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  1. They're aggressive marketers and that turns off alot of golf people, yes. But I know many very good players that swear by their drivers, rescues and fairway woods. I personally think they do the longer clubs well too. But ive never been impressed with their players irons or wedges.
  2. I read it a few days ago, too. It was just an article. I didn't take anything from it either way. But i think its very unlikely that writer is ever credentialed for the Masters again. Maybe on some level thats the point he was trying to make.
  3. Why they they have serial number printed on the side of them like they're engine blocks or something? 😂
  4. I guess if somebody was walking right next to me as im getting ready to hit it might bother me. But i cant remember a time ive ever noticed or been bothered by clanking clubs as im playing. Its sort of white noise my brain tunes out.
  5. Am's that display that kind of constancy agaist pro competition usually become multiple major winners. It'd be interesting to see what Hovland does in the next 18 months. All Tiger cares about are the majors. I doubt well ever see him play more than 10-12 tournaments a year in the future. It feels like to me that Tiger is pretty much going to depend on catching lighting in a bottle for a week for the rest of his career. Thats a hard way to get wins.
  6. Congrats to Woodland winning the Pebble Beach Pro-a...ugh... i mean the US Open...
  7. Tiger setting himself up for a solid T9 this week while J Rose is out for blood.
  8. Ive had some beginners instruction when i was a teenager, grip alightment posture etc..but im mostly self taught. And i do some funky things you would never see taught. But im better than most of the players who labor with a swing coach will ever become. So i do believe there is some kind of natural instinct to swing the club and play the game that elite players have that supersedes mechanics. TBH i dont know what it is. But if you saw me swing a club you wouldn't think im capable of shooting 3 or 4 under on a particular day. Im in the camp of that to truly maximize your golfing potential (scratch, 10 handicap, whatever) you have to get there mostly on your own. Maybe thats a psychological process instead of a physical one, I don't know. Of course, you can take instruction and incorporate it into your method or philosophy, but whatever you're doing has to be your own in order to truly get the most you can out your ability IMO.
  9. I never understood "bulletin board" psychology in sports. I played organized baseball through college, and i always thought that when coaches did that it was distracting and clownish. Who cares if some shithead on another team says we suck? Its not going to give you another 5mph on your fastball.... Just go out there and do what you do. If you're better everything takes care of itself. Its even more silly when reporters or observers say something like that and you react. They're not even competing with you...
  10. I just hope he copies his close friend Dustin Johnson and goes for the super tight pants. What a treat! 😍
  11. I wouldn't pay to play one of his courses, no. But ill play at them if its a part of a tournament or i get invited. Ive played at trump branded courses in the past. Haven't really had much of an issue at them aside from the clubhouses being these kind of creepy cult lairs devoted to Trump.
  12. TIgeris a good bet this week. I threw down $100 on him. I also threw down $50 on fleetwood.
  13. With a short or mid iron that can happen. But for most amateurs steep with a long iron often leads to this kind of weak knuckleball type ballflight. Usually because they hit the ground before the ball.
  14. Would have hit two weeks straight if Simpson or Kuchar would have won. That damn McIlroy. 😡
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