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  1. Same lip outs and rim burners on soaky, wet greens. Sure the stampede from the flights before doesn’t help. Now besides the bumpy roll of the ball do you guys over- or underread the greens? Also what to do against the cone that is around the hole on soft greens from previous flights on soft greens, invisible but there, that just pushes the ball away from the hole.
  2. What does the correct pendulum putt feel like or how is it driven? No target specified: swing up to a point with shoulder turn motor and then just relax and let the ball being picked up? Or how would you explain to someone who is jabbing the putt?
  3. I just don't want to be part of a conversation like this. I am said to insult which I still don't understand why and when I want to back off I am playing victim. Never said you teach the swingdoor hip around the left femur, that is what most of us bad hippers do and you are trying to fix. Never said that you teach something wrong. Never said the Tripod drill is wrong. My problem with the hip is hauting me for 33 years. So frustrating to know that you are not using an engine in the swing, that you could hit it a 50y more if you understood. I even flew to DanC to Jacks from Europe. You can check it on his site. You will see a bucket between my legs. He could fix it for a short time indirectly. No one could ever explain to me what the hip motion was about how it had to work. Then I saw the GGswingtips squat and that was maybe the closest explanation to what there is to be done with the hip. The problem with the GG squat is a timing one and you can squat in so many positions with so many possible hip positions. So yeah "you heard it here first" was to put it sensational. I found a way to show someone how to position his hip in the downswing. That is something I have never read or seen in hundreds of books and thousands of youtube flics and was never taught in countless Pro lessons. For me it was sensational and I wanted to share that. "you heard it here first" Ill just turn OFF notification now as you cant delete your account here. Again sorry for any bad feelings.
  4. Wow I really insulted you, sorry for that, wasn’t intended. I wanted to share a finding I thought could help others with my problem. It went south. That’s about it, I don't have more to say. Won´t happen again.
  5. You are overreacting iacas but alright Ill stop here.
  6. Oh Ill get better at this! I just understood how the hip has to go where.
  7. Yeah for me its pretty open. Check the video some posts above where you see how I sidestep.
  8. That is just what I am trying to explain here. You can translate the hip position from feet together drill where it is a 100 times easier to do right. Video works now. This is my hip position from the closed feet drill after the side step in P6. I think its pretty good for someone who is not able to open his hips at impact. I now understand on how to do so.
  9. Never said its not the way to go, read my answer to iacas. You absolutely have to do the lateral movement when the feet are apart. My point really is, in the feet together drill you can quickly use the hips correctly, much easier use them correctly than in the full swing. Try to translate it to the full swing. I am trying to give a method to do so.
  10. Alright I take the points of the OWN feeling. Its for sure important. I still say I am not incorrect. My opinion is that it is not the lateral movement to the target but to bring the hip in the right position, is the key to a good swing. The lateral movement is a necessity as the feet are apart. Sadly it makes it much harder to use the hip correctly. It is also my strong belief that golfers are devided in those who can use the hip motor by nature and those who can not. You will find a lot of longhitters hitting 300y and more in the first group and and a lot of arms swingers, goat humpers and hand flippers where driving is limited to about 250y-280y. What I am trying to show is that if you use the hip-motor correctly in the feet together drill it will help you determine on how to use the hip when the feet are apart. If you like it’s a method to get the knee to the tripod or make the wastbin between your legs tilt. I have not seen any feet together drill flic that tries to explain the full swing hip rotation through the closed feet swing. In fact my method is extremely easy to do with a strong feedback that lateral movement, with swinging the hip around the left femur like a western-door, is not the way to go and a strong feedback on how it is to be done.
  11. Lets see if I can make people understand on how to rotate the hip correctly. And I am not lying, I do really think your Tripod thing, like the bucket thing of other pros does not help understand what there is to do with the hip. I dont think I insulted you.
  12. Here you go just a cold quick and dirty attic movie and I am sure others can do it better then me but you will get the idea. The P6 after the step isn't ideal for sure but what is correct is the pelvis rotation for sure. If you do this you will feel it is completely different than what you are doing right now with the hips. https://youtu.be/uVhBcGhvFWw When you stop in P6 examine the hip rotation. It is far right and as much away from the ball as possible on the outmost orbit. Did I do that in the full swing? Move laterally left and meanwhile counterrotate the hip to the outmost right orbit? Well no I for sure did not. Also check slomo pro swings now and you will see it after understanding.
  13. I feel with you and I can make a video but its not different than the Clement feet together movies. What I can demonstrate is the translation of the P6 from feet together to full swing P6 Position. What is really important is to feel what your butt is doing in the feet together drill and you swing the arms only by lower body movement (passive arms). As I said you will feel counterweight and that your butt counterrotates. If you are an arm swing you are not doing that in the full swing. The feet together drill also teaches to swing hands deep. If you don't you fall sideways. That’s the clue in the feet together drill it is extremely restrictive and isolating. Yes it will be a real challenge to shift weight/move sideways to the left foot after understanding what the hip must do, how it has to rotate. But that’s a step after understanding. It gets possible then.
  14. Hi iacas, I hoped you would take part in this conversation. I know your thread with the tripod and right knee to it. It is partly why this thread exists. I was not able to learn the correct hip motion by your findings nor could any of the arm swingers, short hitters, goat humpers, flippers on the following 28 pages. So you say They move laterally as they rotate. I agree, completely. The question is how do they rotate while they move laterally? Do they rotate around the left leg like a swing door? While they do that is the left hip staying in place or is it going back? What is the right hip doing ? You see that motion is brutally complicated and you will not learn it with a tripod between your legs (I could not). With my method you do. They move laterally as they rotate. Well they don't if they have their feet together as they would fall to the side. They would not able to swing. I isolate the hip turning with this drill, there is no move laterally. I define the position of the hip in P6. One condition: swing with his body not the arms. That’s why I say hit a couple of buckets. Bad hippers are mostly arm swingers. A player with a bad hip movement who is a 100% a short hitter in his handicap class doing my drill will say wow, this is the hip position I need to be in before impact? Unbelievable I would never have thought to bring my hip in such a position. Try it yourself. Feet together stop in P6, step left with left foot without changing the hip rotation and now do your move laterally without rotating hip and bring the weight mostly on the left foot. Now tell me this is not the correct hip position in P6. There are a lot of attempts to define the hip rotation like Ggswingtips with its squat but they are makeshift solutions as you can squat in a million ways. None I have found explaining what to do. This ends here.
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