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  1. Watching TV's Bob Ross 'Watching Paint Drying' episode (English version) >>>>>>> NHL on the Golf Channel.
  2. Anything, and I mean anything (including Shotmakers) >>>>>>>>>> NHL on the the Golf Channel. "I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out', Rodney Dangerfield. Is it 1:30 EST, yet?
  3. What in the wide wide world of sports is a goin' on here? Is nothing sacred?
  4. It looks like I'm the only person in the golfing world who did not get bored watching Shotmakers.
  5. Golf is not a game of perfect. And neither is this show.
  6. I love this show. So much depends on every swing - with the TV, scoring, in front of everybody, etc.... I try to put myself in their shoes for some of these shots. Much respect for these players. I wish them all luck. Go Lighting.
  7. Not so much drills. Mostly, getting the right amount of turn, measured in degrees, of my hips. Trying to keep the right leg more straight in the back swing, And working on a steeper shoulder turn in the back swing, also measured in degrees. It's not easy for me. When I do manage to pull off these moves, I see immediate good results with ball contact and distance. We will be working on my early release and casting problem once I get these fundamentals worked out. I imagine there will be some drills involved for this fix. I'm reminded of the song by Little Feat. "You know you're over the hill, when your mind makes a promise that your body can't fill" 'Old Folks Boogie'.
  8. Another lesson today. Another video of my swing. My swing is sooooo bad. I don't know if it can be fixed. I'm going to keep trying.
  9. I've been hitting a Rogue 7 iron in my GOLFTEC sessions. My clubs are just too old to matter (Titleist 862 and a set of TM Bubble Shaft Ti). I've been playing a set of Titleist AP3 irons, demos when I play at my club. Today, my instructor asked me if I would like to hit an AP3 7i for the lesson. I said I liked the Rogue from last week. He said that their testing has shown that the Rogue is longer than the AP3. I have not tried the Rogue X. I like the Rogue. I'm looking forward to getting fitted for new irons. It will be shootout between the Rogue, AP3, and the new TM irons. So far, I'm really partial to the Rogue. I am so ready for a new set of irons. And they will be graphite. Maybe Kuro Kage. Any Kuro Kage players here?
  10. My GOLFTEC location just got the new Titleist 718 irons. My home club has had these for quite a while. But my club does not have a trial set of the new Calloway Rogue Irons, yet. GOLFTEC does. I'm looking forward to my AP3 vs Rouge shootout.
  11. Sometimes - playing this game seems hopeless. I'm 'pulling out all of the stops' to try and recover from this flat spin downward. So far - so good.. I hit a 5 iron to the green yesterday. After i did it the first time, I was reluctant to try it again. I tried it again, and hit another good 5 iron shot to the green. Something funny is going on here....
  12. And the 4th swing tip was to...... Hmmm. I can't seem to remember that one.
  13. Only 17??? My first lesson is already paying off. Only 3 new swing thoughts, so far. Pivot around right leg, lower take away and swing more to 'right field'. And swinging a new Titleist AP3 iron (Demo) does not hurt. Turns out the 7 iron that my instructor gave me to try was the new Calloway Rogue. I'm not married to Titleist irons. That Rogue really tried to steal my heart. When he gave it to me to try he said "I hope this does not burn your hands". Rogue vs AP3. We'll see. I'm looking forward to playing with a new set of irons. 5 thru PW.
  14. Metal spikes should not be allowed. Unless, you are going to repair all of your spike marks on the green. IMHO Well, if the the other players on the Tour allow it, so be it.

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