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  1. Yes. Please play with glove. It protects your hand palm and help hit more comfortable. In Pro Tour, I only remember a couple of players who play without glove. Fred Couples is one of them. But, I think there are some points to this question. However, if you really does not want to use a glove, then please make sure to have grip which is a bit softer and bigger with jumbo size. The decision is ultimately up to the player. Thanks for sharing the thoughts.
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  3. I have one more comment to make. I was waiting and waiting at baggage claim area in Brussels, but I could not see the club on the circulating belt. I was a last person to check for club, but I did not see. At that point, I almost gave up the club and I was devastating and ready to report Lost Item, but I decided to check the opposite area in front of hole where luggage is coming out of. See, there the packaged golf club was sitting on another box, just out side of belt. This was why I could not see the club on the circulating belt. I guess the club was very light, and it must be thro
  4. Thanks for your work as a firefighter. Please bend down your waist a little bit more, and do your normal swing! This should fix shank!
  5. Hello friends in golf: I am back from trip to Europe. I successfully delivered the driver to my son in law a couple of weeks age in Brussels. First, no carryon allowed in airplane. So, I checked in the club as it was packaged when delivered from online order. Please see the picture. Airline counter instructed me to put the club as an oversized item, and there was no extra charge at least for my case this time. Remember that they classified it as oversized. I was able to pick the club at the baggage claim area in Brussels. Case closed. Thanks and have
  6. Thanks, Iacas. I will carry on one Driver with me without any packaging. I will have to pass through security check and X-ray scanning. By the way, my flight will be from Toronto Pearson airport to EU, so I hope Canada will have the same regulation as US since they are part of NA (North America). I will let you know if I will get into any trouble. (I will not do practice swing inside the plane, but I may try while I wait around boarding area. ) Thanks!
  7. Jamo, Thanks for reply. I want to avoid extra charge on the additional bag or package or mishandling, especially on the Driver. Are there anyone who have recently carried on a Driver in a domestic or international flight? Thanks.
  8. Dear golfers, Can we carry-on one golf club (Driver) in the airplane, within US or to Europe? Recently I don't recall any passenger to carry on a club in the airplane, domestic or International plane. I understand that security has been tightened lately, but I know this was ok many years ago. Thanks.
  9. I'd like to point out two: 1. Grip. Base ball grip always uses 10 fingers, but Golf grip has other varieties. 2. Range of View where you have to hit the ball into. Base ball is with much wider view, so less stress. 3. Baseball players run, but golf players do not. 4. A ball of Baseball moves a lot and much bigger, but golf ball does not move and much smaller. Thanks.
  10. Practiced with Driver and 5 wood and 7 iron also. I wanted to apply a little bit more of lateral movement during the down swing and the follow thru. The ball flied really straight. As you all know, there is a huge differences in degrees of Swing Planes (in particular One Swing Plane) between Driver and 7 iron, flatter vs stiffer. The stiff swing plane will encourage more up-right swing, which I am trying to have more often. Keep working. Thanks.
  11. Thanks, and the comment is quite thorough and analytic, and I will have to consider. My main point was that the handle (two hands together) will become more One unit by using double overlap grip, and it will let left the left hand be in more leading role and be a major source of power.
  12. I do the practice swing inside the garage, but I am afraid I break my car. So, I do the check swing and warm up swing in the Driveway at evening, and I know my neighbors will see me. I used to mind their eyes, but now I don't. I practice with jumping as well just to let them know that I am not just doing golf practice but do regular exercise as well. I also put the club head cover for Driver and 5-wood and 7 iron while I practice the swing to feel the more weight. And then later, I do practice swing without head cover. Try this. Thanks.
  13. As far as movements around the wrist are concerned, we know there are a couple of those: 1. Before starting back swing, there is waggle which I think involve the wrist movement; 2. Apply cocking to the wrist; 3. At the top of back swing, apply even more bend which is the topic of this post. I saw many world- leading Pro golfers including men and women who even do not maintain flat level at the top of back swing, yet generate great power. So, if the goal is to maintain the square club face through out the swing (I really like this post because author zimmerbz is really
  14. Golf is one of the best game. It is such a challenging game, too. And this is why we keep trying to improve and never give up. I just have one suggestion. Try to adopt One Plane Golf Swing. This will eliminate so many problems and issues in Swing of Golf. Good luck and I hope you will enjoy the game of Golf even more. Thanks.
  15. follow through - (in golf, baseball, and other sports) continue one's movement after the ball has been struck or thrown. In dictionary, 'follow through' is defined as above. please pay attention to the verb, continue. Are you doing enough of follow through? Do you truly follow hrough enough and finish the swing like the soaring eagle? It sometimes helps us a lot if we keep the image of powerful picture or object. Thanks.
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