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  1. Dude.. you don't know WTF you're talking about.... Just stop. Stop. Read the F1's GD report...
  2. K... believe whatever you want... Maybe your friend will put me and F1 investigators in jail to boot! 😄
  3. It certainly did. But it also probably saved his life. F1's initial findings say the top of halo device wedged itself between a gap in the guardrail and instantly stopped the front end of the car. That 50 or so G of force ripped the back end off as its momentum continued and ignited an explosion in the exposed fuel lines going to the engine compartment. Without the halo, Grosjean could have sustained massive head injuries or worse, but the car most likley wouldn't have exploded.
  4. Hmmm.. rare to find F1 threads on a non racing forum... Grosjean really was lucky. The accident could have been fatal without the halo device on the cars, which most drivers hated when it came 2 years ago. But the but the dramatic optics of the accident made it look worse than it appeared. The car did its job exactly like it was supposed to aside from the fuel line bursting. They're designed to disintergrate on impact. Initial investigation suggest the halo In grosjeans case actually escalated the indecent by turning the drivers tub of the car basically into a spear. The front of th
  5. We don't do breakfast balls. But the other two @woodzie264 described are pretty much winter rules. I used to play a lot of tournament golf, so im just conditioned to play the game under those circumstances, even when im playing a game with a group where they are different rules agreed to. But the rule I and my regular group let slide most often is re-teeing or replaying after a lost ball or OB. We just agree on a general place to play the next from with whatever penalty the shot usually is. Speeds things along and doesn't really effect the outcome of our money games too much.
  6. It seems about right to me. Courses mostly go dormant in the northeast around November. You're getting crappy lies in the fairway, losing balls under dead leaves, etc. Stuff that doesn't happen in the spring and summer.
  7. 90%? No. I generally select a club 50 yards and in based on the combination of the lie and the trajectory of the shot i want to hit. That could be anything from my 58 SW to a 9i. But if i have a gnarly lie, ill usually always go for the 58 so i can get some help from the bounce. For a typical 15-30 foot green side chip from a clean lie i usually use a PW or 9i.
  8. The nightmare before Christmas soundtrack. Over and over and over again.....and over... Whats this? Whats this? Lets listen to this again!
  9. Ive seen more and more people doing it over the years. Its never bothered me at alll. Unless its country music...get that nonsense outta here.. Sudden sounds is what bothers me on the course, not really consistent noise.
  10. If a par 4 is longer than 450 I just say "to hell with this" and move up a tee.
  11. At my peak I played +3 golf (I play to around a 1 or 2 these days) and had plenty of people ask me how I got there. Ive never really had a good answer for them other than trust yourself. Theres no formulaic process I took to get there. It just sort of happened. I had priliminary instruction, but hitting a golf ball has been mostly instinct for me. I cant really fully explain it, but I can feel that 6 inch area around the ball through to club and into my hands. I came to golf from baseball so I had good athletic gifts. Maybe that had something to do with it. I did practice a lot. I think
  12. One of SC I own is a x-prototype #6 given to me by a lower tour player (think it was nationwide tour back then) The head cover has these fruit loop things on it and is apparently worth 4 figures to some people. No plans to part with that one though. The few others I have are just pro platinum era putters with the head covers that came with the putter as new. One of them is pretty faded because it was my gamer for years. But If I sell any ill jump on here and PM you.
  13. I have a few late 90s-early 2000's Scotty Cameron putters. But I wouldn't call myself an enthusiast. Ive considered selling the head covers because they're apparently more valuable than the putters themselves...
  14. Anyone else make the joke of DJ serving cocaine and hash browies at his masters dinner yet?
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