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  1. Yeah, its possible depending on the course. Ive walked courses (as a single) in less than 3 hours.
  2. Thats the argument i remember that a couple of the other guys had. I think the strokes mattered to them. I didn't make it to the match play so the strokes didn't matter to me. But the dude that ruled basically responded that "well you should have known better" He was kind of a jerk-off and i think he enjoyed passing down those penalties.
  3. What was going on with that 290 shot?!
  4. Im all out of cares to give as far as Tiger's career goes. Theres only so many yo-yos a sports fan can take. I hope he plays again, but I'm not holding my breath.
  5. This is real. I got hit with that one years back in the Met Am. Alot of guys did. Couple of the volunteers drove their carts out to pick guys up. It felt really petty and draconian at the time, but i guess they were right. The guys that love enforcing that type of minutia got their erections that day...
  6. You didn't miss anything. I didn't even finish it. I hear the loyalty missions are the best part of the game, but i never got to them. Some of the new combat mechanics are nice, but overall Its the most lazy and shallow game Bioware has ever made. Which is disappointing. You're better off starting over with the original with a new character.
  7. Mass Effect: Andromeda. Yeah.....pass on that...
  8. I agree with some of the other posters. Hitting the ball square is more important than just speed. When you get a player that can match top speed and center hits..well you pretty much have a professional...lol
  9. Don't be disappointed. IMO, focusing on ballstriking perfection is the wrong approach to golf. Because you'll never get there. Personally, i enjoy shooting a good score when i hit the ball like crap. It feels like i robbed a bank or something.
  10. Oh yeah, I've know several. Not really giving up the game entirerly, but giving up on going pro. They went on mini tours or play events the (now) web.com tour and just give up after a year or so. They didn't really have a gauge of how much time and skill it really takes to make a living playing golf. If you dont win or make a name for yourself in the college ranks or big international am tournaments, you're really behind the 8ball.
  11. Rory is going to need a hip replacement before he's 40 if he doesn't do something about that hip stall thing he does through impact. I cant say whats going on with Day. His swing doesn't seem to be as violent as Rory's is.
  12. Its hard to say. For me theres a 30-40 yard gap between my driver and three wood from the tee. But generally i think you can expect about 20 yards more on a well struck shot with a driver.
  13. Besides my 47 degree, i don't know. PW is the only one of my wedges i take full swings with. I don't even practice full swings with my 52 and 58 degree. A typical full swing with PW flies 130. For anything less, its more of a feel thing for me with lie, pin position and wind considered. I hit everything from my 58 to an 9iron from 125 and in.
  14. Stage one of the yip rocket initiated.
  15. Touring golf courses? Blah. Let me play the f'er..