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  1. Those tour edge irons are pretty hard to hit. At least they were for me when i was tooling around with them.
  2. Yes haggling about dress codes is exactly what the LPGA needs.
  3. Tru dat. But as far as pro sports go, i think women's games are always going to have to be part pornography to be commerically successful if left up to men to be the primary consumer. More women have to start supporting women's sport.
  4. They used to check at the USGA qualifiers and the State Open going back a couple of years ago. Now nobody checks. I could show up with a set of ping eye 2's for a US Open quail and nobody would notice.
  5. Bleh..those things are useless. You're better off sending your wedges to be reconditioned or simply replacing them with ones with less wear. Depending on how much i play or practice, i usually replace my 52 and 58 once every 12-18 months.
  6. Work, family: the usual stuff. When i was at my peak i was playing +3 golf and qualified for pretty much everything a Northeast amateur can play in except the US Open. But i also wasn't married with a young son back then. The little guy commands alot of my time. I actually dont play much less than i did back then, its just i practice WAY less. Ive only practiced once a week during the season for the last few years (if that), and mostly its short game and putting i work on. I have no problems playing alone, i get out whenever i can.
  7. LMAO!
  8. They are. They're different to each persons body type. But you have to at align and stand over the ball correctly. I cant think of any in that general of question. I know some in north jersey, but mostly guys I've played with in tournaments. So i cant speak to their teaching methods. The instructor that gave me my first lessons lives in new york. I only see him once or twice a year for quick tune up.
  9. Seeing a good instructor can put you on the path to being a 70's shooter, but you ultimately have to take what you're being taught and make it your own. Thats the only way I've seen players truly improve. The ones who just mechanically follow instruction always seem to get stuck in some weird feedback loop where they improve a little, but don't take a big next step. I think the fundamentals are key (alignment, posture, etc)
  10. See ssbn611's post I play with someone like that every now and then. But if hitting the big stick is what keeps them coming back, more power to them. Everyone is allowed to enjoy the game in their own way.
  11. 250 carry is big boy land.. I don't carry a driver too much further than that and i consider myself to have very good power for an Am player. Though 250 in total is still very good distance. You can comfortably play anything up to 6900 yards with that, IMO. Most of you probably don't drive it that far, though
  12. I dont know why he would do that, but if the officials say no foul then its not a foul. If there was a spike mark or something in front he was clearly trying to avoid, then i would support a penalty.
  13. My putter. Its what keeps that gas money flowing into my wallet!
  14. Sloppy and absent minded by Rahm, yes. But the officials ruled no foul and i agree with them. Rahm could have misplaced his ball by the same amount even if he put it in front of his mark and he or nobody else would have noticed. We're talking fractions of an inch, here.
  15. Thats mildly amusing...