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  1. Clever graphic, there. Somebody was getting their photoshop on...
  2. I was taught the “Nicklaus way”, I remember it being called. Draw a line in your mind from the far target, mid, then something a yard or two in front of the ball. I’ve used this method since I’ve been playing the game.
  3. There is urban legend tale that circulates around Bethpage that there was some trophy hunter playing the course for the first time with a regular salt and complained about the lack of logo balls in the clubhouse to commemorate his round. It actually does happen im told. So the guy punches the trophy hunter in the nose, smears his golf ball in his own blood and tells him "theres your f***in' logo ball"
  4. Whats a hipster golf ball? Does it wait until its lost in the woods to ask you for more money so nobody second guesses that it lives in a $2500 a month apt in Brooklyn on a baristas salary?
  5. He lost both when he made the decision to only date one. Definitely no MAGA energy there.
  6. Every muni or public course within a 50 mile radius of me closed for at least two weeks yesterday. So no golf for moi. Im working from home indefinitely. I think this quarantine is going to make me wish i went into divorce law...
  7. Im not sure theres ever been a "good ole days" for me. Ive never watched more than 30 consecutive minutes or so of a televised women's golf event. And that 30 minutes may have been that amateur thing at Augusta National last year. I just have zero interest in watching women play sports in general. Except this one time during the last winter olympics, i watched women's curling for like 2 hours straight...to this day i cant explain why...its was like watching a informercial or something. I couldn't turn it off...
  8. Yes. It said the medium attachment in my left and small in my right. They still tend to slip lose when i bend over to pick something up though.
  9. I got a pair of AirPods pro for a bonus from work a few months ago. Cheap asses figure giving out bright shiny objects are cheaper than having to shell out real bonuses... But anyway Ive only used them a handful of times. Thesound quality is as good as any other headphone ive used with my phone. Wore them to hit balls and even played a round of golf with no big issues. If i bended over for something, like a golf ball, they tended to get loose or fall out.
  10. No. I doubt golf courses will not do much besides maybe close the bars or 19th holes. Theres no indication that there will be cancelations of any of the state level golf tournaments i usually play in.
  11. I was half joking. He's not on Rorys level. At least not right now. But i don't think hes going to win this year after thinking earlier he would win the masters and a couple other tourneys. I think his season will be similar to the last half of last season. He'll maybe linger in the mid-field on the edge of contention, but never really be a factor.
  12. Ive changed my mind. HE'S FINISHED.
  13. Im not sure i fully understand the PCC thing, but it seems like there could be a disproportionate effect on better players. The muni i play at often is moderately easy for players of my skill level. Especially if you're handy with mid and long irons. Both courses are long (some 67-6800 yards from just the middle tees) but the fairways are cavernous. Some 50 yards wide on some holes. The group i often run with (all sub 5 handicaps) regularly shoot in the mid 70's there, and you usually have to shoot around par to win the low score pot we do. But higher handicaps shoot some high scores there because while the fairways are wide and greens fairly large - if you miss them by more than 10 yards or so you're probably reloading. You're either not going to find it or its in a hazard. Even though the handful of better players will shoot 75 or better there usually, higher single digit cappers (around 6-10) can really struggle there. So if im out there shooting 75 or so alot of the time, and some 8 handicap is shooting in the high 80 or low 90s and PCC is applied, i get a benefit from it? It seems weird.
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