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  1. DNC

    I didn't see it, but I've heard from some folks at work that Obama tore it up last night.
  2. I went to one of the rounds back when phil won at Balty. Im probably going tomorrow afternoon if the weather holds up. Its always nice to see the players. Ive heard that it has "the strongest field of any tournament" argument for years. It just feels like marketing to me. Ive been to the US open too and the feel and energy on the grounds is completely different. I would even say even the barclays has a heavier feel to it.
  3. I think theres a happy spot for green speeds on the professional level (like 11-12 stimp) Any more than that gets into clown golf territory, IMO.
  4. It appears your problem is that you're pushing the earth down. Are you chuck norris?
  5. I bet the guy in that video also sells affordable flooring. But for me, i actually don't have a downswing thought. The only thing going through my brain is "HIT THE BALL! ARRRGH! Ummm...yeah... I have a trigger though, which i feel like is when my lead shoulder passes under my chin. At that point, i reverse direction. I don't have a mechanical thing i do, its just an instinct at that point for me. If you're playing 3 handicap golf, chances are you have a similar players instinct. Trust it and don't bog yourself down in golfs endless void of mechanical psycho babble.
  6. Id like to see the Australian Open (or some type of eastern based tournament) take its place. The three largest pots of professional players are the US, Europe and eastern countries like Korea, Japan and Austrialia. They're only ones who don't have a major tournament in their region.
  7. No. I actually care much about about it either. I never have. Of the majors, the PGA championship has always felt the most frabricated and artificial to me. Its the only one of the 4 that needs the tag of being a "major" to make it significant. Take being a major away from the PGA, and its just another tournament. You cant say that about the Masters, US Open or Open Championship. Its important to the PGA professionals in the US, so i guess thats why its still a major in the grand scheme of things. But I've believed for a very long time that the PGA should be replaced on the Major roster by some type of eastern based tournament or a match play.
  8. Ive discovered that there really is no right or wrong way to putt. The only mechanical constant I've found with good putters vs poor ones is that good putters are always loose through their forearms and they have good eye lines. They set themselves up in a way where they see their lines over the putt and they deliver the ball on that line to the hole. But i think how one does that is totally up to the player. Equipment plays a factor, but not as much that gets made of it, IMO. So employ whatever method you feel helps you drain putts. No matter how unorthodox it may seem at first.
  9. I played in the NJ state amateur at Balty a few years ago. I missed the cut, unfortunately. But I'm looking forward to seeing how that my grand score stands up agaist these players! The kid that won went bonkers if i remember right though. Shot like 15 under or something ridiculous like that.
  10. Off of a clean lie, there isn't really a shot in golf that gives me pause. If i have a open line of play and can see the back of the ball, i feel like i can hit the shot were i want it to go. I guess the shot i would not like have to have with a tourney on the line is a long green side bunker shot. I struggle with long green side bunker shots (20 yards or more) but those are the hardest shots in golf, so lots of people struggle with it.
  11. Unless I'm playing in a tourney, i don't walk in florida summer-like 100+ heat indexes anymore. The last time i did i got heat sickness. Dizziness, nausea, diarrhea. No thanks. If for some reason i want to play in that type of weather, i use a cart.
  12. I would say no if will be the only time you see the course before you play the qualifier. You'll get a much better feel of the course by walking it than you would have in a cart. Also, you'll be aware of any physical strain walking the course takes and expect it. Carb load the night before and see how you fare. I never got shit like And i have that same rug in my living room. $40 bucks at ross baby!
  13. For me breaking 80, it was the short game and putting getting consistent that allowed me to do that. Not so much a ball striking thing. Get up and down a couple more times a round, and drop a couple more putts, and those 85's turn into 78's.
  14. If there wasn't a hazard of death bunker between me and the green, I would've put the ball back in my stance and try to chase it up there with a 6 or 7 iron. If i had to fly it, just a typical 20 yard pitch with my 58. The bark in itself would have been irrelevant to me as far as playing the shot goes. Its not between the club and the ball.
  15. I wouldn't worry about that at all. I shot 80+ USGA qaulis and never got that letter. I shot 82 in US open qualifying back in the spring. Ive seen dudes shoot 90+ in those things and still come back next year. USGA will take your money as long as you got the handicap.