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  1. Haven't played in 10 years...sooooo #1 goal is to play 10 rounds. #2 goal is break 90 at least once; which would be 10 shots lower than my norm. #3 Register for my GHIN
  2. Thanks...Big Boston Fan!
  3. Hi all. Been away from golf for about 10 years. Pulled clubs out in anticipating of playing again. I was humored by everything I still had in the bag (yardage books, old scorecards, change, cologne, band-aids, spikes, club cleaners, rainpants, etc.) Brought back some nice memories. The grips were all dry-rotted so I had them re-gripped. Looking forward to playing again. I used to play pretty regularly and went on a golf trip every year. I'm not that good of a player, but I really enjoy playing, and I play fast. For years I always shot 98-102 every round; I never got better and never got worse. It didn't matter how the round went, I finished between 98-102. Knowing my game is not up to others playing levels I make every effort to play ready golf. I am a fast walker and am always conscious of yardage markers and start my pacing while I approach my ball. I do all this so I don't hold up others. If I am by myself and the course is wide open I'm not gonna lie, I will take my time. Anyhow, thanks for having me here. Looking forward to good times on the course and here as well.