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  1. I care about common sense. Not self righteous zealotry.
  2. Seems like trying to invent a way to penalize somebody. He wasn't in a hazard area and the ball didn't move. So who cares?
  3. Maybe Tiger DGAF anymore and let his conditioning slide? 🤷‍♂️
  4. Same for me too. The rudest person ive ever played with was also in US open qualifier. But i think he was a local PGA pro. Really poor attitude and interrogative. Complained about me wearing shorts. Would miss a putt and just stare at the hole for 30 seconds like it just sprung a beanstalk or something. I just straight up ignored him at some point even when he talked directly at me. He got the message by the back 9 and finally STFU. Dude shot like 85+ too. F'ing clown. I remember that day clearly because it was the time i shot 76 and still advanced to sectionals.
  5. Taking 2-3 minutes to hit a shot is not a problem. I do it from time to time, too. But taking that long to hit every shot is a serious problem.
  6. Thats why you always wait a shot until you pick up. 😁
  7. I do that too. In non tournament rounds i usually pick up if im lying 5 or worse and im not on the green yet. Theres not really much point in continuing the hole from a score POV. As far as money games, its very unlikely a double or worse will halve a hole against the level of player i usually play against.
  8. 90% of my knowledge of cassette tapes comes from playing Metal Gear Solid 5.
  9. If you understand your swing and your game, post round is the best time to go. Everything is still fresh in your mind and muscle memory. You can feel your way through changes you make a little better i always thought if you went strait to the practice tee after the round.
  10. Ive never walked off the course when im playing a bad round. Ive never been that meta about results. The only thing that has caused me to walk off a golf course is slow play. What has changed is what i do afterwords. When i was playing by best golf, i used to go immediately to the practice tee for an hour or so if i thought the cause of the bad round was poor ball striking, putting, etc. Now i just put my shit in my trunk, head home and hope i do better next time. And now I'm a scratch player instead of a +3 👍
  11. Probably a confidence issue. Could be unfair comparisons to Tiger in such that players who show promise at a young age are expected to win everything forever. Players who've had a hot 2-3 years have fallen off the map before. Spieth could just be another one of these guys. It happens.
  12. My wife is happy to get me out of the house for 4-5 hours a day.... maybe i should be worried about this...🤔 But Ive seen this situation in other marriages. From my POV, most of the time the problem isn't golf itself. Its (to put it bluntly) a passive/aggressive attempt to control the husbands behavior because there is something else wrong in the relationship. The underlying issues are what needs to be addressed.
  13. I cant say what for sure jurisdiction this would come under since the alleged offenses likely occurred over international waters and the aircraft landed and opened its doors in another country. I think maritime law states whatever country the boat is registered in has jurisdiction if a crime was committed in international waters. Maybe its the same with airliners. But i know any crime committed on a aircraft belongs to the FBI under federal statutes in the US. Olesen could be facing a series of very severe federal charges depending on how it works out.
  14. I shot 82 on a 6300 yard golf course yesterday. So my 275 yard drives and 150 yard 8 irons really did me alot of good...
  15. I saw a fox drag a rabbit or something into a hole into it dug into a sand trap once. That was pretty weird.
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