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  1. Age: 30 Height: 5'6" Where are you from: Nova Scotia How Long have you been Playing: 1 year Best Score: 67, on a 9 hole course. Favorite club in the bag: Driver and putter, everything in between is rather sketchy Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Golf for Dummies, seriously. Where do you play: Coyote Hill Best courses you've played so far: Indian Lake Things you enjoy most about golf: Spending time outside, enjoying the company of my playing partners Goals for 2K10: Play a proper 18 hole course, learn how to consistently hit my irons
  2. Shot a 65 on a 9 hole course. I'm dropping about 8 strokes each time out.
  3. As much as I hate NASCAR, and dear God do I hate NASCAR, they do a neat thing with their coverage. If you're willing to pay for the extra channels, you can watch your favourite driver all race long from inside the car. Maybe they could do something like that?
  4. munky


    I'm suprised no one has mentioned Tiger/Phil. My vote goes to the Canadiens vs the Maple Leafs.
  5. munky

    Fellow Masons?

    So you're the guys who were really behind Jack The Ripper then?
  6. Shot a 74 over nine holes today, an 11 stroke improvement from my last round.
  7. I shot two rounds of 85, on a nine hole course.
  8. If you're looking for used balls, I recommend www.knetgolf.com . I bought 8 dozen balls for about $50, including shipping.
  9. Technically I play guitar, but I haven't picked one up in months.
  10. munky

    Michael Vick

    Most of the 'second chance' guys in the NFL are from the Paul Tagliabue era. He didn't hold players accountable for anything, no matter what it was. Leonard Little killed someone while driving drunk and nothing ever came of it. Goodel is determined to clean up the image of the league, and that kind of crap isn't flying anymore. Guys are getting suspended left right and centre these days, all for far less severe things than what Vick did.
  11. munky

    Michael Vick

    I can't see Roger Goodell allowing Vick to return, at least not after at least a year or two of suspension. Committing a felony has to be against the personal conduct policy in a huge way. For that matter I can't really see a team taking a chance on him. The NFL is pretty PR-centric, no team wants bad publicity. The backlash against a team signing the ring leader of a dog fighting ring would be insane.
  12. No way dude, Nicole was intolerable.
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