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  1. Aguirre, I've played @Wild Wing. It is a great golf venue. Sounds like you adapted quite well to all of the distractions. Myrtle Beach SC (AKA as the Redneck Riviera).
  2. Still shaming the players who did not care to attend the Rio Olympics? Now, it's all about their "bad science" and their "IQ". What's next?
  3. I love wearing my old Bite Golf Sandal Spikes, when playing on a hot and humid day. They are classic. My dogs gotta breathe. And yes, they are quite stable.
  4. I can't believe how so many commentators on the GC just can not stop talking about the players that declined to attend the Rio Olympics. "Oh, how they are going to regret it." etc... Just watched Faldo tonight go on and on about it - how sorry they will be, when they watch some one else get the gold medal. I fully understand why some chose not to attend. I don't understand why so many use this as an excuse to keep beating them up about their decision. This is old news by now. But, (for some reason) their shaming tirades go on and on. They talk more about those that declined than those that are competing. It's high time for them to move on and direct their comments to the those that are playing golf in the '16 Rio Olympics.
  5. Believe me, Patch. Tinnitus does not count as music. Tinnitus is the never ending screaming hell in my ears and head, that I try to live with each and every day of my life. Silence is golden.
  6. Totally agree. 100%. I'm a musician. The last thing I want to hear on the golf course is music. Loud or soft. But, some people can not endure silence. Must be torture for them.
  7. I remember when the 'Left Hand Low' grip was called the 'Give Up Grip'.
  8. I don't like slow play. I like it even less when the pro golfers are guilty of it. I was glad when that threesome was put on the clock. It was like a wake-up call for them. They did not seem to care that they were falling way behind the players in front of them. I guess they thought that they had the course all to themselves by then. When I was taking lessons @Pine Needles GC, they also schooled us on the 40 second rule. It's a good one to follow.
  9. That's what I don't like about playing with people who want to bet. Again, money changes everything. I would not be playing with these people.
  10. Cheapest??? Who cares. Most expensive - I care!!! My new Titleist 915 D2 Driver. (Yes, I know about the New 917). I'm loving this expensive club. I was fitted for the shaft and loft. Best driver I've ever owned. When I bought this club ( two months ago ), I knew that the new version was right around the corner. But, I could not wait to upgrade from my old Bubble Shaft driver. I'm thinking that drivers are probably the most expensive club you can add to your bag - except for Scotty Cameron Putters. :)
  11. Yeah....
  12. Yes, it was. And it will be around long after the EU.
  13. Ko is a shot making specialist. She will grip down on the shaft of a longer iron to keep the ball trajectory lower than using a higher lofted club - for the same distance. And she likes to use half swings, 3/4, etc... She's thinking outside of the box. A lot to learn watching her hit different approaches to the hole.
  14. Just happened to be watching the GC. Rickie Fowler on the 6th. The announcers are concerned about 'protecting the field'. Again. Players not marking balls. Hmmmmm.....