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  1. I purchased the variety pack from vice golf for $26 including shipping and have now played all of the balls a good amount. Off the tee: I have never hit the ball far (260 yard driver, 150 yard 7 iron) and that didn't change really for any of these golf balls. Prov1x: 258.8 yard average, 73% accuracy Chromesoft : 256.1 yard average, 75% accuracy Vice pro plus: 261.3 yard average, 75% accuracy Vice pro: 258.6 yard average, 77% accuracy Vice tour: 259.3 yard average, 74% accuracy Vice drive:259.7 yard average, 77% accuracy Irons: Each ball was about the same with all of my clubs, I noticed the vice pro plus seemed to be less likely to veer off track, but not really significant and the greens in regulation didn't show for it. The Vice drive and tour seemed to get more roll out of their shots by a hefty margin. Chipping: I had little success with chipping the tour and drive models by vice, I believe this is because I play Prov1x so Im used to chipping with a softer and better gripping ball so to speak. The Vice drive and tour still reacted how I wanted them too they just rolled more seemed to be harder to get a clean shot on. Putting: Honestly I don't notice much in putting except for the drive and tour models felt really hard when I made contact whilst the other balls seemed to bounce off the putter. Durability: I have a general rule of thumb for Prov1x durability. I'll use each ball for 1 tournament round (maybe 2 if it stays clean) and in casual play until it is visibly or statistically lacking. The Vice balls (all of them) seemed to be very durable and like I could play with them for several rounds without any wear and tear. Aside from losing one pro plus and one drive I feel like they are all definitely still playable with one or two I would use in tournament play. This is after 7 rounds with all the balls being played together and the prov1xs are just about done for. All together they are a great buy and I may look into the pro plus to take over my Prov1x full time slot.
  2. I think once Cheyenne Knight of Alabama goes pro she'll be nearly unstoppable
  3. I dont necessarily mean like tiger Woods or Arnold Palmer but just the next guy to be recognized easily by golf fans. I think it'll be Justin Thomas, hes still young and already has some success on tour and if he keeps hanging around spieth maybe some of spieths skills will rub off on him.
  4. Wow that's awesome thanks! I actually play from the forest tees which are not on the site for some reason but they are between black and blue, and on most holes share a tee box with the blues
  5. 81−80−79−79−78−76 −77−79−78−78−77−78−79−78-79 These are the last 15 scorecards I could find from the same place they're listed chronologically, the 81 was on April 29th and the 79 was today! Also could someone elaborate on how slope rating for a course works? (ps these are all shot on a par 71 course in kyle, TX called plum Creek golf course) Technically a - 7.4 means you average 7.4 above par and +7.4 means the opposite, I started adding the minus because some people online thought I was shooting like 8 below lol
  6. Those tournaments are from a few months ago, in those months I've dropped to a - 7.4 I haven't played in a tournament since but in June I will play 4 and I'll try to do the same for July and August
  7. When I play alone I legit play 1 ball but practice several shots from the rough, sand, behind trees, far shots (hybrid to green), and many other shots. My play goes beyond casually walking 18 holes. Furthermore every night I hit about 50 balls at my personal range, putt and chip at my house (I have a big moss outdoor putting green) and usually hit balls in my garage for an hour or so. But all together I feel like with how I play I get more than ample practice in, but if you have another Idea for time management I'd love to hear it!
  8. Thanks for the tips! Yea i have 3 friends I play with a lot, they're all scratch golfer, 2 of them are D1 commits. I went to the World Golf Championship Dell Match Play, Valero Open, and Byron Nelson this year so far. I plan on playing 36 holes/day 5 days a week and 9 holes/day the other 2!
  9. Thanks for compliment! I dropped from about - 28 handicap to - 7.4 in 5 months now and am improving everytime I play. I'm a confident believer that practice>natural talent, Greg Norman is an incredible success story but rather than being a natural I think he was more so good at practicing and improving. As I said above my coach has dropped people to scratch from bogey golf in months if the person cooperates and keeps up their half of the deal. I think the points I have to work on are GIR and Distance, luckily I practice these a lot right now and today I hit 6/9 greens in regulation compared to my usual 4-5, tomorrow I'll update as to how I play on the front 9 of the course I played the back 9 of today.
  10. Yea obviously, things that'll help my game will be much harder to fix. My coach says he can have me at scratch by September based on how good I am at practicing (he got a 15 year old girl from bogey to scratch in 8 months and has taken 10+ strokes off many peoples game in a matter of months) he outlined my lessons for me. He says my putting is where it needs to be and keep it there so practice it regularly, my greens in regulation is my BIGGEST flaw he thinks if I can work on aim and club selection over the next few months I can get up to 80% (personal summer goal) and that'll create a lot of birdies for me since I only average 1.3 birdies a round, my distance off the tee box can be improved with exercises (my coaches son/great friend, d1 golf commit, and #2 golfer in Texas has given me workout plans) as its only 230yards max.... He said those two things can be helped immensely at my rate of practice over the summer and should be fixed quickly as he thinks they'll get me go scratch. Personally I know my rate of growth will not be as substantial but since I play 36 holes/day Tuesday-saturday and 9 holes/day Sunday-monday and some driving range and putting practice at my house mixed in there too Im confident I can reach my goal: - 2 handicap> by September 1st.
  11. So for some back story I had played a little golf here and there up until januaty 2016, it was my junior years golf season start and I wanted to be good. I was a 100s golfer in 2015 and these were my 2016 results thus far 101, 98, 95, 93, 93, 90, 87, 91, 85 each new score is one week later and new tournament. I have started practicing everyday and now work at a golf course and have improved vastly (partly thanks to my swing coach Mark Gray I highly recommend his website www.theprozone.net) as of today my handicap calculated from April 25th to may 22nd is - 7.4, today I played 9 holes and was only 2 over. I plan to keep practicing every day this summer and am playing on the STPGA Junior Tour and the Beltway Jr Golf Tour, I will update yall with each tournament. I hope to earn a spot on a college team, scholarship or not, and eventually move up to a bigger school. I want to either be a tour pro/pro am player or a PGA caddie. I hit about 50% greens in regulation and 80% fairways and these numbers are growing higher every time I play. I can make all 10ft> putts basically and many 15ft and some 20ft. I have basically dropped 20+ strokes in 5 months and am only getting more into golf daily. Any advice, tips, recommendations, etc. Are appreciated! PS I'm 17, going into my senior year, and live in the Austin Texas metropolitan (between Driftwood and westlake).