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  1. They gonna collide atoms in that thing?
  2. If you're serious about getting better you should probably see a professional for some guidance. Even if just help with fundamentals like grip alignment and posture. I think higher handicaps that are looking to get better should shoot for a thirds approach. Maybe a third range work, third short game and putting, and a third playing. Drink beer for the other 1%.
  3. I dont think it is. You get a penalty for hitting the wrong ball, and then the other stroke is for the replay or drop.
  4. I wear a glove. Mostly because i use full cord grips. The side of palm pad and ring finger are prone to blistering if i dont wear a glove for full swings. I wear tape on my right ring finger. I just cant bring myself to experiment with a different type of grip.
  5. Looks like iacas needs to step up his game.
  6. I think you're leaving out some things like that cant be taught like hand eye coordination, spacial awareness and instinct for the game. I think the best players have those things in spades. I think there comes a point where you have to let go of mechanics to really progress. As you learn, they are important. But i think its just as important that you understand your body and what it will allow you to do. There is a mesh point between the two, and I feel like the players that go on to be elite golfers (5 and under handicaps in my mind) figure that out.
  7. What the hell happened in 2012? lol
  8. Dormant. If i went out and played right now i probably wouldn't break 80.
  9. I think Tiger will play some tournaments. But he'll never win or contend again, IMO.
  10. I would guess that, too. Just something I've heard over the years on the webz and in 19th holes. Typically by somebody that unconditionally hated Tiger to begin with. Palmer had to deal with Hogan, Snead, etc. Nicklaus, Trevino Watson, etc. The argument was that Tiger had none of these types of foes at his peak, and that in turn discredits his much of his career. I dont agree with the point at all and there is no way to quantify it, but i understand it.
  11. Looks expensive as hell.
  12. They've done a poor job trying to develop an alternative ecosystem, no arguments about that. But i like that they keep trying to be different and holding on to their base IP's rather than let the EA's or Activation's mutilate them. I feel like they're trying to stay in a retro gaming type of space.
  13. I think thats a positive for them. There not going to be able to compete with Sony and Microsoft in the console market, so why bother making a duplicate product? People generally want to be told what to like and whats cool, not the other way around.