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  1. My overall game is probably better...my scores haven't been better though, I've only been out about 20 times this year and it always seems like I have a bad break or a hole collapse.
  2. Usually there left or right of where I am aiming on the green. They hit, and then roll off the back or the side. I don't have a problem hitting the green just keeping the green.
  3. I'll get fitted again first, thanks! 100 yards or less I'm pretty happy with my game, and can't imagine getting much better. Then again those are my Cleveland wedges and putter. My problem is mostly holding greens from 150 and general left to right accuracy. I rarely birdie any hole because I almost always have to chip onto the green after my approach. Usually drop a stroke on par 3. IF I do birdie par 4s it is if I hit my drive within 100 yards.
  4. That's probably the way I will go. I know whatever I get I'll probably lose a few strokes at first. I'm okay with that as long as eventually I gain a few strokes.
  5. I would prefer to play with strangers believe it or not. I have a 40 hour per week job that I work 2nd shift 3pm-12am. I usually get out about 730am and lots of time get paired up with an old guy (I'm 30 so not super young). I like to pick there brain on all sorts of topics. I also run a side business so I like to use golf for my "business meetings" usually I'm playing with total strangers that I would like to get good deals from. I usually pay for there golf and in return get solid deals on carpet installation, drywall ect.
  6. I use Taylor made burner irons. Cleveland wedges. I guess here is a hypothetical question. If a scratch golfer jumped to a sgi iron how many strokes do u think they would lose? Assuming they use player irons.
  7. Hello all! Long story short, I currently play at about an 8 handicap but believe I have been as low as a 6. I would like to get serious about golf and lower my handicap, although I am struggling and I am not sure if it is my equipment holding me babac I currently play SGI irons and I am wondering if this would be the best upgrade for me. I rarely mishit and can land greens just fine. What will player irons help me achieve (accuracy)? (Distance)? I'm not super long with any club but I do think a few more yards out of every iron would be nice. I don't know if it is my sgi irons or my aim but at 120 yards getting within 10 feet is a challenge. Would player irons give me a little more distance and accuracy?
  8. Hello all! I'm new to the forum world so please forgive me if any rules or regulation's are broken. I currently reside in the Quad Cites (iowa side), half of the year we are frozen but during the nice months we are fortunate to have 50+ courses near by
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