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  1. Why would anyone assume someone who shot a 101 couldn't break 100? My guess is they're just messing with you at this point.
  2. Also encouragingly, my anti handicap is the lowest it's ever been as well (only been keeping a handicap for 5 months) anti handicap is 33.9. Best is getting better and the worst is getting better too.
  3. It really is about limiting the utter disasters, and finding a par here and there. I realized at my home course, I've hit every green in regulation except 1 (240 yd par 3) and can play each hole at par at some point.
  4. 28.6 -> 28.0 Finally the decline is beginning. 2 sub 100 rounds in my last 5.
  5. And as if you've answered the question with examples...dress codes exist because people will wear anything they damn well please regardless of it's appropriateness to the occasion. I'm ok with shorts to golf, but shorts to a wedding or jeans to a wedding or pajamas to the airport..come on. Let's all have some decency.
  6. Yes, everyone prioritizes their personal comfort and desires over considerations of others. Unfortunatly. Strolling around in your boxers may also be even more comfortable, why not go that route?. I'm comfortable taking my shoes off and screaming during movies, so I should just do that, probably. Personal comfort is the only consideration.
  7. I'm fine with more dress codes. The garbage people will wear in public these days is pretty appalling. There is no good reason to force the world to see your legs and feet if you're a man. If you wear flip flops in public you should be shamed.
  8. From playing with handicaps from scratch to 30, I can tell you that you will never get to a point where you stop "knowing you could be playing better" Better is a sliding scale which is always just ahead of where you're at. I get upset sometimes as well, but it's helpful to have some bad stretches and then still end up at a decent (for you) score.
  9. you'd be surprised how many blowup holes you can have and still break 100. Just play each shot and each hole seperately. The score at the end is the score at the end. Dont think that a 9 ends your day, it didn't for me. I still broke 100. Keeping my stats has helped a lot because even though my scores have barely been improving I can see the gradual improvement on everything I do. Slow steady improvement is the name of the game. The long trends, not the short ones
  10. Here is a very good look at how my game has slightly improved over time. The bogey or better holes are converging with the double or worse holes. When those lines cross, I'm going to be very happy.
  11. quick dry golf collard shirt golf pants golf belt hat/visor
  12. I have a feeling a lot of the players who backed out are having second thoughts.
  13. Ok, another round under 100. Posted a 99, but it was extreme. 1 bird 3 par 7 bogey 1 double bogey 6 triple bogey (including a 9) weirdly I never hit a sand trap, water hazard, lost a ball or had to drop for any reason, just some blowup holes with multiple bad shots on a single hole. My index is definitely going to drop this revision, which is a good thing. I've been tracking my scores and I've been improving recently by turning my double bogeys into bogeys, but I haven't turned my triples into bogeys. Averages of last 10 rounds/ave
  14. These will expose the sandbaggers at least.
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