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  1. I went out late today (5pm) to get in a quick 9. I usually have the course to myself on late Saturday. On the third hole, I discover that my Vokey SM6 50 degree is missing. I last played late Thursday afternoon. I was the last one out on the course that day. So, this pretty much put me in a bad mood. After the next few holes, I finally remembered that I left it next to the fairway bunker on #9. I just could not get this round over with soon enough. After putting out on #9, I hurried to the pro shop. And there it was behind the counter. I have a red Golf Pride midsize grip on my 50, 54 and 58 wedges. Easy to spot. :) Thankfully, a good club member (picked it up) and turned it in for me. What a relief. New rule - do a club check after every round from now on!
  2. Yes, it is, rehmwa. See my original post that started this thread. Anyway... I was playing earlier this week, late in the day, and found a putter on the fringe of the 10th green. I know he started on 10. I picked up his old Anser putter - with a well worn grip and put it in my bag. I was tooling around on the par 3 11th green, practicing my putts. I kept looking for him to backtrack - looking for his putter. I didn't think it would be very long. Finally, he drives up in his cart. I'm still hitting practice putts, and I told him that his putter was in my bag. He thanked me, very much, and continued back on his way to 13. No way, would I leave his putter lying beside the green. I was the last player on the course that day. The sun was setting. I love playing in the twilight on a Saturday. When I, practically, have the course to myself. :)
  3. Is your Summer slipping away?

    It's typical 95+ degree weather for the last two weeks. I still see some players out on the course. My club has some true die hard gamers. :) But, it looks like I'm going to have to sacrifice 3 weeks of the summer. This time off, just makes me more eager to come back and make up for the lost time. I always come back refreshed. When the temp is is too high to play, I still drive by my golf course and driving range - and wish I was out there. It's beautiful.
  4. I've been very lucky to have one. Only one. It was the kind of Hole In One where you could not see the ball go into the hole. The 146 yard Par 3 was uphill. We saw the ball trace toward the flag stick, but that was about it. I walked on to the green and could not find my ball anywhere. Finally, I looked in the cup and there it was - a Hole In One. I still look into the cup - when I can't find my ball anywhere around the green. Hoping it might be there. You never know.... Usually, it's in the bunker behind the green.
  5. I want, I want, I want these irons. I'm way overdue for an upgrade in the irons department. I'm still playing my Titleist 2005 era 5 thru PW 862 set. BTW - the part time pro shop guy at my club told me the other day (as he was loading my bag onto the cart) that my 862s are going to be non-conforming as of this year. It's because because they have square grooves. Good eye. I just wish I could hit my irons well enough to have a productive fitting for a new set I'm working on it. It's been a struggle so far. I was hitting my 9, 7, and 5 for over an hour today on the range. My drives land in the middle of the fairway, but that is when the trouble starts. I had a good lesson a couple of weeks ago, hitting only the 7 iron. But, I have a long way to go. These new irons look good to me, and that is a good start.
  6. Phil Mickelson missing US open for HS Graduation

    Who cares? I don't.
  7. To get the most reverse spin, whenever your ball (happens) to land on the green, with your approach shot, you should..... Oh, never mind..... :) Now, when hitting out of a Bunker.......
  8. Short backswing, big hit

    I love watching players strike the ball with a good compact swing. I can learn from this.
  9. Help Needed… Should I Quit Golf?

    Yes, the game of golf will always be there, no matter how old you are. Come back anytime and give the game another try.
  10. Thank you all for your advice. This topic was not, entirely, meant only for my situation, but for everyone. I will be happy when I can move back to the Blues and still shoot in the 80's. And then there are the Golds...... I can not even imagine that. Maybe some day. :) I'll take the Blue. :)
  11. I'm starting to hit the ball longer and scoring better - from the White Tees. When should I make the decision to move back to the longer Blue Tees?