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  1. When you move from p2(shaft parallel) to p3(arm parallel) is it simply raising the right arm up so that the left arm is parallel? Is there any hip or shoulder action? or is that left for p3 to p4(top of backswing)?
  2. Not sure, if i put this in the right section. I couldnt find anything related to grass turf management. So i am looking to set up a grass area in my yard for backyard net practice. I will create a big rectangle and plant new grass but wanted to see if someone can give me some more info. How fast can grass really regrow? (I want to be able to practice 4-5 times a week with real grass and also have enough sections for it to regrow in time) What type of grass is best? What type of grass mix is best for refilling divots? I also have a real feel mat hitting strip that i will be putting down as the main practice area, but want some real grass too. Thanks!
  3. @mvmac, the grip link fixed my grip completely. Thanks. My right hand was too much on top and not on the side. My right thumb pad never sat on top of my left thumb. Club actually felt very secure with minimal grip pressure. This also fixed my high ballooning iron shots. My 9 and 7 were both going 100 yards, once i fixed my grip, 7 iron went back to the normal 145-155 area, with a lower piercing flight.
  4. During practice swings where my swings i noticed that the club hits closer to my body than at address. But when i address it closer, the butt end of the club will be almost poking me in the leg. When i set up at address, i let my arms hang freely and grab the club there and where ever the club head is that's where my ball should be. During impact, i will always hit it at the toe and it will push right almost everytime. I can step closer to the ball but my arms will not hang freely anymore but more of an inward angle toward my legs. I tested this out with practice swings, and I hit the same impact area everytime, Something wrong with my set up? Any insights?
  5. Thanks, i'm gonna review the link again. I reach it some time ago but good for a refresher. I think i have trouble with my grip, i never quite know if its neutral to strong. When do you look at the knuckles? When i look straight down at address i see 3 or 4, if i look at shaft lean, i see 2 1/2
  6. I have been working on loosening my grip, since i tend to have a death hold and my forearms hurt afterwards. Maybe I am loosen it too much?
  7. I am having pain in my right ring finger. I am a righty and use the vardon grip. I am a medium cadet size. I notice that at impact my left hand will pivot up (with my index finger as the pivot point) and push into my right ring finger causing pressure / pain. My left pinky seems like it can't hold onto the grip so my hand is getting off the grip. Does this make sense to anyone? Just wondering if it's my grip pressure or style that is the issue or maybe just my fingers too short?
  8. Anyone tested this out yet? I tried for a few days and every shot is a draw (which i naturally fade and slice). My 7 iron goes 200 yards. I was using the simulator stick.
  9. I have this on my tablet, will bring it to the range to compare ball flight
  10. For those who have this already, Under Practice Range, are you having trouble registering the swings? I took one shot and no matter how many swings I take it doesnt register a swing. And for the times it does register, it's always a nice draw
  11. How does the hybrid or large club head such as woods suppose to sit at address? If i let it sit on it's own bottom, the club face is pretty open to target line... if i align it to the target line, it looks de lofted and there is some play on the back/bottom.
  12. Just working on my swing and reading some online information. I got confused as to the sequence of the right arm dropping into the slot. Some are saying to drop in the slot then bump, others are saying bump then drop. Which is it? Right now I have (I usually count the steps in my head to get the right tempo) Shoulders turn to start takeaway Club Parallel to the Ground (no hinge) Arm Parallel to the Ground (full wrist hinge with butt pointing to the ball plane) Shoulders continue to turn until left shoulder hits chin (hips should be 45 degrees closed to target line) Bump toward target (90% weight on left side, foot driving into the ground feeling) Drop right arm into slot (to promote a inside out path) Hip turn toward target Shoulders following Arms + Hands (backhanding the ball feeling) Impact Follow through (hitting up to the sky and both arms straight) Do i have this sequencing right or something is out of order?
  13. In for 1 premium pack, thanks for the share. I was looking for some type of simulator with some data to work with practicing in the backyard with net. I'll be interested to see how accurate it will be, either way, will be cool to play some winter golf!
  14. no no, legit question! I seem to not be able to breathe when i'm working on positions and swing things. If i try to breathe, i lose all my form. Not sure if why.
  15. As i am practicing my hip turn and posting left leg to start the downswing, i started noticing that i will hold my breathe really hard and wont release until after the completion of the swing. During a regular swing, i dont really notice as it will be over. During practice and drills, where i pass on top of backswing, hip slide and turn, swing, i have a good 10 seconds of holding it in, i get light headed and dizzy and many even sometimes sick in the stomach. I can't seem to breathe and just stop breathing when i am focusing on all the steps. Any drills to breathe?