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  1. How much is a bucket of balls there? Looks like some pricey real estate and netting.
  2. @marvchamp yes I forgot to mention in my original post the arm lock definitely reduces or locks any left wrist breakdown etc. I still have a tendency to let the right hand overpower the left with it. Same issue with a full swing to some extent, although there are two schools of thought on this, I think. This is similar to many conventional putters who have gone to a claw right hand to take the right hand influence out. I played around with a claw right hand, but eventually settled on just relaxing the right hand so the left leads. Still working on it though.
  3. I have used an arm lock putter for about 1.5 years now. As mvmac states very few models are available, I purchased a like new odyessy wide #1, 42 inches I believe, from Calloway preowned for about $100. With 30 day trial n then return for full credit I thought why not. I would not then or now pay $400 or whatever for a Bettinardi. i had been using a conventional putter, not extended by the way. It takes some practice, but I have learned to use it and I guess I putt fairly well. Fellow league members say I putt well. Play a lot of two man scrambles and many want me to putt last so they can try n give me the line. Definitely not for everyone, others have tried my putter, and reaction is generally, how the hell can u put with that. As mvmac states, locking against left arm is required, that is how they are designed to be used. If u have used conventional for many years, it will be tough and a long learning curve I would guess. I was fairly new to the game at the time so didn't have long ingrained habits etc. I also have basically two stroke patterns with it, more straight/back thru for shorter putts, more arcing for longer.
  4. @iacas. Yes I realize the stickers are inexpensive but just the hassle of putting stickers on a large bucket of balls would not thrill me. And I am not sure how the range would feel about u doing that, maybe they wouldn't care or maybe they come off when washed but it still may be an issue, with range owners, not sure. @hacker James Ha Ha yes buy yourself a better game, but isn't that what the OEM's want and encourage, LOL. Seriously my motivation was as a basically beginner golfer at the age of 57 (three years ago), was a few of my friends started playing, also hackers, some regular players but none under a 10 handicap I would say, and I found the game enjoyable, fun, but extremely challenging(f'n hard). After playing and hacking my way down the fairway (and in and out of the fairway), I started reading things on the Internet. This site has helped me the most, 5 simple keys, swing thoughts, etc.. Still need to buy LSW. But, as a tennis player since about age 8, played in high school, still play 4.0 doubles once or twice a week, I knew I needed practice to really improve. In short, took some lessons, starting going to range once or twice a week, etc. and James you have the luxury of California weather, here in Midwest normal decent outdoor playing weather is from maybe mid April to end of October. So I decided to get a net for the garage. I see u have one outside, not practical here. I got net return pro as I can break down quickly if needed, and it has a resale value, unlike a homemade system. I can also say it is very high quality and made in USA. Highly recommend to anyone. The optishot was relatively cheap, $250, and I might say much better than hitting into a net blindly. Also played a lot of simulation rounds with buddies in the middle of winter, a fun activity. But as I say above, wanted something more accurate, and and skytrak subsequently followed, so here I am, addicted to this silly game as long as I can play. By the way your byline doesn't even have a handicap estimate. Mine is guess only, I am currently shooting anywhere from mid 80's to mid 90's, but no official handicap. I call myself a bogey golfer. And proud of it!!! Whatever rocks your boat.
  5. On laser putts website I watched an instruction video that showed using this for both a straight back/straight thru stoke and also an arcing stroke. They claim with an arcing stroke the laser needs to be on target line about four inches before impact and four inches after, basically face square to target line at impact, which I think can be sound instruction. The arcing before and after impact is not really an issue, inline impact is the goal, simalar to full swing mechanics.
