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  1. Thanks for all the replies, it's much appreciated.
  2. Hi, i just want to ask a quick question, while playing in a comp at the weekend one of the players touched the ball with his club while addressing it (on fairway) I thought it counted as a shot but one of the other guys said as the ball had not completed one full revolution it was OK. So I just want to know if this is correct? If so does it apply to rough as well or just fairway. I know if you knock it off the tee at address its OK, you get the usual "that's one" comment but not a penalty.
  3. I know how you feel as I'm from the same area, although we will be the first to moan when the courses are closed due to being waterlogged lol.
  4. Spot on, there is twice as long in between tones 1 & 2 as there is between tones 2 & 3 not to scale but if it was based on a whole second it would be as follows: BEEP 2 seconds BEEP 1 second BEEP hope this helps.
  5. Totally agree with this post, thanks mate. I tried it over the practice ground today & hit 50 of the most consistant drives ever!!
  6. This really wouldn't bother me, if the person is out of my "backswing range" I will not see him. I'm really working on keeping my head dow & focussing on the ball. I play mainly muni's so at the weekends there are several obnoxious players (& empty beer cans in the bin) so I have started working on not getting distracted. When playing rounds on my own I have my MP3 player on loud (packed with music I don't like) & put my trolley around a foot to the rightside of the ball (directly in front of me as I address the ball) I have been doing this for a few weeks now & it really helps me to shut e
  7. It was so gutting, for a few seconds I forgot about the first out of bounds shot until a guy I was playing with pointed it out. The worst thing was the guys who were on the green putting when it went in were part of a society group of about 20 players, most of them I saw in the clubhouse afterwards came up to me saying "you're the hole in one guy" I had to explain to them that it wasn't
  8. Today I had one of the greatest & most frustrating shots ever On a par 4 I tee'd my ball & drove it, 286 yards absolutly dead straight, the green is not visible from the tee but the group in front walked back down the fairway & told me to stop looking for my ball cos it's in the hole. I was over the moon, by far my best shot ever, so where was the problem? I was hitting my 3rd off the tee, I hit a hybrid 3 out of bounds with my 1st shot, then figured I had nothing to lose from hitting the driver (we were playing stableford) Instead of it being my only ever hole in one & the fabled Albatr
  9. What was the carriage charge to UK? I've emailed to ask them but not had a reply yet.
  10. With the people I play with you know where you stand. If it's a 3 foot putt it will never be concede & always greeted with one of 2 favourite phrases: "That's a little tester there for ya" or "I've seen those missed" I like finishing off a hole, as others have said it's good practice for tournament play. Also, regardless of whether it's a practice round or money involved, we never give putts that are for birdies or pars, you have to putt out.
  11. I went on the website (via the link provided) put in the basket & went to pay by PayPal but there was no shipping added, even though it would be sent to an address in UK. Is this right? Is it really free shipping to UK? I don't want to buy it then find I have to pay $50 shipping.
  12. The best training aid I have ever used was my local PGA pro.
  13. Agree totally about the bunkers, how many times do you hear the commentator say "he will be ok if that's in the bunker" implying it is an easier shot from the bunker than from the rough surrounding it (which for the pro it probably is)
  14. If there was an offer of hitting a driver, then letting me tee it up & hit driver again I might be tempted to go for the 10%. As it is I have no chance, the course I play at has a 535 par 5 & I can just squeeze into the 100 yard marker in 2.
  15. I was playing with my buddy at my local course, he is a 26 handicapper. We get to the 16th, a 460+ par 5 with a creek running across right in front of the green. he lays up as usual leaving around 100yd pitch onto the green, he completly mishits the ball sending it 30 yards right, heading straight for the creek, it hit the side of the wooden bridge & bounces all the way back to the green, settling about 3 foot from the pin, he made the putt for a birdie. I was equally gobsmacked & p***ed off, I lost the round by one shot.
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