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  1. It could be all of the above, and also having to do with shaft length in the driver being that much longer than the irons. Most golfers are more consistent with shorter clubs and get progressively worse at hitting the center of the face as the club gets longer. Couple this with quite a few of us overswinging a driver due to our desire to hit it further can provide undesireable results. I see that you are in the Cincinnati area - quite a few decent fitters in the area. Miles of Golf and Golf Exchange are two of the better ones. Exchange can give you some free fitting advice for a quick trial, and MOG you will have to book a fitting and it is quite a bit more expensive but most of the personnel at both are good.
  2. Club Champion does a good job, but will be on the higher end price wise for both the fitting and the equipment due to possible upcharge shafts, etc. Can't comment on gofltec - sorry.
  3. For Mizuno specifically, I think the release is a 2 year cycle or close to it. The original JPX 900 line was 2017 and the JPX 919 line was 2019. The 2018 releases were in the MC line. Without having anything other than that to go on, I would expect their MC line to be refreshed in late 2019 / 2020. You also have to think about how much "custom" you will need in your fitting as was noted above. While you can save quite a bit with used clubs, you also might want be able to have everything customized in an individual fitting. If this is important, then you will need to most current years models at their full retail pricing. EDIT to above. It is the MP line not the MC line.
  4. Back to the OP - As was mentioned in earlier, Cobra has a "tour length" offering in their F9. It is 1" shorter than their base F9. To counter act the swing weight change they ship this with a 6gram and 18gram weight vs. the standard 2gram and 14gram. They also sell other weights if you really want to dial in a swing weight. All of us will have different swing weight preferences, and these different weights will give you an idea of what to expect. A little more costly than lead tape, but not as permanent as hotmelt.
  5. Launch looks a little low and spin looks a little high. Did you notice where you were hitting it on the face? Very quick analysis is that you were probably catching them low on the face, which would contribute to both #'s being in this range. If you are not sure, and and can hit the club again, have him put some impact tape on the face and see. If the flight path of this driver is close to what you are seeing with your current driver, then you can try it on the range with a little foot powder spray. In general, strikes low on the face equate to a lower launch and higher spin due to the club's geometry. If the ball can't stay in the air due to launch, it will spin more to try and keep it in the air. Overall #'s look good, just need to look into why the launch and spin are just slightly out of the optimal range.
  6. I did get the invite and tix for Saturday. Weird that I got rejected for the Thursday round at Champions Retreat. Did anyone else get the Sat tix (the ones we all want anyway), but get rejected for the earlier rounds?
  7. I would recommend finding a local golf store and trying a few of the newer ones. Anything in the past 2-4 years should definitely be more forgiving. I would also check the length of your R5 vs the newer ones. If you are hitting the R5 straighter than it is probably due to it being a little bit shorter. In the strive to allow golfers to hit it longer a lot of manufacturer's are making the clubs longer. This does have the desired effect of increasing swing speeds, but sometimes at the expense of control. A way to check this when trying some of the newer ones is to choke down an inch or so and see if this helps. Good Luck and have fun!
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