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  1. 2018 Honda Classic

    Its not a difficult track for a professional per se, but when the wind blows hard it can turn into a bear. Just like most south florida tracks.
  2. 2018 Honda Classic

    Wait Tiger within scratching distance of the lead? Time for 3 strait drivers that end up in the Bahamas.
  3. GPS watch or Smart Watch

    I got an apple watch series 3 for x-mas. Was thinking about add it to my golfing gear. Any experiences or recommendations?
  4. No, im never going to qualify for the US Open through local and sectional qualifying. Alot of us who try just don't realize how many touring pros show up at sectionals until they make it that far. Then your soul is crushed while you watch some stiff who is barley hanging on to a tour card shoot 136 on a course he never saw until he rolled up in the parking lot that morning. We're not beating them with any ball. The only reason i still try is to play courses i usually couldn't, anyway. The vibe at US Am events in the last 10 years has turned me off, so i dont attempt that one anymore. The only way i imagine id play the US Open is by winning the Mid Am, since they're going to offer an exemption now. If the ball behaved the same in the air and around the greens, i dont imagine id have much problems adjusting to a bifurcated ball if i had to. Give me a couple days with the ball and id figure it out. Either way, it no skin off my back what the governing bodies decide to do. A different ball would only effect 1% of my play. State am tournaments are another story i guess. I don't know how that would work. I dont know if the rules would apply to Local PGA play or not either. I dont think the groove rule was applied to the State Open and Local PGA at the same time the touring pros had to switch.
  5. I used to care about this, now i don't. If the governing bodies what to bifurcate, then whatever. Worries about distances are a professional golf problem, not a golf problem overall. Let them deal with their own nonsense, i say. It has no effect on the other 99% of us who play. If it causes extra annoyances or problems for the manufacturers then thats their problem, too. Im not a golf industry lobbyist. Couldnt care less about the marketing problems they would incur because of bifurcation. The major manufacturers all make like 10 different types of balls anyway, what hardship would a true "pro ball" really cause them?
  6. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    He's been doing that since his game and body fell apart in 2010. Whenever i can recall seeing him aim his body way left with a wood the ball always seemed it ended up in some other zip code. True. I know that feeling as well.
  7. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Good question. If he has any competitive drive left, my guess his goal is to win and get the majors record. I wouldnt imagine he cares about bing ranked #1 or just "being out there". He has probably a 4-5 year window left to win more majors, but he needs to have what would be considered a legendary HOF career from this point forward in order to get the record. Dont see it. The younger generation of players dont seem like they have Tiger's drive or mental focus, so maybe there is a opening there. But at 42 i cant see him winning more than 1 or 2 majors before he is done at the absolute best. If he wins another one, it will probably be at Augusta.
  8. 2018 Honda Classic

    Tiger should hit up Henrik Stenson for some tips on how to go next level nuclear on 3 woods and became an unstoppable golf machine.
  9. Rules Situation: Ball Rests on Twig Over Hole

    It really should be a 2, but I'm not sure the rules allow for though since the ball is at rest. If i were scoring this on my round i would write down 3. But there is no way to make a stroke on that ball with a club without replacing the ball someplace other than where it lies, which then incurs a penalty. Holing out as it lies gives a stroke penally for leaving the stick in, and removing the twig but replacing the ball elsewhere does the same. Quirky.
  10. 2018 Honda Classic

    Like that shirt tiger is rocking tho.
  11. Judging distance

    What you're talking about is mostly instinct and knowing your game. I rarely use yardages on courses i know, i just do it by feel and vision. An honest knowledge of how far you hit your clubs goes a long way. But i don't think you can be taught or given advice on how to play the winds or judge yardage without tech, its something you have to find in your game by yourself.
  12. 2018 Honda Classic

    His misses off the tee have been so wild that its only going to take one or two holes to undo any momentum he builds. It just looks like he stands up and chases it with his upper body. I do the the same sometimes and try to save it with my arms. It will go left if you over do it.
  13. 2018 Honda Classic

    I dont trust that stroke he's using right now. I understand he cant swing under the way he most pros do, but thats a total block move he has though the ball the last few times I've watched him play.
  14. Practicing with Long Irons

    I think there is a tempo benefit to practicing with long irons. Whenever i felt like my swing got short and quick i would practice with a 4 iron. You cant really get stabby with the long irons. But on general swing work, a shorter iron is probably better.
  15. 2018 Honda Classic

    ugh.. i hate this course. All it needs is 20 houses on every hole and it would be the stereotypically awful florida golf course. I played it before they started having the tournament there, but it was two of the least enjoyable rounds of golf I've ever played. I broke 80 both times, so it wasn't like i played bad. Im going to say Tiger will miss the cut here. Though i like him if he plays Bay Hill.

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