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  1. Thanks for the welcome b101. I agree this site is great and hope to contribute wherever I can. I hope my comments above aren't too much of a downer to anyone. If this system is as good or hopefully better than optishot I believe there is a benefit to be gained from swinging a club and watching a depicted ball flight. At this point no one can foretell strengths/weaknesses of the system but with experience, as with otishot, once u learn what shot is depicted somewhat realistically u can attempt to repeat that swing and have evidence u are swinging at least in a consistent way for that ball flight (verified periodically with actual range work) and procceed accordingly. I know I personally gained a lot of knowledge from the optishot but went to the sky trak for a little better system. Lets hear it for long n on target in all our endeavors, including this game.
  2. First time poster long time lurker. FYI as a beginner to this silly game about 3 years ago Your site has helped me more to improve my game than any other. Just passing along my experience with simulator products. I have had an optishot for two years and just recently purchased a sky trak. While the price of this is attractive, it is doubtful the product will be a realistic simulator (everyone's criteria will vary). I would guess it at best it would be on the par with optishot, which at just a lightly higher price point is a fairly mature system despite its shortcomings. If you read up on simulator products currently available the club based measurement systems (like this one) are limited in their ability to detect parameters needed to depict an accurate ball flight. Ball flight measurement systems are head n shoulder more realistic. Given all that, if you don't have room for a hitting net or height to hit a full club the short stick availability could be fun for that situation. I also think another major simulator company is introducing a very similar system but not at Kickstarter prices just throwing this out there based on my simulator experience for contemplation. Wanted to maybe contribute a little to the site as my real golf knowledge is vastly inferior to the people here, from which I have gained considerable insight