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  1. I was looking at the hosels of the other 8 clubs and found the serial numbers for all 8. I had to actually shine a bright light on them and get the perfect angle to see them and they were etched in, but I was able to identify the other 8. Here's the sand wedge serial #: 179671 Here's the other 7 iron clubs serial #: 92287 Could I get all information about these clubs please? Anyone with a dealer account for Ping?
  2. $100 for the complete set, I had just spoke to a rob griffin at ping. He had given me some information on the irons. He said 8 of the 9 clubs that don't have a serial number could possibly have been owned by a pro, because they don't come out of the shop without having a serial number. However the 6 iron does have a serial number of 868247 meaning the owner could have lost a 6 iron and bought another off ebay and such but the serial specs said the iron was orange dot, c3 swing height, and cut 3/4 shorter so it is alost the same size as the 7 iron, however it's showing blue dot. Nice customer service by the way for Ping.
  3. Anyone else care to chime in? Possibly give me the price of ping eye 2 blue dot true square grooves - others pending model? I purchased them with a putter, vintage titleist leather bag, cougar gag bag, ball retreiver, 3 taylormade drivers, and golf bag cart. I know I got my money's worth but I still need to know the sale value.
  4. Aren't those plus 2's and not the true square grooves that are the same as mine?
  5. Would you mind posting a link to a listing where Ping eye 2 blue dot square groove went on ebay? I can't seem to find one.
  6. Are you saying the square groove clubs don't command top dollar, because I believe you're missing that.
  7. I found a nice Iron Set of Ping Eye 2's + Ping O Blade inat I'm assuming are all original that were listed for about 2 months online and decided to purchase them today. I have some pictures of my Iron Set 3-PW with Sand Wedge and with the putter included, also have a couple questions for the forum. What's the Blue Dot represent? What's the 2 Represent on the lower left side of the cavity head? Since there's no serial numbers on the clubs what year were they made? What are all 9 Irons worth? I can't seem to find any completed listings on eBay or anywhere else to help. Thank You
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