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  1. No its not. Anyone who hates on the Mets hates america. Off to Quantomeno with you!
  2. ikr? Problem sovled.
  3. I tried speed golf once. I dropped dead after the first hole.
  4. Still month and a half left in the season. Anything can happen with the amazins. But you cant win when you cant keep guys on the field. F'ing half the team is on the DL.
  5. Why do you hate america? You know what 17 is right? It just makes too much sense! Sweet serendipity! Just the boost we needed for the stretch!
  6. Nah. They're just a feast or famine offense. They score 60% of their runs off homers. Thats unsustainable. The pitching is as good as it was last season and the defense is slightly better.
  7. My only guess is that the Mets have been infiltrated by Donald Trumps KGB operatives and are being sabotaged from the inside.
  8. Doesn't look very comfortable. But Spieth hasn't been injury prone as far as i know. Jason Day and Rory McIlroy on the other hand are probably going to need new hips before they're 40 with the way they swing...
  9. I agree with @boogielicious, id go with a lower loft for where you're at right now. 60 wedges are such a speciality club. Maybe 56 or 58 would be better for you. Id also go with a wedge that has more bounce than 7 or 8 degrees. Those can be unforgiving. As he also said, bounce is your friend. Id go with something more in the 10-12 range. It will be easier to hit out of bunkers and thick lies, but you'll lose a little on full swings from cleaner lies. I personally use M grind 58 degree Vokey as my SW. I find its the most versatile grind of the off the rack offerings from titleist.
  10. I have no idea about the bunker thing. I guess because Jaidee splashed the area, perhaps Cabrera-Belllo is allowed to rake in order most closely re-create his original lie.
  11. I know what you mean, some guys that have a hot couple weeks and shave their handicaps in half. Then they are not capable of maintaing it. But thats not always true. I went from a 3 or 4 handicap to +3 in less than a year. I qualified for the US amateur at Cherry Hills the following summer. Some guys just make sudden jumps. I shot 82 in us open qualifying earlier this year - doesn't mean I'm not a good player. Some people just have bad rounds. We are amateurs, after all.
  12. True. Jordan Spieth (for example) has a bag full of Titliest clubs but wears nothing but under amour apparel. Im sure whatever deal Tiger ends up with will be similar.
  13. You would be my hero for life. Make sure the helmet has "Tiger Proofing" written on it.
  14. The Beef is trolling golf and i love it.
  15. Hes upset hes not a statuesque tall man.