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  1. Launch monitor from scratch

    You are right in that there is no market that exists with your three points. In order for this idea to work, there has to be a cost effective way to accurately measure and visualize ball flight and distance at a driving range that is easy for golfers to access. If there is no real way around that, then the idea isn't feasible. But that is the reason I posted to this thread - because it attracts people interested in building things from scratch (who love golf). Maybe someone will have a great idea.
  2. Launch monitor from scratch

    Thanks for the response. The idea is to allow a golfer from one driving range to compete against a golfer from another driving range by playing a "virtual round" on an app. I do think there is a market for using technology to enhance traditional driving ranges. I mention the launch monitor because to pull this off there has to be a way to track and visualize ball flight. Obviously a business model doesn't make sense if I'd have to put a Trackman behind every stall at every driving range. But I'm here to see if there is more cost effective way to do this.
  3. Launch monitor from scratch

    Came across this thread while doing research on an idea. I am exploring building a mobile app golf simulator for driving range use. For example, if I hit a drive 270 on the range, the ball flight/path and distance would be captured and displayed on a virtual course on my phone. The video below helps explain the idea... https://vimeo.com/167110209/c914c8ed67 I'm looking for help on how to pull this off technology wise. I've done a lot of research on different launch monitors, but would definitely like to hear from people who are smarter than me. Thanks!