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  1. 1) I just got this and I am going to try and do both. 2) It is always good to stretch after a workout and you want to give your body 72 hours in between work outs to allow your muscles to rebuild. 3) It should work well if you stick with everything. 4) It isn't specifically designed for the golfer. But it does focus on strengthening the core, back, arms, and flexibility as well. 5) Personally I am not a fan of creatine or the protein shakes as I see it the food you eat should be the only protein necessary. I see it as just another way for them to make money. I would personally suggest looking into some of the popular golf fitness programs. I got some info on my site about it if you wanted to know a little bit more about it let me know!
  2. Looks really good. It is always handy to have your own personal putting green. Sure makes practicing a whole lot more convenient.
  3. If you can manage to keep it straight you really want to. It creates more power within the shot and is simply better form.