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  1. To get the most reverse spin, whenever your ball (happens) to land on the green, with your approach shot, you should..... Oh, never mind..... :) Now, when hitting out of a Bunker.......
  2. I love watching players strike the ball with a good compact swing. I can learn from this.
  3. Yes, the game of golf will always be there, no matter how old you are. Come back anytime and give the game another try.
  4. Thank you all for your advice. This topic was not, entirely, meant only for my situation, but for everyone. I will be happy when I can move back to the Blues and still shoot in the 80's. And then there are the Golds...... I can not even imagine that. Maybe some day. :) I'll take the Blue. :)
  5. I'm starting to hit the ball longer and scoring better - from the White Tees. When should I make the decision to move back to the longer Blue Tees?
  6. That would be very weird, Hacker James. :) This is a golf community. If you live next to a golf course (fairway) you understand. They are longtime golfers, and support the club and the members. There were no 'No Trespassing' or "Private Property" signs. Very forgiving golf environment. In fact, there are no such signs anywhere on the course. We're all in this together. If the home owner has a sign that says 'DO NOT ENTER' (and maybe some razor wire), I'll write off that ball, and move on and hope they don't blame me for my errant drive violating their safe space. A few years ago.... we looked at buying a very nice home next to the same 18th tee. The wife said she did not want to hear golfers teeing off all day long. So, that house was taken out of consideration. We did not buy the property - and later complain about the sound of so many balls being hit from the tee. BTW - My pumpkin head is fine. It was only a flesh wound. :) Getting way off the original topic. Sorry for that.
  7. As I just said in the Weird thread, playing golf is the most embarrassing situation you could ever get yourself into. Either you quit, or you keep charging on. I don't want to quit. I'll issue more time to practice and play. And then there is the spiritual side of the game - that I can attest to having experienced. It's the mental 'deep end of the pool'. The Shivas side of the game.
  8. Last Saturday.... I was playing the 18th at my club. I pulled my drive into the backyard of a house that borders the fairway. I saw the ball hit a big tree and drop straight down. I knew where the ball might be. It was Out Of Bounds by about 5 yards. I drive my cart up to the backyard and see three ladies there having fun with their dog. And they see me. As I get out of the cart, I hear one of them asking, what is he doing? I tell them I'm looking for Easter eggs. I find my ball, pick it up and show it to them and laugh about it. It's really a good thing I my errant drive did not hit one of them.... I take a few steps back to the cart and (out of no where) BANG!!!! - I hit my head on the bird feeder hanging from a branch on the tree. "Are you OK?, are you alright?" I heard them say. The bird feeder was swinging back and forth. I was seeing birds flying around my head, like in cartoons. Oh yeah, I fine. Good thing I was wearing a ball cap. The hit broke the skin on my left forehead under the cap. A little blood. No concussion. At least, far as I can tell. :) And now I try to get back into the game and plan my next shot into the green from 115 yards.... Very embarrassing incident. But, I've found playing golf to be THE most embarrassing thing I've ever done. Don't know if my experience qualifies as being "weird", but it certainly was to me.
  9. What I like about TST, is that the administrator has a good nose - when he smells any BS. This site is not about BS. Welcome aboard.
  10. Great question. Not much talk about it, that I've seen. I wear XL gloves and I'm using Golf Pride mid size grips. Is it true that if your grip is too small, you will tend to pull your shots? And if your grip is too large you might tend to slice? I should have my 7 iron re-gripped with a normal size grip and try to figure out what fit I need.
  11. Don't even get me started on this topic. I've posted before that this should never happen. Otherwise, let's go back to playing stymies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stymie I was not amused at all. It's not funny. Mark and move your damn ball when it is this close to the hole. In this case the ball bounced into the hole, but it could have also bounced away from the hole - instead of going in. Play like a Pro. Protect the field.
  12. Even or Odd, I'm looking forward to the new irons. Can't wait.....
  13. Well, obviously, math has never been one of my strong points. :)
  14. I know. My Vokey SM6 wedges are 50, 54, and 58. There is a big gap from the AP1 P wedge to my 50/sand wedge.