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  1. Yeh, I was just curious to determine if it was necessary or not for the better players / athletes.
  2. Why don't you see a lot of tour pros doing this?
  3. I've been Playing Golf for: I have been playing golf recreationally for about 5 years. However, over the past 9 months I have very much been trying to understand the proper technique and have taken a few lessons. I have gone from over 105 to consistently in the low / mid 90s, but I can't break-threw any lower it seems at this point due to the inconsistency in putting the ball off the tee and hitting decent approach shots when it is in play. My ultimate goal is to a close / sub 10 handicap. I feel I am a solid ball striker, but I am just not able to stay consistent for multiple rounds. My current handicap index or average score is: Handicap 19 My typical ball flight is: When struck well, draw right to left. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Inconsistency. Off the tee with the driver I am highly inconsistent and not comfortable. Hello, thank you for viewing my swing. As I start to understand the issues with my swing, I realize I have the following issues: Unbalanced. Weight being distributed past my right foot. Swaying to much away from the target on backswing. Slightly shut clubface at top. May be coming up on the ball near impact as opposed to driving through the ball. Any tips you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Videos: Down the line - Front On:
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