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  1. Since you haven't drank much I'd suggest bailey's (or any irish cream) on the rocks, white russians are good too. A great beer that I've been into lately is Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA. It's so good, I think I'm gonna have one right now
  2. Since your swimming about a mile a day you shouldn't have to add any more cardio work to your routine. I read in a golf magazine a few years back that boxing will work a lot of the same muscles you use for golf.
  3. You're calling soccer boring then defending baseball? Have you ever watched baseball on TV? 30 minutes of play and 3 hours of watching the coaches sign to each other and scratch their nuts. I think baseball and soccer are similar in that you probably need to have played them to appreciate watching, but I still can't force myself to sit through a baseball game on TV. I really love going to the ballpark though.
  4. It's not the norm by any means but it might work for your swing. Ben Hogan played like that, and he hit it pretty well
  5. Soccer is extremely physical, and players on any national team are far from cup cakes. Power is very important in soccer but you also have to be able to play two 45 minute halves without stopping. FIFA rules allow 3 substitutions per game, add a stipulation like that to american football and the elite players would shrink considerably. Also I think that americans "hate" soccer because we can't dominate it, so most of the population here just snubs their nose at the world's most popular sport.
  6. If you don't make it through Q School can you still play in college? If yes, then I'd go for Q school. If trying Q school would make you ineligible for college golf I'd say go to college first and get some more high level tournament experience.
  7. I record the number of putts, the length of the putt made, and the distance of my first putt if its outside 20 ft.
  8. If you don't care that it doesn't say cameron you can try here. www.jmarkgolf.com
  9. Care to elaborate on that a bit more. I'm fairly certain that a softer cover would always cause a loss of distance compared to a harder ball. In physics we did live ball/dead ball experiments and the live ball always had more momentum after a collision, I'm pretty sure the same laws of physics apply in this situation. I really don't see how a ball can have a layer to reduce driver sidespin, its not like they're putting gyroscopes in golf balls so they can differentiate between sidespin and backspin. A layer that reduces driver spin in general I can beleive though. If your a slicer and make t
  10. I don't see how I'm wrong. The RX has less spin than the other B330 series balls, but he wasn't comparing it them. He said he likes the NXT Tour and e6 which both have surlyn covers, so I'm pretty sure they spin a bit less than the RX.
  11. They have a urethane cover so they're going to be shorter and will spin a lot more. If you have trouble controlling a slice or a hook the extra spin will make it even worse. Its within 100 yards of the hole that the extra spin will help you out.
  12. Does the range you go to have mats or grass?
  13. I voted 11-30% when I hit the fairway. My home course has a 501 yard par 4 that plays into the prevailing wind. I've been able to hit it a few times, never made the putt though. One day I'll birdie that damn hole.
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