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  1. Hey, i didnt choose to play with s300 haha. I am using an old set of clubs that just has them on there. Now that i think about it, I might not be 80swing speed but probably still too stiff for me. When i first started playing, i was sure my 7 iron goes 150 but now i'm losing distance everything. Guess I need to work on the hands at impact before i move to anything else.
  2. Pulled some photos 04/2017 - classic flipping?
  3. Pulled some shots from my video, flipping without chicken wing? this is classic flipping right? (first pic is impact then onwards)
  4. I am able to hit a draw on the range but only after practicing weight shift and in to out path for about 30 balls or so. I guess I just need to ingrain this? Even with the draw its about the same distance (on the range at least)
  5. did anyone ever get an answer about how many computers you can install this on or how to authorized and switch computers?
  6. Just updated my swing thread. Should i move this thread to my swing thread? Not sure if I should keep 2 threads.
  7. slo-mo camera on iphone face on dtl I thought spine tilt was required for a proper swing, maybe i am over doing it. Yes Pavers, i'm waiting to get a tamping tool to flatten and then relevel the surface, its a bit uneven right now, but the real feel mat strip is good.
  8. ah wrong terminology, mine is more floaty slow ball. I do not have a high-speed camera, but i can research some options. I have a Nikon D90 i can hook up or try the slo-mo camera on the iphone
  9. just reviewing my self and what i learned from other threads that immediately jumped out at me. I think the stance is too far forward? my body is open at address (i felt closed) at impact the club is open chicken wing after impact?
  10. i updated my swing thread.
  11. updated swing and in reference to my thread on swing thread (should i move it here with my questions?) DTL 04/2017 04/2017 face on, 2 swings
  12. So i've been struggling with weak shots and very high ball flights. My natural/common shot is high arc'ed with a slight fade when it drops down. I'm never worried on the green because it almost never runs, it would fall dead (maybe 1 hop and then stop). Everyone's flight seem to be a ramp like trajectory and then max out height and then drop. Mine is more of a bell like shape, it reaches max height and have a equal climbing and dropping trajectory. If you look at this picture, all my irons 5-PW looks like the 9 trajectory. Maybe but more equal/proportion on each side. My driver goes 170-190yards 22* Hybrid 150 yards 7i 125 yards (when i first started, my 7i would go 150, but with all changes up till now, i've lost all my yardage) SW 75 yards My setup for 7i-SW is center of my stance, 22* hybrid one ball forward. My grip is strong My shaft is s300 My misses tend to be a iron slice When i get nervous/anxious/not playing well, my body reverts to a outside in swing, leading with arms and shoulder. I will slice all irons except PW and SW. Ball strike miss is either fat or toe hits My left forearm hurts after a game of golf I've been told but 2 professionals that I have a very steep swing and I should must be taking humongous divots. My swing feels very muscle controlled and not loose and free. Comparing my yardage to swing speed chart, It looks like it is consistent with 80 mph swing speed. So it looks like yardage is correct for my clubs but the flight its just high? If i start to increase swing speed will i start to get more distance plus preferred ball flight? Also i noticed that if i do a 3/4 swing the flight is more preferred but i only lose 20 yards or so consistently on all clubs. Does this all lead to the flipping? my swing thread I've improved on my elbows and over swinging a bit. I'm about to keep it on front and more of a one piece takeaway and I no longer turn all the way back.
  13. Is it crucial to level the back yard surface for practicing? I want to do some back yard practice and warm up this year but no matter how hard i tried, i couldn't get it to be leveled. I probably need to get some leveling sand. You never actually get a level surface on the course, so should i level the platform or use it as is?
  14. When you move from p2(shaft parallel) to p3(arm parallel) is it simply raising the right arm up so that the left arm is parallel? Is there any hip or shoulder action? or is that left for p3 to p4(top of backswing)?
  15. Not sure, if i put this in the right section. I couldnt find anything related to grass turf management. So i am looking to set up a grass area in my yard for backyard net practice. I will create a big rectangle and plant new grass but wanted to see if someone can give me some more info. How fast can grass really regrow? (I want to be able to practice 4-5 times a week with real grass and also have enough sections for it to regrow in time) What type of grass is best? What type of grass mix is best for refilling divots? I also have a real feel mat hitting strip that i will be putting down as the main practice area, but want some real grass too. Thanks!