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  1. How do you get your swing working again once you know you are swinging bad during a round? I've improved to 85-90 bogey golf over the years which has been a huge improvement. However, I noticed that during some rounds I would shoot 100-110 due to a bad swing. I feel like I know what I'm doing wrong because it's always the same results. When i play well, my timing and sequence is correct, backswing with body first, but when I'm swinging back, it's always because I'm bringing my hands back and up first and not rotating. The ball flight is always a low slice on all my clubs because I h
  2. I am looking to find a replacement for my trusty 56* mizuno black ox wedge. I screwed up the grooves by sharpening it too many times over the last 3 years of playing. I have the SM5 56* M grind and I seem to chunk or hit behind the ball with it. I am not sure if it’s a swing issue or a club issue. I have a practice zone in my backyard with real golf feel mat. So I chip about 25 to 50 balls a day. The 56 mizuno I can get clean crisp ball first contact very predicatable distances based on feel of strike. the SM 5 m grind I seem to be hitting behind the ball and causing me to be f
  3. hack2scratch


  4. I need some help finding a drill to get my lower body to start the downswing. When I get to the top of the swing, I can’t get my knees or hips to move toward and rotate it doesn’t feel like there is room or any flexibility to turn. i read a few articles that I need to set the back swing correctly to allow my lower Body to initiate. I tried pushing down with right foot, I tried forcing a knee or hip bump and left but none feels natural. I do like the skipping stone throw but it feels like it’s a drop of right shoulder and a shoulder swing not a lower body turn
  5. I have this pulling left for all my short feel shots. Full shots are all relatively straight. any 1/4 to 3/4 pitch from 75 yards in always pull left of intended line. Goes left maybe 3 to 5 yards same for 25 yards chip in they all go left about 1 yard. Biggest frustration are the short putts. Long putts are ok but anything within 4 feet, Pulls left about one cup. when I actively use hands to push right to right field, if target is 12 I clock, right field is 2 o clock,the ball will go straight to 1 o clock. But I have to actively push with hands. When I
  6. So I have a super flat golf swing and I'm trying to learn how to be more steep on the back swing so that I can stop blocking shots right. I've recorded a few swings while trying to steepen it and it feels/looks like when i tried to raise the club higher, I have less rotation and it's all arms after my arms hinge. I lose all my rotation but it feels like i rotated max. Downswing produces fat divots (but in front of the ball). Major flippy hands at impact and chicken wing. Any tips or videos or drills that can help me rotate more while steepening my backswing?
  7. Now that I look at the swing, seems the same as the others. Practice swing only but shows what I was trying to work on. My backswing still looks too flat and the follow through goes more steep (does this cause the fade?)
  8. Working on my swing and leading with the hips. So far I can go to the top of the backswing, shift the weight to the back left heel by thinking "crush the cockroach" and then keep turning the hips to complete the swing. This causes me to pump my arms at the top of the backswing which seems unnatural to me. I did lower my ball flight and I can feel the compression, which makes me very happy. But now the slice is back instead of straight or small fade. I either straight draw it or block right slice completely. I don't have a video with a front on view but a dtl view. Working on m
  9. What is the max loft you can add to a club without making it impossible or close impossible to hit? Mainly wedges but I'll be interested to see if it's the same for irons with no bounce. For example, if I had a 52* wedge can i open it up and get it to a 64* and just aim my feet left to account for the push?
  10. I started practicing by Leading downswing with hips. But this is causing a pull draw or a block right. Rarely on target line, What to do? I have to slow down my swing about 50% to start with the hips. Is this the body getting used to the timing or setup error ?
  11. Makes sense. I do notice when I use distance balls I will get an extra 5 yards or so. Can ball also play a role? Or just coincidence of how I was swinging on that day? And how much distance do you lose in the rough? Should you club up inside the rough?
  12. The biggest cause of distance inconsistencies? I very distances depending on the days I'm playing. My 7-iron is supposed to be 150 yd, my go-to shot. On certain days it will only go 135 and then I have to Club up on every shot, and change my distance or club to adapt. What would cause me to lose about 15 yards. And this remains consistent throughout the whole entire day. Can ball be a 15 yard issue? My irons are pretty worn now. I strike it pretty good on the center and it does have good flight. It goes fairly straight with a very small fade. I do think my iro
  13. Back swing feels flat, but I guess feel isnt real. Ball flight has improved so I am happy but wanted to see if it was a real fix or was it just some form of compensation to make it work. Guess it's just trust issues because I tried 4 teachers now and this one was my original one. And boy do they all teach so different and makes my swing go in different directions. I did ask if my swing was too flat and he did say no it's not flat. And I told him i think I look funny with a flat swing and he told me that my swing was funny before even seeing him lol. The only issues is I f
  14. So ive been making a lot of progress with my game. Reduced most of my 3 putts to a two putt. 7 irons down are pretty easy solid shots for my approach shot. The only thing was my long irons and driver, I would slice. And when I get anxious I would fade my mid to short irons. I went to take a driver lesson / long iron and took a few shots and almost immediately the pro said he saw what was wrong. I rolled my forearms on take away and cupped my wrist and opened my club face while going back. He showed me how to have a flat wrist and also the positions it should be in
  15. Is there anything wrong with a 2 o clock bent over stance ? I've been Bending more and more forward and noticed 2 o clock is my sweet spot. I'm closing to the ball and I feel I strike it more solid on center every time. It even improves my body turns. is 2 o clock a flaw or bandaid or I can play with this ? I used to be really upright somewhere between 12 and 1 that caused triceps to always be connected to my chest but felt it my swing was very flat. its funny how many things can creep into your game without thinking. You really gotta take journal notes and review once in a
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