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  1. I agree with you,krupa, on the walk off...I have walked off of rounds when I have been by myself as well..when its all going wrong, your pissed and frustrated, why bother..go do something else... Optishot Makes an affordable similator, if you have the room, and a spare PC/Laptop..for 399.00..it tends to be light sensitive and has a swing flaw once or twice a round, but its close to being correct 85-90% of the time..you can display the screen on an ext monitor or a tv..you can either hit real balls, plastic balls, or no balls with it..
  2. Agree whole heartedly.....I can practice until I turn blue..No talent, no swing..will never get any better..so why bother..
  3. I would work on fixing one item at a time..get consistant with that part of the game..for me, the short game was the easiest to get good at...and made the largest improvement..Once I fixed the small swing and methods, and could be near the hole with one chip or small pitch, all I had left to do was work on the long clubs...as Iacas said a while back in the blog post..you can cut your swing down to a slow controlled swing and keep the ball in front of you..it may not go as far, but it be more playable and get you on in 3, and a 2 put for a 1-over on most holes..I play that way because of hand surgery issues, and I play a 90-94 consistantly..2 longer shots, a pitch/chip, 2 putts..
  4. Played the usual small course I play, now that the weather is nice..straightened my swing over winter...played both sides at +10..for a +20...not a bad outing for the 2nd time since last october...Chipping and putting isnt quite back where it should be yet..need a few more rounds to get my short game back to normal...I had no bad holes, really..just left some chips long and some putts short..that gets fixed with playing time..
  5. A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

    I agree 100% with you..I am living proof..:)
  6. A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

    Then I guess in your mind..after trying to get better, and not being able to do so, is pre-concieved ...if I had believed in beginning I'd never get better, I wouldnt have spent teh money or time...I did infact beleive if I had a good instructor I could at least learn to have a basic repeatable swing....unfortunately, it didnt work for me...but thanks for letting me know I am a lousy student, now I wont have to spend any more instruction money...I owe you one..
  7. A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

    I never believed it was easy...which is why I practiced each day..and took a lesson at least once a week when possible...you can believe what you like, because it works for you doesnt mean it works for all of us...if it did, we wouldnt be posting on the breaking 100 thread...
  8. A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

    Sorry I disagree with you totally...I listened and practiced many hours...it didnt work for me...Not evryone has ability to swing a golf club correctly...
  9. A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

    More likely it hurts thier pocketbook to be honest with a student that has no ability and wont improve...I have yet to see any Instructor turn away business by being honest ....its thier paycheck after all...
  10. Kaepernick sits for National Anthem

    Great Post Gus....I did 5.5 yrs in The AirForce, and feel very similar thoughts...I did time in Thailand and in Da Nang in the close of the Vietnam conflict...and I also Stand when its played..those that dont have that right...I also have the right to disagree with thier position...I put my life on the line for that right....
  11. A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

    Like your Friends and or Family , I left the game also for that exact reason....
  12. I cant agree with you more...and because of it I have quit and walked away from the game...2 years of lessons, and significant money later, and hundreds of hours practice, to no avail...same lousy swing, same inconsistant shots, same lousy score...