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  1. I'm still learning and even though I live in a climate that allows golf all year, my job doesn't allow the time. My goals: Make it through a whole round without losing a ball establish an official handicap Score 100 or less
  2. I am new at golf and initially tried to keep score no matter how high it got with penalties, etc. I ditched the score card and began playing better also. Don't get me wrong, I still suck, just not as bad. Removing the score card for some reason removed some stress and allows me to concentrate on my shots and trying to keep the ball on the course.I'll start scoring again when I have the basics of the game down. Right now I judge my improvement by the number of balls I manage to lose. Last time out it was only 4, compared to the first time i played and lost 12.
  3. I was thinking the same thing would happen. Since I already have the stand bag, I figure I'll give it a shot with that first and if it becomes too troublesome I'll save my money and get a cart bag. I'm waiting till after Christmas though just in case I get a push cart as a present
  4. I just started golfing and I currently have a cheap set of clubs with a stand bag. I was thinking about walking my local courses in order to save money. I was thinking about purchasing a Clicgear 3.0 Push Golf Cart . With that said, will my cheapo stand bag work with a push cart or do I have to buy a bag made specifically for cart? Sorry if this seems like a simple or stupid question but I am new and don't want to spend money if I don't have to.
  5. Nothing happens when I click "Mark All Posts Read" so I guess it doesn't work. I even double checked by clicking "New Posts" which brought up the same 10 or so pages............
  6. "Shankapotamus" from the baby in the E-trade commericial.
  7. Newbie here from South Florida. I never in my life thought that I would take up golf but here I am trying to learn. I guess as we age, our ideas of what might be fun change. Plus, I'm retiring in 3 years so I should have plenty of time to kill. That along with the fact that you can't throw a rock around my area without hitting a golf course made me decide to take up the game. I had my first lesson today ( I signed up for 4 weeks of lessons, one day per week) and we basically concentrated on the golf swing. I have absolutely no experience and I did pretty good. The instructor was complimentary but maybe because he wanted me to return next week He was happy that I hit the ball straight. I was happy that I actually hit the ball. I'm looking forward to gleaning information from all the knowledgable people on this board.
  8. Tiger by default because I'm so new that I don't know Jack.
  9. I don't have one yet since I'm a complete newbie. Apparently I have a lot to choose from though since you can't throw a rock around here without hitting a course.
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