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  1. The non-players have a good sense of humor. I'm sure it will be good for many laughs. But I'm totally glad you mentioned bowling. There is a small bowling alley in the town we are staying in--definelty having an evening competition (with numerous runs to the bar Dave). And everyone is about equally bad at bowling.
  2. I have a group of 6 long-time high school friends getting together for a round of golf. Trying to think of the best way to have everyone play together in some kind of competition. Players range from 2 who shoot at around 90, 2 who are around 100, and 2 who don't play at all. More about the fun and camaraderie than about low scores for us. The course we will play at will not allow more than 4 to tee together. What would be the best way to have everyone get a chance to play with one another and keep it fun? Was thinking of 2 groups of 3 that rotate every 9 holes, playing 27 holes in total. Not sure how to devise the competition part though.
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