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  1. Dresilved

    Taking A Break - A Form of Practice?

    I had an operation on my finger last year that put me out of commission for 7 weeks, I played a really solid round on my return, slightly better than my index, I put it down to low expectation syndrome. Id also been playing with too many swing thoughts before the op, mostly gone by the time I played again, defo helped to clear the clutter out
  2. Dresilved

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    wow.. thats impressive, well played!
  3. Dresilved

    Driving Range Etiquette Question

    Occasionally when I see someone with an absolutely gorgeous swing crushing it, I will throw out a compliment, but would never dream of pointing out a flaw to a complete stranger.
  4. Dresilved

    Need Advice to Learn Golf

    I have said one thing about the ratio of range time > golf course time and Sidehatch has said something completely different. This is golf in a nutshell, you will always hear something different. I have even heard a PGA golf pro say "The back swing is not important". Personally for me, I lack discipline at the range, I set off with the best of intentions but after about 20-30 balls I start rushing, before i know it Im hitting all kinds of funky shots. I would go so far as to say the range can be damaging to my game, but I'm completely the opposite on the GC. Find whats best for you, however, and no offense to Sidehatch, Ive never heard anyone say "practice 8 times per month and play once or twice per month. You will experience a much greater variance of shot types on a GC than you will not experience at a range, especially if its an artificial surface your hitting off, there is no substitute for grass, uneven stances, downhill, uphill lies, sometimes the craziest abnormal ground conditions becomes the greatest learning moment.
  5. Dresilved

    Need Advice to Learn Golf

    Find a good golf pro, get some lessons and most importantly, spend more time on a golf course than at a driving range.
  6. Dresilved

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    How on earth did you manage to miss a 3 inch putt?
  7. Dresilved


  8. Dresilved

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    If you don't mind me asking - as a scratch golfer, what are your indexes (or is it indices?) for GIRs Putts Scrambles
  9. Dresilved

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    Ironically, Ive hit my 3 longest drives ever in the last 2 days, since I posted these comments - playing with someone who had a laser. Anyway, I had a 280 and 2 in the 270s... However, the ground is almost frozen solid, Ive been having huge bounce and roll 30-50 yards, but it was very nice to feel how it is to be pulling out a wedge or a 9iron for the second shot instead of a 7 iron
  10. Dresilved

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    Thats all true.. I do use a golf app GPS and seems to be pretty decent within a few yards. I know for example if I'm 385Y from where i'm standing on tee box to center of green on a straight hole and my 2nd shot is measuring 135 standing over the ball to CoG, then I know I've hit somewhere in the neighborhood of a 250 drive. I know what that distance looks like in terms of ball shape and flight and I'm always disappointed as i feel like I've truly crushed it and it should be measuring 270 but never is. Ive heard loads of golfers say they hit 250-270 regularly, but rarely do i see it.. its just my experience, anecdotal evidence if you will? well, I should have said I see 250 a fair enough amount of time but 270 is rare
  11. Dresilved

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    I guess I meant in general, if you use a measuring device then fair enough, but for the majority who don't, they are almost always adding yardage, I do it myself and am totally aware i'm doing it, which probably makes me deluded
  12. Dresilved

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    Played in an outing recently, 24 of us, I think I had the highest handicap of all golfers on 16. Longest drive of the day and closest to the pin on all par 3s were in play as side bets, the longest recorded drive in a field of 24 golfers of mostly single digit handicappers was 287 including roll-out... People are definitely over-estimating their drives
  13. There are too many pages on this thread to read, so apologizes if someone has already brought it up "There is a book called "The Sports Gene" and the DanPlan is one example of 100s of experiments that are discussed in the book, across all sports and including other disciplines such as chess, and playing a musical instrument. 10,000 hours however is only 1 of the elements required to be considered expert/top of the field. Physiology/genetics is another and mental approach in relation to your chosen field. Physiology/Genetics plays a bigger role in most cases than the time commitment, for example Specifically, why Kenyas win so many marathons is based in part because of genetics. All of the previous winners can be traced genetically to a tribe indigenous to some area of Kenya at altitude. Because of this their pulmonary and lung capacity is genetically predisposed to pump a higher volume of oxygen through the blood. They are also pre-deposed to having very thin lower legs, ankles and small feet - the region of the body that uses up the most energy in marathon running. So basically, as long as they put in the time and training required for long distance running, Kenyans are basically unbeatable. Olympic winning high jumpers, have 2 things in common, (a) being above a certain height and (b) having an ankle tendon that measures over a certain length, that allows for the biggest down-force and release, its that that allows them to jump so high, again 10k hours required by genetics is what puts them ahead Germany scientists, in the early 80s I think, measured every part of the body that could possible be measured, internal/external of 100s of aspiring tennis players. They then made a prediction on which boy and which girl would be the best tennis players, having not once seen any of them play. Based purely scientific reasoning, the names of the 2 kids were Stefi Graph and Boris Becker. A good example of mental approach, among many other examples, violinists who occupy the first position in a major orchestra spent more time practicing alone, and starting from a younger age. There is also a brilliant example of why grand master chess players become what they are, its all about their mental approach and memory, as well as 10k+ hours, too long to go into in detail, fascinating stuff though. The point is, most of the experiments were conducted under rigorous scientific methods. The Dan Plan wasn't, his experiment does not count, the theory is still solid, but you cant ignore the other 2 elements which dan did.
  14. Dresilved

    Best Shot of the Week

    Have to give this one to my playing partner this morning - 212Y Par 3, a green that neither of us have ever dropped on, a few low burners that have rolled onto the green. But today he took a 6 iron (he's a very big hitter), hit a perfect draw shot, and landed 6 feet past the hole. It wasn't even the distance he gets with that club, it was the shape of the shot that was so pretty.

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