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  1. Ive heard theres some validity to that. My brother in law is one of those strongest man contest guys and he uses a CPAP machine when he sleeps even though he doesnt have sleep apnea. Sleep and oxyengation is apparently a important part of building muscle mass. I always figured rumors around Beefcake Byrson and steroids was going to be a thing eventually. Just took him winning a major to bring it out of the closest more. If Bryson were any other athlete in another sport the suspicions would be through the roof after putting on much mass as he has - as quickly as he did. But It seems like he's largely avoided any critical quesitons about it to this point.
  2. Ive actually eaten the stuff I go out to eat at about the same rate as I usually would. Just take out now. But the first stop I'm making after this is over is this all you can eat sushi joint in Princeton NJ. I f**king love sushi...
  3. People comparing the Covid to the flu are in essence making a political statement. Politics is the root of that entire debate of the seriousness of the virus. Cant really have this discussion and create a pink elephant out of the political angle.
  4. Golf slow rolled reopening in Jersey yesterday. Im sure that's been posted already. Two-somes only 16 minutes apart, prepaid tee times. No walk ups. I wasn't able to get a time anywhere close this weekend but ive heard about some chaos. People just walking up without a time anyway. Two-somes blending into foursomes a few holes in. Crap the course staff had to take time to police. If dipshits like that keep pushing everyones luck with that type of behavior the courses will just get shut down again.
  5. I think its silly, too. The leading cause of both deaths and hospitalizations in the United States since march 1 has been COVID-19. The flu never reached such lofty levels, even in the same time frame. If allowed to run through the American population (like say the seasonal flu) the results could have been catastrophic. Its obviously something different. To be blunt - denying the seriousness of the virus and relating the precautions taken as some kind of liberal hyped conspiracy isn't going to save Trumps presidency. That IMO is where those sentiments are coming from. Some of colleges and friends of mine are just completely suspending logic and reasoning out of fear they might lose their presidency to "the liberals" because of this.
  6. Is ESPN producing Tigers 30 for 30 special yet? Im running out of TV to watch.
  7. Ive been a ProV1x player forever, but I started playing the Snell MTB-X last summer and doubt Im going back. I don't notice any difference between the balls on full shots, but the Snell is nearly half the price. 50 yards and in though the ProV1 is a slightly better ball. So on a firm course in competition play, I might skate back to the Prov1x. But for rec play I'm done with titleist balls.
  8. Sometimes new clubs are better. Shafts matter more. Ive found the lowest performance/investment return you get is on drivers. I basically hit the driver with all the new tech bells and whistles about the same as I did the Titleist 905R I played like 10 years ago. Ive found the best return I get is on wedges. For me, a new wedge is like a race car getting new tires on it during a race.
  9. Ive never had a set pre-round routine. For recreational rounds I pretty much just go strait out to the first tee from the parking lot. Maybe hit a few chips and putts if the practice green is near the first tee. Sometimes I may hit 5-10 balls if I see some laying around on the practice tee. Competitive rounds I'll hit a bag of balls and loosen up a little more.
  10. Id focus more on the short term than long term. Use score as a barometer, and no so much ballstriking. But for me anyway, I was breaking 80 regularly by the end of my second year playing with regular practice. Then took 4 or so year break from golf during college, began practicing again and was breaking 80 regularly again by the end of that year. A year or so down the line some breakthrough occurred and I went shooting in the low-mid 70's to regularly shooting par or better seemingly overnight. (it probably wasn't that dramatic) But I can't explain what happened. I wasn't doing anything differently with my swing or practice habits, a switch just flipped. Conversely, I'm nowhere good as I was 5 years ago and I can't explain how the hell that happened either...
  11. I was at the grocery store yesterday and was thinking to myself "how is this anymore dangerous than golf would be?" But alas, every golf course and most ranges in NJ are closed. Theres stuff you can do to limit the risk of infection and still have golf. Like perhaps only one person to a cart, no removing or touching the flags, limited traffic in pro shops and only every other stall used at ranges. Even requiring only mobile pay options can be used in order to eliminate touching. Its better than nothing..
  12. Clever graphic, there. Somebody was getting their photoshop on...
  13. I was taught the “Nicklaus way”, I remember it being called. Draw a line in your mind from the far target, mid, then something a yard or two in front of the ball. I’ve used this method since I’ve been playing the game.
  14. There is urban legend tale that circulates around Bethpage that there was some trophy hunter playing the course for the first time with a regular salt and complained about the lack of logo balls in the clubhouse to commemorate his round. It actually does happen im told. So the guy punches the trophy hunter in the nose, smears his golf ball in his own blood and tells him "theres your f***in' logo ball"
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