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  1. just a dumb mistake. i didnt even torch near the hozzle so i thought it would be fine lol
  2. bummer! oh well. you live and you learn haha would anyone know what type of ferrules to use for the sm5 wedge?
  3. i torched a club with the shaft still on. i could tell the epoxy was liquifying but after the club cooled down, it seemed to harden again, seems pretty stong. will i have issues with the head staying on?
  4. thank you for your input! i guess ill just wait and see
  5. i have the sm5 wedges in the black finish. but when i try and sharpen the grooves, it peels away the finish leaving it shinny and it looks terrible compared to the rest of the head. will the grooves eventually rust and blend in? is there anyone with the same black finish who could share how they keep their grooves sharp?
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