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  1. I like how some kid topping it or flaring it into the woods automatically makes him suck. My friend topped it three times in our match tonight and I shanked it out of a greenside bunker and blasted a drive way OB, he shot 76 and I shot 74 but I guess hitting those bad shots make us suck. Learn something new every day.
  2. I think there is an overestimation of the amount of damage a golf cart can do. It weighs about 600 pounds and has smooth tires (maybe your course has knobby tires mine does not) while a triplex greens mower has 3 wheels and weighs about 1300. I wouldn't make a habit of it and people who are careless and slam on the brakes or make sudden turns would cause damage but driving straight across would be less pounds per square inch than the mower and possibly less than walking depending on the golfer's weight.
  3. Wrong, the definition of motorist is - the driver of an automobile. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/motorist https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/motorist
  4. I had an excellent week for good shots. I ended the week with 5 eagles, 386 par 4 holed out from 72 yds, 515 par 5 chip in from the fringe, 330 yard par 4 made a 25' putt, 505 par 5 made a long putt, and 530 yard par 5 made a 15 footer. Also drove another par 4 twice this week but missed both eagle putts.
  5. ok, I would expect a similar score needed at your site as the 43 person site. probably in the +8 range. That type of qualifier, first thing I'm going to do is eliminate any possibility of a big number. One hole can't win it for you but it sure can lose it. An example would be #2 on my home course. It's a 420 yard par 4 that's got OB left and trees right. I have made more than one 8 on that hole through the years. Hook one out then flare your 3rd in the trees chip out 4, miss the green 5, chip on 6 two putt 8. In a qualifier I play it as a par 5, hit 7i twice pitch on and two putt. Two, you don't take agressive lines. Par is your friend. If you try to make pars, some birdies will fall but if you press too hard and try to make birdies you will make bogies or worse. This type of qualifier isn't a shootout where there's only one or two spots and a couple guys get hot and you need a 65 to get in. Keep the ball in play. Lost balls are a momentum killer. The range that morning isn't the place to practice. Use that time to get loose and figure out who you brought to the dance. Normally play a little draw and you are hitting a little cut? Better dance with that girl, trying to fix it is nothing bit trouble. On the practice green you want to concentrate on speed. Take one ball and putt around the horn. This should give you 6-7 putts of varying length and help you adjust to speed. Now putt that in reverse. Remember you're aiming for the center of greens so your lag putting needs to be on point. Your heart will be pounding on the first tee especially if there's a little crowd and the starter announces your name. Tee your ball up, close your eyes and take a couple deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. then go through your normal preshot routine. Your first one is nerve racking, but try and have fun. Don't count on the guys your playing with being easy going talkers. Prepare for minimal to no small talk. I don't think people are purposely rude they just get in their own world. Lastly, take it one shot at a time. Don't dwell on a bad shot because you will hit them. Don't dwell on a bogey train, just concentrate on the shot at hand and making a good swing. Good luck.
  6. 84 people for how many spots? and what does it generally take to qualify?
  7. I was playing my home course with my wife and hit a good drive on the first but up the left side of the fairway. The green on the first slopes from left to right an the front third slopes away from you. The hole location was on the front left so my left fairway location was not ideal. I had 72 yards to the flag and I knew to get it close I needed to hit it high as well as put spin on it. I chose my 56° wedge and played it up in my stance to get more height and held it off to keep the toe from closing so I could slip under it to get the spin I wanted. As soon as I made contact I knew it was good. It landed a few feet on the green, took two hops and then disappeared with the faintest click. It was my first eagle on #1. It was also the first hole out of the year and the first hole out my wife has witnessed.
  8. I was in the band in high school so I went to every graduation from 8th grade up to my own. I hated every second of them. I didn't want to go to my own and my mom and dad made me. When I graduated college I skipped graduation. To me it is a pointless ceremony. my degree is no less valid than one who walked across the stage and I didnt have to purchase a one use cap and gown nor waste a beautiful day listening to names of people I didn't know being read in monotone.
  9. To the first bolded sentence: Not being facetious, seriously wondering, when was the last time you played with someone who was in the 12-20 range who hit a solid shot over the green? I play with all manner of handicaps in men's league and can't remember one hitting a non-bladed, solid shot and it flying past the front third. Maybe I live in an area that would be considered an outlier when looking at statistical data. To the second bolded sentence: Playing in a four ball tournament my partner habitually comes up short because he thinks he hits it further than he does. I start adding 8 yards to whatever number the rangefinder gives me and he starts hitting more club and gets the ball to the hole. Had I told him to hit more club he would have adjusted and still came up short giving an excuse such as I wasn't comfortable hitting that club. My deception helped us win that day.
  10. https://shop.sunmountain.com/Speed-Cart-GT-20119-detail.html I'm hoping to win the cobalt blue speed cart GT. I got 5% battery on my phone and about 1% battery on my body. I want to win because I like winning, ?
  11. I would be interested in a Columbus outing. If you wouldn't mind tagging me when you get the particulars worked out.
  12. I've asked friends if I have Rules Official tattooed on my forehead because guys in tournaments always turn to me and ask me what to do. In April I played in a one day event. The hole we were on was a dogleg right. My fellow competitor flared his drive way right into a hazard on an adjacent hole. He asked, "I get to drop in the fairway right, because that was my line of flight?" He plays in tournaments all the time. He either really didn't know what to do or he knows and was trying to see what he could get away with. Either option is scary and means he has not played by the rules in the past. He didn't argue when I told him his options and he quickly played the option I would have chose had I been in that situation.
  13. Got my first win in a long time today. Played in my club's Memorial weekend tournament. There were only 32 entries but a stroke play win is a win. I shot 36-36 72 on Saturday to be 1 shot back in a tie for 3rd. Today I fired a 37-32, 69 for a two day total of 141 for a one shot win. It was really nice to get a red number on the board too. Haven't put up a red number in a tournament in quite a few years.
  14. To answer your question, yes it is kosher. Here is an example: In a tournament last Monday playing a 200yd par three a fellow competitor missed the green in some high grass. We searched for 5 minutes then he began the walk back to the tee. The third competitor and I holed out and were done before he even reached the tee. He hit the green with his third and the flag was attended by his marker while he two putted. Had we waited until he got on the green, the time we were putting while he was walking would have been added to the wait of the group behind.
  15. I don't own a pair of jeans. I never thought they were comfortable and they are hot when working. My getting dirty/work pants are all wrangler cargo pants of differing shades of khaki. I play golf in izod pants if the weather is cool and if it's too cold I'll add a pair of thermals underneath. Warm weather is izod shorts or wrangler tech shorts that look just like the izods for a third the price. I don't agree with the cargo short/pant ban but I also don't want to see people in tank tops and cut offs.