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  1. We tried to get the most accurate results with the resources available
  2. Experiement Explaination The experiment that will be taking place requires three things, golf balls, a hard surface, and a tape measure. We will be bouncing different compression and different layered golf balls against the hardest and most bouncy surface we can find, which happened to be a smooth finished concrete. We will one by one drop the golf balls at a controlled height, and film the results of the bounce back with a high definition slow motion camera. The data will then be reviewed and the end results will be recorded into a graph that shows which golf ball bounced back at the highest height. The ball with the highest bounce back will correlate as the ball that will travel the farthest off of the golf clubs face. The lineup of golf balls will include the most regularly bought tour performance golf balls, and amateur golf balls. This will give those reviewing this experiment the answer to the simple question of which golf ball will travel the farthest total distance. The golf balls will be dropped by hand and will be dropped on the same ground spot on the smooth concrete, making contact with a part of the ground that does not have a different pattern or slanting angle, which will assure the results. The golf balls will be dropped three times each from the same height to insure that the results are relatively the same then the data will be averaged. Experiment Results Our experiment went just as planned with no setbacks as we calculated the bounce back of the golf balls. We started out by finding a level smooth area of concrete to bounce the golf balls off of. Once we found the best available area we made a 4/4 inch square on the ground with tape to insure that we were hitting the same spot on the ground from where we were dropping the ball. We decided to drop the balls from 50 inches, we measured the height with a 4 foot measuring stick and dropped the balls from 2 inches higher than the measuring stick (50 inches). The project started with the Wilson staff Duo-U ball and finished with the Titleist Pro V-1. We recorded the droppings with a high definition slow motion camera and reviewed all of the videos to come up with the height of the bounces. Each golf ball was dropped three times to assure the accuracy of the data. These are the numbers we came up with. Wilson Staff Duo-U – 41 3/4” Srixon Soft Feel Yellow- 43” Taylor Made Tour Preferred X- 41” Wilson Staff Duo- 43 3/8” Titleist NXT Tour S- 44” Feedback would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
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