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  1. Groucho Valentine

    Provisional Ball Ruling

    The ones where you kiss my ass.
  2. Groucho Valentine

    Question - New Caddy Rule 2019

    Ive only seen that happen a couple times on the LPGA. And it was always before the stroke. Didn't think it was that much of an issue to require a rules modification.
  3. Groucho Valentine

    5 wood vs 3 hybrid

    The hybrids will be easier to hit from the rough, and in general are more versatile. I also think a traditional 5 wood maybe a little longer than a 3 hybrid. But you'll hit the 5wood further. If you imagine yourself using the club from the tee alot or most often play a course where the rough isnt very high, the the 5wood is probably better is you're looking for distance from the club. If you want control and versatility, go with the hybrid.
  4. Groucho Valentine

    Provisional Ball Ruling

    Nobody is going to get DQ'd for that level of minutia in a club tournament...
  5. Groucho Valentine

    MLB (Baseball) 2018 Season

    This has a feel of a Brewers/Redsox World Series to me. Nobody can get out Christain Yelich out right now. Except Jacob DeGrom. Lucky for Yelich DeGrominant decided he needed some rest this postseason.
  6. Groucho Valentine

    Yelling "FORE!" - When Do You, and How Do You React?

    This was the best comment in TST history until you click on the arrow.
  7. Groucho Valentine

    Yelling "FORE!" - When Do You, and How Do You React?

    I usually just duck in place. I never look up. Seen what can happen if you do that. I hid behind a friend at the club championship i played in last weekend. Human shield is also acceptable.
  8. Groucho Valentine

    How Many Shots Should Your Ball Last?

    Beats me. 🤷‍♂️ Ive heard some people say that 6-9 holes is all a tour type ball has in it before it becomes oblong. Ive used the same ball over 36 holes without any issue that i could notice. But for recreational play i will use a ball until it gets scuffed or I take a chunk out of it with a wedge or something. Then its retired to the shag bag for short game practice. For tournament play ill put in a new ball at the start of the round.
  9. Groucho Valentine

    Spectator loses eyesight at Ryder Cup

    Some courses I've played or been members at had insurance for when a player hits errant ball that damages property or person. Would assume a place like LE GOLF NATIONAL would have similar policy. I don't think this lady can sue Koepka for damages directly. But I'm not really up to date on my French Tort...
  10. Groucho Valentine

    Provisional Ball Ruling

    Thats what i used to think. But it turns out its not aways true.
  11. Groucho Valentine

    Provisional Ball Ruling

    This happened to me in a tournament once, and to a guy in my group at a club championship i played in over the weekend. Thought he hit his tee shot OB, hit a provisional, played it on to the green, then found his original ball just off the fairway when we were walking up. I told him he had to play his original, but he wasn't convinced so he played both balls in. (Im not sure how that works...) He actually made the same score on both balls, anyway so i let it go. Drained his provisional ball for bogey and missed the green on the original then didn't get up and down. I had always assumed once your declared your provisional in play and played it you forfeited your original ball wherever it might be. Turns out that wasn't true. Now i make it a point to take a little off my provisional shots from the tee just to give myself some wiggle room. Its a little trickier with green side provisionals.
  12. Groucho Valentine

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Maybes tigers relatively poor play in France gives Phil some hope that he wont be incinerated next month at their big money match.
  13. Groucho Valentine

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    Maybe. But my feeling is that the USA is ambivalent towards the Ryder Cup outside of the golf world. Im ambivalent towards it. It seems like the Ryder cup enters the mainstream in Europe. Not so much here. Maybe if it did this generation of US players would care more. As it is now, its really no consequence to them win or lose.
  14. Groucho Valentine

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    I didn't have much interest in this, but i wasn't expecting the US to get walloped like that. I read that it was the argument the best team the US has ever sent to the ryder cup. But is clearly obvious the competition means alot more to the europeans than it does the US. Either way, i think the guys put the probably whole week in the rear view the moment they got on the plane.
  15. Groucho Valentine

    Trump courses - would you pay to play one now?

    No, i wouldn't pay to play at one of his courses. But ive played at trump properties for tournaments in the past. Even before he became prez, i though the clubhouses at trump courses were creepy places. They're like cult lairs devoted to him. And i could have sworn i saw a clearly photoshopped image of trump shoveling dirt or something in one of the locker rooms at Colts Neck. Its just 🤨

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