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  1. Hi everyone. After having a golf conversation with some of my friends a week ago I decided to get my clubs out and pick them back up. I started playing golf at 14 and played pretty heavy (high school golf team) until I went to college. Since 2000 I probably have not played golf more than 10 times. While I was never what I considered good, I usually scored in the mid 80s regularly. I fought a slice but learned to play with it instead of fixing it. (we had a golf team but no golf coach. Small school) I went to the driving range this weekend and went through a bucket of balls. As to be expected my swing is long gone. After about half a bucket I slowed my swing down and started hitting some better balls. Still have the random slice if I really try to rip it. Couldnt hit my driver for crap (never really could) but could hit the 3 wood pretty good. I wasnt hitting my irons very well, It seemed like I was picking up too much of a divot. Any tips besides just keep going back and hitting range balls for a while before I hit the course? My current bag consists of a set of 3-pw set of Ping Eye 2s with zz lite shafts An old Callaway Steelhead driver and a Steelhead 3, both steel shafts) I bought these used around 2002 when I thought I was going to start playing again. I had given away my old set of clubs, they were a set of King Snakes (King Cobra copies) that my parents bought for me in 96-97. A buddy recommended I look into hybrids but I have no experiance with them.