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  1. recycled golf balls

    Hey, I would like to know what is wrong with using recycled balls from walmart or Target. I am a high handicapper right now but play several times a week trying to improve. I am buying these recycled balls because they are cheap and I tend to lose balls but am I getting occasional bad ball flights from them and is it a bad idea to use so many different types of balls which give different feels and distances? Thanks
  2. I have only been playing about 3 months but I just can not fix this problem. I hit 90% of my iron shots straight left and most of my driver/fairway and hybrid shots straight with a very slight fade. Yesterday I played 18 on a tough coarse and hit every single fairway off the Tee but one and it was close. I then only 3 putted 3 holes and the rest of my ugly 108 score came from losing balls from my UGLY left shot with my irons. Sometimes they will go 60+ yards straight left and I cant tell you how many I lost yesterday. At times, I can hit my wedges pretty straight but anything under an 8 iron. I have went to the ranges for weeks now trying to fix this. I paid for 5 lessons from a Pro to try to fix this although he always cancels or makes up an excuse why he cant make this weeks lesson. I told him what I want to fix and the first thing he does is strenghten my grip to where I can only see one knuckle and opens my stance which needed to be opened but now my lefties are so bad that I may start chipping and pitching with a wood! I am kidding of course but I need help. Sometimes they curve a little but it is mostly straight left and I just find it very strange I can hit my driver woods and hybrids so straight and have this problem with irons. Thanks for any help.
  3. Big Break Prince Edward Island

    I loved this show and cant wait for next season
  4. Putting up the driver...

    I just recently started using my 3 wood off the Tee and I have much more control. Not to hijack the thread, but is there something I have to do to be able to start threads? This place only lets me reply and not start my own. Thanks.
  5. Can I get "GOOD" at golf?

    With enough practice I am sure you can.