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  1. Thanks, I will check him out. I have invested the past year in lessons and practicing at Golf Tec. At the range and at home. My swing and confidence are better. But both need more work. I had no idea how technical the golf swing is. I will forever be a work in progress as I love this game. Thanks for all the replies.
  2. Hi all. I have been taking lessons at Golf Tec for a year. Hitting the ball more consistently but still its a work in progress. Ive seen a few threads here for mental aspect of the game but i am inrterested in a book like, "Zen Golfing", anyone have any recommended titles?
  3. I have a question about the 2019 Titelist 14 divider hybrid stand bag. I am interested in purchasing. But one of the reviewers mentions only 4 of the dividers go all the way to the bottom. What does that mean for loading 14 clubs?
  4. SemperFi

    Loopers Movie

    That looks good. Hopefully, it goes national or Netflix picks it up.
  5. Can I ask what you use to film? And if its an iphone what setting? Thanks.
  6. Yes I know. I have tried to keep the left arm straight while swinging. What technique do you use? Do you break the wrists earlier or just work on flexibility? I feel my arm just won't do that.
  7. Yes. I usually practice 1 hour twice a week at GolfTec. I do mostly full swings as this is the only place I can right now and see ball flight and replay the swing. But, I do practice drills given to me by my instructor mostly at the Gym after I work out. They have a mirrors on all the walls in the group exercise room and i can see the correct position I should be in at each stage of the swing.The last thing we worked at was pushing the hips towards target or shifting weight to the left to shallow out the club. I did it well Monday and felt I had really turned a corner but as I stated in my original post when I returned Tuesday I could not seem to keep the clubhead behind my hands at parallel on the downswing. I probably hit 60 balls in 1 hour. Hmmmm, now that I see that thats about 1 a minute. 1. Keeping the clubhead behind the hands with club at parallel backswing and downswing. 2. Shoulder turn 3. Starting the downswing with the upper body not the hips. 4. Hands in front of the ball at impact. 5. Keeping head as still as possible 6. Keeping left wrist more bowed then cocked. 7. Drawing the ball. Thanks
  8. Yes, thats a thought I've had as well. I don't just hit balls. After each swing I replay video and see if I'm hitting the key positions.
  9. Yes using video at GolfTec. Its winter here in CT just bought a impact net need to clean garage this weekend. I posted some of my swings in My Swing.
  10. Heres my updated swing
  11. So, I have been taking Golf lessons at GolfTec since September and feel that I've stalled on shallowing the club. Well, Monday I was hitting the ball well, (was practicing for an hour), Looks like I finally turned a corner. I returned today and could not shallow the club to save my life. What a frustrating game. Thanks for listening.
  12. Any drills for shallowing the club I could work on with limited space in my home for the winter?
  13. Yes. Thats included as well as a 2 outside playing lessons.
  14. I signed up for 1 year and 40 lessons. (Might have gone a little overboard) So far have gone every week for lessons and 1 hour practice afterword and then I use a practice bay another hour per week. I have taken about seven lessons and so far have it has been well worth it. I've learned a lot, most importantly, that I had little knowledge of what a real golf swing entailed. 9 more months to go. I may give some of my lessons to my daughter as my instructor offered. It also includes a fitting.
  15. What are the A1-A10 poaitions in Golf Swing. I've seen threads mentioning them but google or search yielding nothing comprehensive or any explanation Thanks
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