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  1. Must I take a divot to play decent golf?

    No. When i was a teenager, i remember watching Tom Kite hit balls on the range at a tournament for over an hour and i don't think he turned a single blade of grass... Just have to be sure that the reason youre not taking divots because youre swinging up on the ball.
  2. Ive used the same set of DG S400 shafts in my irons since sometime around 04. Maybe 05. Cant remember. Ive had those shafts in three different sets of heads.
  3. Lydia Ko Thread

    Thats not quite what i meant, but i know what you mean. It just seems like there are players on the LPGA that win everything under the sun on the LPGA for 2 or 3 seasons then dramatically drop off the map like they never existed. It'd be like Jordan Speith disappearing after his 2015 season.
  4. MLB (Baseball) 2018 Season

    Its been bothering me that theres been no real backup plan at 1B or C for years. I dont remember LuCroy being apart of the plans, but he would look good in a Mets uni.
  5. How good does a Touring Pro need to be?

    I voted+5 or better. At least.. For a competitive comparison, I played with a guy ( i forget his name) in sectional qualifying for the US open one year who ended up qualifying with a 137 (ish). On a course he never saw before he drove up in the parking lot that morning. He was a journeyman player on the web.com tour, or maybe barley holding onto his Tour card. I cant quite remember. But Thats how good PGA touring pros are. The guy who made me feel like i was a hack probably gets blown out of the water by even a bottom tier tour player. Its a level of good i have never been able to quantify.
  6. Lydia Ko Thread

    It seems to me in general, most LPGA players don't have sustained runs of success. There are exceptions, of course, buIt seems like they dramatically flame out after 3 or 4 seasons. Could Ko's drop off just be considered the normal trend?
  7. MLB (Baseball) 2018 Season

    Travis d'Arnaud out for rest of the season with Tommy John. All apart of the plan. He's taking one for the team from the gods so it doesnt happen to a pitcher. What a hero. What sacrifice.
  8. MLB (Baseball) 2018 Season

    The always correct 538 says differently. I think what we can count on is another Nats late season collapse to grease the wheels of Mets glory! Get off the tracks, Dave. That train wont stop for you.
  9. MLB (Baseball) 2018 Season

    Is there any reason to not believe the Mets wont win the World Series? Gentlemen, i dont think this train can be checked.
  10. How can I go up from 105 mph?

    My swing speed is somewhere in the 105-110 range and i drive the ball 275-285. Carry a 7i 160 or so. You don't really need any more speed than that to play great golf. Fitness is always good, and doing gym and flexibility work is never a bad thing. But id concentrate more on maybe your shaft selections or working on refining your swing to find more distances rather trying to find it through brute strength.
  11. 2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    LOL. He probably got pilloried and pelted with rotten fruit for his satanic mistake.
  12. Titleist T-mb

    Meh. They're alright. I borrowed a T-MB 3i and 4i from a friend a few years ago and didn't find them much better or an advantage over the AP1 long irons i was using at the time. A little better off the tee, thats about it. Maybe i newer models are better, i don't know. But i wasn't overly impressed with the ones i demoed. Good that they're working for you.
  13. MLB (Baseball) 2018 Season

    Harvey was pretty mediocre yesterday, but he looked really good in spring training and his first start of the season. He's has gotten some velocity back, and he's spotting his off speed like he used to. If he stays healthy, i think he'll win 12-15 games. I think Swarzak comes back in a few days and that should help deepen the pen.
  14. MLB (Baseball) 2018 Season

    You're right. The Mets will probably have it wrapped up in a couple months. I kinda feel bad for Cabrera. His probably going to finish out his career on rebuilding teams.
  15. Depends on the wind. If there is no wind, i would probably just hit a 9i as high as a could to center of the green. If the wind was in my face, id try to drive a low 8 right at the usual sunday pin. If there was a cross wind, id just aim for the fat part of the green and hope it ends up in a manageable place.

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