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  1. Because it only happens once a year?
  2. Yeah, thats right. Its easy to write him off as a fluke. Especially since his game has looked horrendous at times this year. Its sensational. Gets the clicks going. I would say his US Open win was a fluke, but i think theres other majors in his future. Speith just isn't going to be the Tiger killer a lot of people were hoping he would be.
  3. Spieth gets that putter going again he can win as much as he wants... It doesn't matter how bad you're striking the ball when you're draining 20 footers all the time...lol
  4. Im not much of a swing guy, but from my observation players that hit a lot of slices with longer clubs do so because they spin themselves out and across the ball with their shoulders. Its like the upper half does all the work and it seems like they just pop up like a cork at impact. I dont have a tip for a fix, but i find that sometimes just knowing what you're doing wrong can lead you to your own answers.
  5. My tournament scores (on average) on courses i dont know too well are probably lower at courses i play at often. In a tournament round on a course i dont know, i wimp out and don't take any chances. Fairway and greens type of play. Which is great if I want to keep my score in the par to 4 over range, but doesn't allow me to be competitive against the level of player i usually play against. On courses i know, tend to be way more aggressive and take more chances. Which can lead to lower scores than playing it safe, but more bogeys and doubles, too.
  6. You don't really need a connection, per sea. Anyone can make a tee time over the phone if youre persistant. If you're willing to wait until the afternoon to play, you can practically walk on the black course without a tee-time. I play there 5-10 times a year and never make a tee time unless I'm playing with a group.
  7. Exactly the same it is now. Just like its been for the last 3 years...
  8. On a Thursday morning? Im guessing you'll be off before 8am even if there are people waiting for times. If its just a two-some you might even get on earlier. Yeah, i see people miss-aim that shot a lot. Its totally blind so its easy to do. But really, even over that green isnt too bad as long as it doesn't reach that gnarly crap. You can pitch it up into the bank and get to a lot of the pins on that green for easy birdies.
  9. Id like to, but i cant get out to long island next thursday.
  10. Thats good time to go. You can practically walk on to the black course during the week. Friday-Sunday is when it gets annoying there. But dont sleep on the other courses there. The Red is my favorite course there TBH. Heck, play em both if you get off the black early enough. Id love to play it now, especially since it wasn't in good shape when i played it a couple months ago. But i cant make it out there that day. Oh, and always go for the 4th green in two if you manage to drive it up in front of the hill, lol. Just aim a little right of the big trap on the right to give yourself some margin of error. It an easy pitch to most of the pins on that green from over there.
  11. I really hope this guy wins the Masters next year. That beard would look glorious with a green jacket.
  12. Im not to sure that was a blowup. Thats just golf.
  13. Yep. We dont roll like that in Jersey, homey.