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  1. Same for me. Consistency. I'd shoot around par or better one round and like 80 the next. I dont think i put more than two rounds together all of last season. I know its because i only practice a couple times a month these days, but with my life the way it is i dont see any way to get more swings in. Still good enough to take lunch money off fools tho 😎
  2. There's still time. Between cheeseburgers...
  3. Some kid is going to read that and win 20 majors one day.
  4. I use a new model titleist stand bag. There are probably better options out there, but i go with what i know. The new rangefinder pocket in them is really convenient.
  5. Im going to go with Tiger repeating as Masters champion and claiming 2 other wins. Tiger is going to be a treat to win at Augusta until hes like 60. He's always going to be one of my favorites at that tournament no matter what shape his body and game are in. I think if he breaks Nicklaus major record, most of those wins going forward will likely come at the masters.
  6. For a home course, its got to be within a 15 drive for me. Im not into repeatedly spending half of a day on one round of golf.
  7. Kinda creepy taking videos of a 8 or 9 year old from behind a bush, no?
  8. Ive called several of my shots. But they've all been either chip ins, putts or pitches. Shots that i had a reasonably good idea were going down. I dont think ive ever stared down a pin from 150 or something and proclaimed "im ramming this to 3 feet"
  9. The only time im not playing competitively (either for money or competition) is when i play 9 holes after work or something. So id say im very competitive with golf. My money games are usually pocket change type stuff. 30-40 bucks here and there. About as serious as i get with money games these days is a $20 Nassau. Which could get expensive with presses. But usually not. I was playing with a guy last year that lost over $100 on snake on the last green, which was one of the most hilarious things ive ever witnessed in my 25 years of playing golf.
  10. Whatever i find lying around is good for me. Wood, plastic, whatever. I dont think ive actually bought a bag of tees in 20 years.
  11. Honestly, the guy was probably a bigot who has resented Tiger his entire career. He was just having a normal bar conversation until something announcing tigers next tournament came on the overhead and he lost him mind. He seemed to know alot about pro golf but also seemed like he was personally offended by any indication that Tiger is a even a good player. He is only a fraud propped up by "virtue signaling liberal media" because of his race. These types of haters in general just make me want to point and laugh. Sports or otherwise. It takes too many shits to give in order to whitewash reality from yourself in that way.
  12. If your instructor says youre closing the club face on takeaway it probably means your twisting your hands, so making another conscious movement with your hands on top of that by hinging early seems like an odd compensation to make. But you probably were hinging in some way before, just weren't aware of it. Either though your wrists or collapsing your arms to complete the backswing. One of the best players i know makes a very pronounced early wrist set in his takeaway, and it works for him. Its actually the first move he makes. So its not wrong, per sea. I don't consciously hinge or release. Just make sure you own whatever youre doing while you work with the instructor.
  13. Patrick Reed is gong to end up as the Secretary of Defense if he keeps this up.
  14. An important thing we should be talking about is whether or not if this guy is actually THE HAMMER
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