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  1. Dave you sound like the perfect guest! Don't be insulted if you're asked when you're going home! It's just the way we are. It's all about filling in your time the best we can.
  2. Hi Dave Sounds like you've a great itinerary planned. Having (and still working in hospitality) for the last 25 years may I suggest some stuff? Please feel free to ignore it - when driving always ask for your destination in time. As in how long will it take me to get from X to X . 100km on a "R" road takes far longer than 100km on a motorway! - embrace our culture . We're pretty laid back but it doesn't mean we won't take care of you. Don't look for foodstuffs or drink you get at home. So no ice tea or ranch dressing! ! - Tip! Tipping is always welcome! - Don't assume country pubs take credit cards. Cash is king. - Depending on the course. You may end up walking it. Most of the bigger clubs now have heaps of carts but walk it if you can. - Enjoy it! !
  3. Hi folks. Have lurked for years but Signed up today. Quick question. I've played hurling (Irish national sport) so I'm used to SWINGING through a ball. And I've tried bringing that to my golf game. Swing through the ball and gather it on the way. But I really strike the ball well when after transition I simply dump the club on the ball and the energy of the swing pulls me into a finish. Which is more desirable?