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  1. Sorry, Patch..Good teachers find ways to reach students...the 4th teacher found the way to explain the swing layers and function so I could understand how to learn it...its the teachers job to figure out how to teach it to teh student they are teaching...in my case, 75% of them failed at that...and I practiced every day what I was being taught...
  2. It was cooler than anticipated, so I played my regular course..another lousy day of crap swings with long clubs..left pulls, left pull hooks, I should have just walked off after a few holes and went home..Played a +12 on the front side...and a +8 on the back side...Par is 72, so I took home a 92...no thanks to my sh%t of a swing...fortunately my decent short game save many Bogeys and a few pars...
  3. My experience with instruction has been a total waste of time...two independant pro teachers, neither of who could teach anything to a beginner...3 diff coaches at GolfTec, two of which couldnt figure out how to teach a basic swing to a beginner, The 3rd who is the mgr of the facility, finally taught me the basic of the swing..so effectively 1 out 4 instructors had teh ability to teach a 30 hcp player how to have a basic swing thats repeatable and advances to the hole...It always amazes me how many so-called instructors will promise high hcp players with no ability all this improvement, take thier money, and at the end, teh player basically gets nothing from it....sports instruction in my opinion is one of teh biggest con games there is...
  4. No, I am not any better now than last year or any other time...still have no swing, and probably wont ever have it..some people are blessed with swing ability, some arent...unfortunately, Great teachers cant teach ability...
  5. Played last nite, the front 9 at a longer course than I normally play..The harder of the two they have.. 7 +1's, 1 +2 and 1 par, for a 45 score..will probably be my last day of golf for a while, as the triple digits of summer arrive this week...
  6. I read Iacas's Blog post and agree with it totally...Because my right hand was surgically cut on, I cant swing hard with big clubs, as my grip is to weak..because of this, I learned to swing slower and keep it straight in front of me..I hit my driver 180-200 yds, usually no more than 20 yards off the target line...My # 3 Hybrid maybe goes 160, #4 goes maybe 145...not a lot of distance by any means..my short game is reasonably good...I can break 100 easily on my long or short course in my area, just by taking easy straight swings...like Ernie Els does..and then 2 putting for a + 1 on most of the holes...as @iacas says, I wont get better than this, but a lot of that is my hands and lack of ability to turn any faster than I do...my goal was to improve from a +35 to +18 or so, and I have accomplished that..with my temperment, playing consistant clean shots was more of an issue than anything else...I am happy to be a 90 player...
  7. Played a longer Course today, than I usually play..Ended up with a +22, a +10 front, a +12 back...Tee shots were straight out..no complaints..First few fairway shots were to the left..so I slowed the hybrid/Iron shots way down..that kept it in front of me..all in all a 92 on a long course isnt too bad I guess... Front nine = 8 bogeys, 1 Double Bogey Back nine = 6 Bogeys, 3 Double Bogeys..
  8. If you work to get on the greens in 3 ( for Par-4's) and two put, you can play a bogey round or very close, each time...Thats how I approach it...my goal every outing is to never take more than a +1 per hole..I get close on 2, chip it on for 3, and 1 or 2 put...figure out where in that sequence you losing strokes...big clubs, small clubs, putter...if its the big swings, slow it down and keep it straight...
  9. a consistant repeatable swing is what got me to play a consistant repeatable score...its taken 3 years of some lessons and daily practice to get there for me..
  10. Played the usual front 9 at my regular course, last night and tonite...last night a +6, 42...Tonite a +7, 43...My Tee shots were reasonably straight, within 20 yards of center..still cant seem to make the hybrids and 7-Iron swing like I should..I did actually hit a few 3-H shots straight out within an acceptible range of center..My short game was able to cover the fairway shots so the scores were still decent...tonites session was 2 pars, 7 bogeys...no doubles, no stupid holes...my short game is getting dialed in if I can continue to play more...however summer heat is here..so we will see if I can stay playing ....
  11. I played this evening in the heat and wind...wasnt too bad, Carded a 92..a few shots were off center, nothing terrible, +10 on the front and +12 on the back side...no real blowups, just a lil out of sync on most shots..due to not playing as often as i would like...all in all it wasnt a bad outing, other than teh 96F temps...
  12. there are good shots ? if your a 17, I suppose so..when your a 30 player, almost never...
  13. couldnt agree more...I fixed one thing, then it causes something else...or I turn back, then not thru the impact enough and it goes open 8-10 degrees...compensate for the no-turn, and it pulls and hooks left...I am surprised that my clubs are still in one piece...
  14. I wonder how well the Inept decision By the USGA to wait till the Round was over, Leaving all players in a state of not knowing what the score was, or how they needed to play, would work in the Tennis or NFL world...maybe a Field Goal wins it, maybe not..we will tell you after the game...Mike Davis and his crew of Morons should resign...period.
  15. Isnt that what the RO in the field decided...The penalty should have been made right then and there...not two hours after the fact..