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  1. When you look like me you generally don't have to worry about range mates unless it's full
  2. Like above low runner and get it on the ground so that if it doesn't draw it stops before OB and bad news happens. Prob 7 iron or so, back of stance and try to draw it up near front of green and try for up and down. more like a chipping motion for me. If I try to "hood" things I end up hitting it about as pure as I can and straight where the trouble is.. lol
  3. My last round I shot 86 and had 39 putts. Granted I'm a little rusty from a long lay off but don't think I putted terribly. I did have one 4 putt (from about 90') where I ran putt #2 6' past the hole then missed the come back. Greens were big so I had a few GIR where I had a 50'+ putt. Rolled it within 8' typically but missed the next one. Voila.. 3 putts. Been working on my putting a lot so hopefully drop that # closer to 30 next time :D
  4. 4 yr old, 1 yr old. Full Time job. Atlanta Traffic, You name it. Been considering a skytrak for the garage in the winter so I can at least work on my swing and get some data
  5. like this. I've modified it a little since then but you get the idea. Might consider a soccer goal sort of design also. The strongest of winds will blow it over but not biggie. 10' sections of PVC at Lowe's was $3.50 and I cut them with a hacksaw
  6. I built mine from an 8x8 ebay net (~$35), shower curtain rings and 1" Schedule 40 PVC. It's 7' tall and 8' wide. Took about 15 minutes
  7. You guys are lucky. I actually enjoy practicing. Chipping and Putting games etc. I don't mind hitting the same club over and over and workin on things. I just have ZERO time now to practice.. lol My time is now hitting into my net for 20 minutes or so or chipping balls into a hula hoop working on distance control. Maybe once a week away from the house
  8. I still use an Orlimar 3 wood. I'm guessing 1996 or so
  9. Quick google search. Untested but prob get your going https://www.spreadsheet-library.co.uk/templates-tools/sport/golf-handicap-calculator/
  10. Hi folks. Haven't been around in a good long while. Had about a 10 year hiatus. Got frustrated. put the clubs down and never picked them back up. Sort of regret it now but went out a played with my old man a month or so ago and want to get back into playing both to hang out with him more and to just have a fun hobby (I'm a bit calmer in my older age). Was a bogey golfer before or a touch better (80-85 or so on good days). Decent iron player, terrible tee ball. So I've been seeing a coach a couple times a month to get some good habits and make changes while everything feels uncomfortabl
  11. Is there a story behind that statement somewhere on this site? Seems like an interesting read (No intent to derail thread)
  12. I live in this neighborhood. Could be a good course if not for the management
  13. I read a lot. Don't post though :D Two kids under 4, not a lot of golf time. So it sucks as usual
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