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  1. The "Bad guys"
  2. Not good, improving.
  3. Do golf's "bad boys" hurt the sport? Please provide a definition of "bad boys".
  4. I've never noticed cig butts in the cup. I have seen plenty of cigar butts strewn around the greens. It's pretty disgusting. Why????? It's like a dog pissing on his territory?
  5. Walk - walking. Golf - golfing. Mic drop.
  6. Me too, Hardspoon. Me too.
  7. Last year, my Club Pro asked me how old I was when I started playing golf. This was after he watched me hit a few shots on my first lesson with him. Well, I was in my 30's when I started playing golf. I've had a more than a few lessons, before this one. This was the first time my instructor ever asked me - how old I was, when I first began to hit the golf ball. So, to my TST friends, how old/young were you - when you started playing golf?
  8. I'm really surprised how so many of us are saying that the score is 'The Most Important' part of playing golf for them. I know of good players that quit playing golf, because they could not break 70, or 80, or 90 or 100. The score was so important to them. Otherwise, the game was not worth playing. What is going to happen when you can't break 90? From the forward tees? Like most things in life, you get what you give. Unless, it's about your body's metabolism. No matter what you do, you will not lose 25 pounds. At least not for very long. This week, I played 9 holes. I managed to break 50. Hey, the year is early. Yes, I would liked to have scored better. I hit a couple of great drives. My only pure iron shot was a 9 iron to 14" of the hole and I sank the putt. That one perfectly hit, great sounding, pure sweet spot 9 iron shot is what brings me back to this game. Not the score. It's known as the golf curse. I have it.
  9. After I shot my only 'Hole In One', I did not celebrate, I did not buy drinks for anyone, I never even made this singular accomplishment public. I think I have misplaced the ball. Yes, my foursome was quite impressed. I was surprised that it happened, because it was an uphill, 150ish Par 3 and we could not see the ball go into the hole. I knew I hit it close to the hole, but could not find it anywhere on the green, and there it was - in the hole. The last place we expected to find my ball. :) And I'm looking forward to my next one. I'm not buying drinks for everyone.
  10. Is it against the rules of golf to adjust the flag stick properly, so that it stands upright into the cup - before you make your putt, from off of the green? BTW - Caddies or anyone else who would leave the flag stick in a crooked fashion...??? They would belong in the golf category of those who do not fix their ball marks on the green. iacas, you seem to make a big deal about the crooked flag stick. Is this a problem on the Pro Tour? The Pro Golfer protocol should always be about 'Protecting The Field'.
  11. Have you talked to Spieth or Rahm lately? I haven't. I only see the players and the shots they make that the network cares to televise. Now, the premise of this topic is not so clear to me. Rather, it should be a question of 'What percentage of time do you pull the flag stick when putting from off of the green'? Not whether you ever pull the flag stick when you are putting from off of the green, or leave it in the cup. I guess some players never pull the flag stick. Some always remove the flag stick. Spieth and Rahm might pull the flag stick (or not) - depending on how they feel about their chance of holing the shot from their lie. There is no absolute (yes/no) option to this question.