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  1. Yeah. I think all the USGA ones i try out for are below 2.5. I don't try qualify for the US AM anymore but i think the mid-am is still like 2.4. Trying the four ball next year with a friend, too. State and regional ones are usually in the 5 range. The funny thing is you (even for US open qauli) you still see tons of guys out there shoot 90+
  2. But yet if one lands on a cart path they explode into shreds...go figure..
  3. lol. I wouldn't doubt it. He had so many good ones.
  4. Im not surprised. Golfnow got too popular. I stopped using it years ago.
  5. As long its below 2.5 thats all i really care about. All the tournaments i play in are medal gross. Other than that, my index is sort of meaningless. I never give anyone more than 2 strokes a side regardless of their skill level. I dont think handicap index is a true representative of skill level, anyway. Some folks think i break par every time i play when i tell them my handicap, but the reality is I break par only a handful of times out of the 50-60 rounds i play a year. Most of my rounds are in the mid 70's. Just because your handicap isn't dropping, doesn't mean you're not improving as a golfer.
  6. Ive been using the Golf pride multi compound for 10 years. With two extra wraps on the bottom part of the grip. But those grips are getting obnoxiously expensive, especially in stores. I'm probably going to switch to another grip i re do my set if i can find something i like.
  7. The MLB is rigged against us, and were going to look into it.
  8. Spot on, my good chap.
  9. In the living room with a cup....
  10. I was thinking of the Dustin Johnson situation.
  11. On the pro level at say the US open or British open, i think the tours could enact some kind of local rule on the greens. On a hard baked out green with the wind blowing the ball could move without any player influence what so ever. So to penalize players for that is draconian, IMO. Its easy enough to check on video. For the rest of us, the situation is so rarely a problem that the overall rule may not be worth addressing. Local rule is the way to do it, IMO.
  12. Yeah, they're not. Im longer with a 5w too. But like you mentioned, i never found much use for a 5 wood from the rough or bad lies. I hit my 18 degree hybrid pretty well from the rough, though. Good for low punches, too. I'll give up that extra 10-15 or so yards i would hit a 5w to get the extra versatility. I fly my 18 degree 225-230, so thats a i really all i need from that slot.
  13. Nobody does reserved like tiger tiger woods y'all.