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  1. I've been Playing Golf for: 2.5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 12 My typical ball flight is: slight fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pulls and Pushes Videos: www.swingacademy.com/videoPlayer.aspx?v1=10375-1 Just looking for some input and areas I can improve on. Made some swing changes this summer that have been working out pretty well for me. My problem is consistency. Sometimes I close the face a little expecting a fade and end up pulling it. Also wh
  2. My vokey wedge has 12 bounce, and I have trouble hitting a full shot with it from the fairway. The best way I can describe the shot I usually hit is that the ball just comes off dead. It almost feels like i slide right under the ball (which I know is not the case). I am not hitting it fat, and when I hit other wedges I can hit a full shot with no problem. I dont really have the same problem with pitch shots for this wedge. Is it the high bounce that is causing this problem or maybe that the grooves are worn out (it is an old wedge)
  3. A few weeks ago my irons were great and my driver sucked, so now I fix my driver, and my irons suck.. I am pushing EVERY single iron i try to hit. The only clubs I can hit right now are driver, woods, and wedges. I do use a slightly different swing for my driver and woods, dont know if thats normal or not. But any idea why I'm pushing these shots other than an open face?
  4. Infiniti G35 coupe. have one. love it. so do the ladies and you can get a nice used one for under 20
  5. yea after shooting a 4 over front 9 the other day, played the same 9 holes, didnt get better than a bogey all day, hit 1 pure shot the whole day.. just when you think youve got it figured out, this game slaps you in the face
  6. yea.. take a few days off and see if that helps usually does for me. except about 3 weeks ago I completely lost my driver swing. was hitting nothing but 180 yard duck hooks. just tried to simplify my swing by thinking of just turning away, turning through.. worked like a charm and ive finally got my swing back
  7. sorry to hijack the thread but, on my 7-wedge shots i get maybe a foot or 2 of backspin, but mostly just make a big crater on the green and it hops back a little. am i just playing on really soft greens or what? not saying that I would want a lot of backspin, just curious
  8. from the top of the backswing i let my arms just fall on their own for a little ways then accelerate through impact
  9. i release a little early too, and have been suffering from driver hooks.. when i try to delay the release a lot of the time i hit a big push fade though so idk
  10. you bragging or complaining? haha, atleast you score well when you play like shit
  11. i have another question to add to this, how long did it take you to become a + hcp from the time you started playing? dont mean to hijack the thread, just curious how long it took you guys
  12. it was only 1 or 2, most of them were near the center of the face, of course all of this is coming from the launch monitor that told me i was hitting 260 yard draws mid fairway so i would take it with a grain of salt. when i see a ballmark on the face it tends to be middle, maybe slightly to the inside
  13. nah it was the heel, it could be falling back a little, i have also felt that my left shoulder comes through a little toomuch, my chest is pointing to the left of the target on my finish, i guess this could be part of the problem, it would make sense, shoulders pointing left, ball going left.
  14. i have a very neutral grip. pretty sure i stand roughly the right distance from the ball, play it off the inside of my left foot.. launch monitor showed that when i missed the sweetspot it was towards the heel of the club. i guess that could have something to do with it, but the launch monitor didnt help much because it didnt show me hooking at all, but i went to the range right after and hooked the majority of my shots.
  15. my driver has been giving me absolute fits lately.. been hitting these low hooks that go less than 200 yards. I always start the round with beautiful drives the first few holes and last couple holes, everything in between is shit. I used to hit my driver really well, was one of my best clubs, now i cant stand hitting it. I went to the golf shop, launch monitor showed me hitting 260 yard slight draws all day, range showed otherwise.. what could be causing this, im thinking that since the launch monitor showed something completely different maybe its something to do with how im teeing the bal
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