  6. I have only had the skytrak for about 2.5 months, but am very pleased to date. At this point I only have the basic $100/yr. game improvement package which has given me all I need to work on various shots/issues. I hit into a net return pro in my garage, laptop feeding a 48" flatscreen tv for viewing. Prior to that I had an optishot which I still have although a buddy has said he wants to buy same but still waiting for the cash. While I believe the optishot can be helpful, my confidence in its shot depiction was intermittent. I would practice on the opti but would always feel the need to verify with range work if this is actually what I am seeing on the screen is realistic. with the skytrak I have a higher confidence level, maybe 95% plus, the unit is accurate, and this is verified later actually playing. For instance, IRL and as depicted by skytrak when I first started with it, my middle to low irons and hybrids would be very low launch, with no ability to hold greens. However, I worked on raising the vertical launch in skytrak without flipping and I am very pleased with on course results. Skytrak provides a measured vertical launch angle number which appears very accurate while the opti basically computes that from your entered club lofts. Spin axis and amount of spin also are measured by the skytrak and it also appears accurate. When hitting low spin balls versus say a urethene covered ball like proV1, backspin jumps anywhere from 2-4000 more rpm depending on club and strike. A friend of mine, who uses a proV1, also hit on my system and was amazed it showed this so dramatically. All in all, I think at the skytrak price point, it's the best out there at the moment, the next jump would be to a gs2 system, which I believe is in the $4-4500 range.
  7. I will not be buying the flight scope mevo. I have a skytrak which I am happy with it. I was just passing along info on the mevo that I had read.
  8. In reply to the flight scope mevo, here is a comment from elsewhere. The poster implied the info came from flight scope but u never know. "Here is some more crucial information. It measures spin but not spin axis. It potentially can measure horizontal azumuth but it wont be displayed. It will not measure any chips or putts at all. You need 8 feet distance to screen or net and 6-7 feet behind the golfer for it to work. So you need 14-15 feet of depth. It absolutely needs sticker on the ball. There are no plans for simulation (yet!!!!!). it really is here to compete with ES14 stype of units. I questions its spin measurement as possibly calculation involved. They told me that only total spin is measured. I am hoping to get a test unit! keep you posted" A few comments if the above are true:. Without spin axis, depiction of accurate ball flight is not possible. Also lack of putting n chipping would rule out simulator use. Also required stickers almost rules out range use Agreed this is all speculation at this point. We will just have to wait till unit ships to see what it is capable of.
  9. Yes the maker of this device readily admits the laser is not visible in bright sunlight even utilizing the most powerful legal lasers allowed. However would still work on cloudy/overcast days and indoors.
  10. Great. Would love to get your thoughts on it. Hope they will supply u with one for testing.
  11. Saw this in another forum but not much info on it that I could find. Anyone try it or currently use it. The website claims its used by a number of pros. Looks promising but a little pricey. Try to post link:. Laserputt.com
  12. E6 is a simulator option for sky trak also. Available only as a yearly lease for $299 for 15 courses. I would be surprised if e6 gives away play on five courses for no additional fee For everyone that bought this it would be a great deal but that is not their business model to date.
  13. I believe you download an app from the App Store or google play or their website. Not sure if there is a pc program
  14. Thanks for the welcome b101. I agree this site is great and hope to contribute wherever I can. I hope my comments above aren't too much of a downer to anyone. If this system is as good or hopefully better than optishot I believe there is a benefit to be gained from swinging a club and watching a depicted ball flight. At this point no one can foretell strengths/weaknesses of the system but with experience, as with otishot, once u learn what shot is depicted somewhat realistically u can attempt to repeat that swing and have evidence u are swinging at least in a consistent way for that ball flight (verified periodically with actual range work) and procceed accordingly. I know I personally gained a lot of knowledge from the optishot but went to the sky trak for a little better system. Lets hear it for long n on target in all our endeavors, including this game.
  15. First time poster long time lurker. FYI as a beginner to this silly game about 3 years ago Your site has helped me more to improve my game than any other. Just passing along my experience with simulator products. I have had an optishot for two years and just recently purchased a sky trak. While the price of this is attractive, it is doubtful the product will be a realistic simulator (everyone's criteria will vary). I would guess it at best it would be on the par with optishot, which at just a lightly higher price point is a fairly mature system despite its shortcomings. If you read up on simulator products currently available the club based measurement systems (like this one) are limited in their ability to detect parameters needed to depict an accurate ball flight. Ball flight measurement systems are head n shoulder more realistic. Given all that, if you don't have room for a hitting net or height to hit a full club the short stick availability could be fun for that situation. I also think another major simulator company is introducing a very similar system but not at Kickstarter prices just throwing this out there based on my simulator experience for contemplation. Wanted to maybe contribute a little to the site as my real golf knowledge is vastly inferior to the people here, from which I have gained considerable insight
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