) Never mind taking time to enjoy the beautiful green fairway, the trees, the smell of the grass, the sunset, etc... What slows play is is stalking your putt for 7 minutes and then missing it. Again.
  11. This thread. Really troubles me. Kinda glad I'm not playing in my club league. I'll just keep playing by myself for a while....
  12. I think that the worst thing about 'Playing A Round of Golf Solo' includes.... I started off a solo round last week. The first hole - I was on the green (par 4) in 2. 30' from the hole my putt goes right in. Amazing. I've never birdied this hole. Second hole a par 3. I manage to land on the green with my drive. I'm still about 35' feet from the hole. Uphill putt. The flag is way back at the end of the green. I'm in the lower left part of the green. And I sink the putt. So, now I've just birdied the first two holes, from the other side of the green. But, I'm by myself with no witnesses. This is a once in a lifetime score for me. A 5 for the first two holes. Would have been a little bit more happy to have been playing with a group when this happened. Ended the front 9 with a 46. Yes, the Golf Gods soon caught up with me. I play alone, most of the time. I'm wondering when I'm going to have a 'hole in one' when I'm playing a 'solo round'. Yes, that would be the worst thing to happen when 'Playing A Round of Golf Solo'. BTW - I already have a 'hole in one' with witnesses. :)
  13. SW. No problem. :) One putt.....
  14. Aguirre, I've played @Wild Wing. It is a great golf venue. Sounds like you adapted quite well to all of the distractions. Myrtle Beach SC (AKA as the Redneck Riviera).