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  1. How Much Do You Pay Per Shot?

    I'm a high handicapper. Now, I feel better about paying my monthly membership dues. Swing Away - again, and again.... :)
  2. What's your cheapest club per yard?

    Over 20 years later... It would be each of my two Scotty Cameron putters. I have a lot of putters in my garage. But, one of my two Scotty Newports is always in my bag. One has a big grip and the other has a thinner grip They are both a little different in size. One has the insert They are the oldest clubs in my bag. Old friends. They are my cheapest club per inch. :)
  3. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Yeah. I'm old now. Thanks for nothing. :)
  4. When Do You Lay Up?

    I don't hit the ball very far. Every shot is a lay up. :)
  5. How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    What about covering fairway divots with the sod that flew off? Should the sod be replaced over the hole? I'm usually in a cart with some sand containers. I just fill in the hole with the seeded sand. I hope this is not too far off-topic.
  6. Oooops. My bad. Again. :) No harm - No foul.
  7. Yes, I do. It bears repeating.
  8. I'm taking Sergio's swing over my swing - everyday.
  9. Yes, it would not be the first time. Remember Dustin Johnson in the US Open? It was a bunker, no it was not a bunker.
  10. Driving Range Etiquette

    No phone calls, please.
  11. What are Your 2017 Golf Goals?

    I don't like hitting balls on the range. Because, I get bored doing it. I need to hit a lot more balls on the range.
  12. A higher swing weight helps me feel the club head thru my swing. I have a slow swing speed. I'm old. If I could just lighten my grip on the club, I could feel a lighter, lower swing weight thru my swing. The higher swing weight gives me a feeling of confidence. Golf is a game of confidence.
  13. Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    My SM6 wedges are 50, 54, 58. I used to play w/ a 61. Don't miss it much. My short game is better than my shots from the fairway. That's why I have to hit the short irons so much. I get a lot of practice from off the green.
  14. When ball is out of bounds.. Private Property

    If you own a home on a golf course, that's about halfway down the right side of the fairway, you have to expect players are going to be retrieving their wayward ball from your yard. Having a great view on a golf course comes with having golfers in your yard - at some point. If you want to spoil the pristine view of the beautiful golf course, put up a fence to keep 'em all out. Playing a shot from someone's yard is totally not cool. That's what I call being disrespectful. Reminds me of people buying a house next to the airport and then complain about noise of the planes flying overhead.

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