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  1. Recap Your 2017 Golf Goals

    2017 was a terrible year for my golf game. It started with promise and ended well enough that I will come back in 2018 but there wasn't much to write home about from June through September. That time frame was defined by poor putting which was caused by terrible proximity due to poor iron play which was due in part but not always, to an erratic driver. I hit my share of bad shots from the center of the fairway. 1. Not Achieved: I shot many rounds over 79. 2. Achieved: I won my club's Memorial Weekend event but did terrible in the summer invitational and the club championship. 3. Not Achieved: Did not qualify for the state open and did not attempt the state am or mid am. 4. Not Achieved: Not even close... 5. Not Achieved: Due to poor play, did not even attempt. 6. Not Achieved: Lowest 9 hole score was 31.
  2. One Hit Wonders @ Golf Course - Market Survey

    I utilize used balls for play in most occasions except for tournaments but you are too high for me. I buy 4A balls from a guy on eBay for $1 per ball shipping included. Never been disappointed with the quality. These balls look new, mostly 1 hit wonders and none are refurbished.
  3. I was interested in a club that had been altered in this way but with cerakote that was listed on eBay (because it looked cool). I was conerned about conforming so I emailed my rules question to the USGA. I had a couple back and forth emails and a phone call with Jeff Banchansky and he said without doing the testing to prove whether or not it was conforming after addition of the materials the USGA could not say it was conforming. He said if you are interested in staying conforming it is better to not make any alterations and just play it like it comes from the manufacturer. Don't shoot the messenger. Maybe he was erring on the conservative side.
  4. I have some Nike thermal base gear then put golf shirt and pants over that and top with an Adidas winter pull over but it is constricting. I played early this spring and tried the method of my stretchy thermal base then regular golf attire and topped with my winter coat. I would wear the coat between shots and remove it to hit. This is my new preferred method as I stayed warmer and played better. There is no slow down because my coat interior is nylon so it would slip on and off in seconds while my playing partners were getting ready to hit their shot.
  5. The "friendly wager" dilemma....

    If someone wants a game, I will probably be the first to say "that's covered", but I will not play presses or auto presses. I've never lost more than 65, usually it's less than $5 changing hands
  6. Groove Sharpener

    I think @TropicalSandTrap should change his avatar to
  7. What keeps you from playing more golf?

    I voted lack of available time, and that is due to working rotating 12 hour shifts. I can play on my days off and can squeeze in a quick round before or after work when I'm on nightshift but on dayshift I can't because it's dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home most of the year.
  8. Debating on buying a new grill

    I guess I am the only cheap ass on this board. I used a $30 charcoal kettle grill I won at Home Depot from 2008 until 2015. When we moved into our new house I bought a 2 burner Char Broil natural gas grill. The money I save in charcoal has paid for the grill multiple times. I like the taste off this grill better than my old charcoal kettle. pic of my grill and some cowboy beans I made a couple days ago start to finish on the grill.
  9. Behind a Foursome of Slow-Playing Kids

    I like how some kid topping it or flaring it into the woods automatically makes him suck. My friend topped it three times in our match tonight and I shanked it out of a greenside bunker and blasted a drive way OB, he shot 76 and I shot 74 but I guess hitting those bad shots make us suck. Learn something new every day.
  10. Trump Drives Cart on Green

    I think there is an overestimation of the amount of damage a golf cart can do. It weighs about 600 pounds and has smooth tires (maybe your course has knobby tires mine does not) while a triplex greens mower has 3 wheels and weighs about 1300. I wouldn't make a habit of it and people who are careless and slam on the brakes or make sudden turns would cause damage but driving straight across would be less pounds per square inch than the mower and possibly less than walking depending on the golfer's weight.
  11. People suck (drivers v. cyclists)

    Wrong, the definition of motorist is - the driver of an automobile. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/motorist https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/motorist

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