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  1. And I'm spitting after every swing. Are you? 🙂
  2. 100 swings every day, when I don't play a round. I'm using the Orange Whip Light Speed and the Trainer. Any club will do. I'm trying to get better.
  3. I shot a 75 today. I only played 8 holes. I did par one hole. And it is not an easy par 5. I just managed to hit a good 3 wood from the fairway, followed by 2 good 7 iron shots. Then I holed the 12' putt. Easy peasy. My golf swing is a bit rusty these days. I'm looking forward to some improvement in scoring, as the weather gets better. Yeah, I'm taking lessons.
  4. I leave my cell phone in the car. And it's an old flip-phone.
  5. This is a great topic. I try to stay away from any pain relief meds. They just hide the problem and there are side effects with all of them. If I'm hurting, I want to feel the pain - not mask it. I will take an Aleve after a round, if I need it, to 'recover'. My lower back hurts and my left knee seems to be 'blown out'. I will take some time away from the course, rather than load up on pain killers and play tomorrow. Playing with an injury will just make the pain worse - in the long run. I'm looking forward to playing again in '19.
  6. Yes, Shorty. You busted me. Sad but true. 🙂
  7. Shorty, I'm not disparaging anyone's ability. And I never said 'debacle'. I don't care who wins. I'm not a betting man.
  8. Yes, the USGA got a bit of a bad break. Again.... Berger and Finau were tied at 45th place. And then the greens baked.... Can't wait for tomorrow. Game on!!
  9. Yes he did. Was this because he played in better or worse drastic course conditions than the other groups - that favored his tee time? He won, because he beat everyone. Fair and square. I don't remember anyone talking about the condition of the course (thru the day) after his victory. Apples to Oranges comparison.
  10. Have you ever seen players coming from so far behind - ending up playing in the last groups? In a US OPEN? This debacle was less about the weather than the short sight of the USGA to handle the weather. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/golf/usga-apologizes-for-unfair-course-in-3rd-round-of-us-open/2018/06/16/e7170df4-71cb-11e8-b4d8-eaf78d4c544c_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.c12d2b50f931
  11. This week proves again, that the USGA can f**k up an anvil - 2 out of three times. They came in and pissed on another legendary GC. The condition of this course was not fair to the afternoon groups. They should all be playing the same course am and pm. I know there is always a difference, but it should never be this drastic. I like seeing the pros suffer, but this was hard to watch w/o feeling bad for them. The USGA did not protect the field. And Mickelson should have been DQ'd for hitting his ball in motion. This was hard to see, too. So sad. A lot of things to talk about
  12. I hate this course. The greens remind me of Pinehurst #2 on a bad day. Even if I could afford it, I would never want to play here or become a member. Thank you USGA.
  13. Also happened on the Web.com tour today.. The ball was in front of the hole. Blocking a straight in shot. And the guy pitching, from just off the green, had no problem with that.???? What is going on here?????
  14. 'While we're young!!!'
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