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  1. Everyone drains a putt they shouldn't have made, or gets a ridiculous ricochet back into the fairway on a drive hit 50 yards offline.. Regardless of skill level. Im not sure its luck as it is just a part of the game.
  2. I feel like if tiger beats Sneads record that combined with his cuts made streak would be just as impressive as winning 19 majors. His cuts made streak might never be broken.
  3. I wipe my grips with a little warm soapy water everyone now and then. But ive never scrubbed the club heads on any set of irons ive ever owned. Seems kinda redundant to me. Just the damp towel i use between shots. No problems with rust or anything except wear spots on the faces on my short irons and wedges.
  4. I was going to try to sneak in there as a single on Saturday, but the weather is not looking too good. 👎 I still might play the red or something if its not too bad. I remember the course was in bad shape before they had the barclays there a couple years ago. Especially the second hole. (But when is the second hole not a mess?) But they brought it back. Im guessing they'll do it again. But that was in late summer when im assuming its easy to do. I dont know what they do to get it up to snuff in weather. Its not. If you go there as a single or a even twosome you can walk on most times. Especially tuesday-thursday. You might have to wait a few hours if you go on a weekend or something. Getting a tee time is hard for peak times, though. Ive been plating there for 20 years and have only had a tee time a handful of times. Most of the time i just walk on. When i want to make a tee time with friends or players i know, i usually do one of the other courses there. The Red and Blue courses are just as good. If not a little better.
  5. Whenever tiger is finally done playing, that putter he uses is probably going to be the most sought after sports item in American history. Its practically a priceless artifact already. In all of tigers memorable moments captured on camera, he has that putter in his hand in nearly all of them.
  6. Aside from making choking down on the club and moving my weight little forward at address, i really don't do much differently in a fairway bunker than i would on any other normal full swing shot. Im just as aggressive through the ball as i normally would be. Depending on the firmness of the sand, you often get better lies in fairway bunkers that you would in the fairway.
  7. Agreed. I was really surprised Brooks missed that putt on 18. But thats the way it is sometimes.
  8. Ill have craft beer every now and then, but my poison is mostly whiskey. I'll have a drink in the evenings to wind down like the man of leisure i am.
  9. Tiger deserved to win yesterday and its great for the game to get him back winning major tournaments again. But i have this overarching feeling that he backed up into this win. Which is fine. A win is a win. But i feel like if Molinari just hits those two short irons on the green on 12 and 15 he wins by at least two strokes. But make no doubt about it, the real star of the masters is Fred Ridleys hair.
  10. The 15th hole at Bethpage black. Ive been playing that course for 20 years and ive never birded it. The only one i havent. I never hit a good iron shot into that green.
  11. Yuuup. They tee off on the middle tee on 1 then jump to the tips on 2. Nobody ever does anything about it. But you're right. Ive had rounds that went less than 5 there. Ive played the black as a single in 3 hours with nobody slowing me down. The marathon rounds have come when ive played there at peak times. I kinda expected to be out there at least 5.
  12. Ive endured 6 hour rounds on bethpage black. Usually from some early group trying to play the championship tees.
  13. Oh, believe me it happens. Especially from mid-ams. Its just not there some days. Ive seen many elite players shoot some really head scratching scores.
  14. I don't really remember how i got into playing golf. My uncle plays, but he isn't an avid golfer. But the first time i did play i broke 100. Still have the card. 😎
  15. +4.2 is pretty much maxed out. I think it only goes down to +4.5. You can reasonably expect him to shoot around even par. But even plus handicaps are still amateurs, so you never really know. Even in my days when i was playing +3 golf, id still have rounds where i shot like 80 or something.
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