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  1. I have noticed when the level of anger is wildly disproportionate to the situation there is something going on in that person's life that is highly stress inducing. It could be job loss, an affair, a death, child using drugs, or it could be mental illness. To clarify, I don't think there's anything wrong with covering the green with balls if you are alone. I have done similar when alone. But, if you would have walked up on me in that situation I would have said let me clean up my mess so you have a place to chip.
  2. I would have chosen the opposite end from where he was, grabbed the ball rake, cleaned an area, and proceeded to warmup/practice.
  3. the time it took me to do your example is however many seconds it takes to say 1 even 1 even 36 nice, I always did each hole in relation to par adding and subtracting but on unfamiliar courses my eyes go up down over up down over, with your method its either 9 4s or 9 5s, less movement less time
  4. 1. My first hole in one was with a driver and my second was with a SW. 2. Ladies/Junior par was 4 and Men's par was 3. I've eagled that hole as a junior and a man. 3. I have a hole in one from every set of tees at my home course. 4. I won a sudden death playoff once with a triple bogey 7 on a relatively easy hole. 5. I started Men's league one night: birdie birdie par par birdie eagle birdie the proceeded to gag in a bogey double bogey finish. 6. Been in 6 sudden death playoffs in various qualifiers, I am 3-3 7. Won a tournament only to finish last the next year.
  5. My first club was a cut off 7i. My first set was a cut off Sam Snead Blue Ridge 3w 3i 5i 7i 9i. Then my dad won some clubhouse credit and got me a real junior set made by Nomad. My first full set was a set of Wilson 1200LT 3-PW. The first new full set I ever bought myself was a set of Ping ISI 3-PW. A bunch of us owned those. One guy at my course had the Beryllium Copper, one guy had the Nickel, and 3 of us had the regular ones.
  6. My favorite has always been when Bobby Clampett topped it at the 2000 US Open. I looked for a video but can't find it. I remember the inflection in the announcer's voice, "he TOPPED it" with topped being very high pitched. We still say it when a member of our group tops one.
  7. I've explained how it's done. Continue in your bubble that we must be running, not conversing, frantic and only focused on ourselves.
  8. Part of the problem with slow play is shown in this thread: slow golfers do not believe they are slow. We might as well beat our head against a brick wall as to tell a slow golfer we don't run, sprint, jog or even walk fast in order to play a 6400 yard course in 3hrs as a fourball. We are ready to play when it is our turn. We take clubs we need so we don't backtrack. We finish up short putts without marking them first. We play ready golf. If a guy blades one out of the bunker the others will putt out while he is making his way across the green. We do our chatting as we are walking or
  9. Like @David in FL, I myself hate them. They are annoying with ads and I've never played a course with them where they were calibrated correctly. You would have to click finished with hole in order to advance and you have to wear your finger out on the touch screen. The first thing I do when I get on a course with GPS carts is find the OFF switch or the mute button and drape a towel over the screen.
  10. Its not a hurry, its a dislike of watching people be inefficient. Never hit a drive over 200? don't wait for the green to clear from 250. first one to putt out grabs the flag and stands ready to replace it when the last person putts out. Go to your ball and get ready while your buddy is hitting, don't wait until it's your turn to start getting your yardage. if the flag is on the right and you hit it left, carry your chipping club with you so you don't have to walk back across the green to get your clubs. don't piddle around when you finish a hole, go to the next tee
  11. 2017 was a terrible year for my golf game. It started with promise and ended well enough that I will come back in 2018 but there wasn't much to write home about from June through September. That time frame was defined by poor putting which was caused by terrible proximity due to poor iron play which was due in part but not always, to an erratic driver. I hit my share of bad shots from the center of the fairway. 1. Not Achieved: I shot many rounds over 79. 2. Achieved: I won my club's Memorial Weekend event but did terrible in the summer invitational and the club championship. 3.
  12. I utilize used balls for play in most occasions except for tournaments but you are too high for me. I buy 4A balls from a guy on eBay for $1 per ball shipping included. Never been disappointed with the quality. These balls look new, mostly 1 hit wonders and none are refurbished.
  13. I was interested in a club that had been altered in this way but with cerakote that was listed on eBay (because it looked cool). I was conerned about conforming so I emailed my rules question to the USGA. I had a couple back and forth emails and a phone call with Jeff Banchansky and he said without doing the testing to prove whether or not it was conforming after addition of the materials the USGA could not say it was conforming. He said if you are interested in staying conforming it is better to not make any alterations and just play it like it comes from the manufacturer. Don
  14. I have some Nike thermal base gear then put golf shirt and pants over that and top with an Adidas winter pull over but it is constricting. I played early this spring and tried the method of my stretchy thermal base then regular golf attire and topped with my winter coat. I would wear the coat between shots and remove it to hit. This is my new preferred method as I stayed warmer and played better. There is no slow down because my coat interior is nylon so it would slip on and off in seconds while my playing partners were getting ready to hit their shot.
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