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  1. Count me in as well. It's a fairly quick trip up 77 if ya'll are playing anywhere on the south side.
  2. I draw the line at heat indexes above 95 b/c my wife will kill me if the heat doesn't. I get too uncomfortable as well in the sweaty clothes. Did you carry or push a cart? There's a crew that walks no matter what but they're all pushing clicgears with umbrellas going so they're always in the shade except for their shot.
  3. Halfswing drills via evolvr lesson with a full 'smash' swing every 5th swing in the garage. Did 4 rounds of 10 while on a conference call. My halfswing backswing puts me into an ideal spot so coach wants me to just work on adding power from that point and not going back to a whacked out backswing.
  4. When are you heading down? I'd expect all of the greens to have recovered from the first round of aerations by now (check and make sure they're not doing a second round when you're traveling). You're about a month out from the usual punch time. The courses should be in pretty good summer shape at this point. You may notice a few burnt spots here and things slightly left longer than usual due to the heat but it's prime bermuda growing weather so if the course is getting enough water, it should be taking off. The southside courses should have good wildlife, that whole area is a serious of inlets, etc and anything's going to be flocking to bases of water at this point. Expect it to be hot and humid if you're coming in the next couple of weeks, we're in the nasty part of the summer now. If you brave the heat and play mid-day or early afternoon, you should have a less than packed course.
  5. My sleeve came yesterday. We'll see if my wife's and or son's sleeve come at any point soon. They entered the exact same information as me and used my referral code so we'll see if they get theirs and I get my bonus ones.
  6. Sidenote: As mentioned above, I had a preschedule fitting today. While I full believe that it's the shooter and not the arrow that's the root of my problems, I've been playing with a mixed bag of handme downs, yard sale finds and clubs other folks wanted to get rid of cheap. B/C I'm making the time investment to get my swing right long term, I wanted to at least make sure I started with a bag of clubs that made sense for me. Current bag is a set of Adams Blue SGI Irons, handme down wedges and an R9 460 driver. Few practice swings and registered out with: 5 iron speed was: 88.3 mph Driver: 102 mph Immediate feedback is that I swing way too fast for my current set of irons. 5 iron speed was: The fitter noticed a few key things everyone picks up on, over the top and that aggressive stabbing move. I was stopping my follow through which I've been known to do. The difference being with my irons current, I've figured out some sort of move to counteract it so everything goes straight 15 degress left as I hit them. Drivers the opposite where it goes 15degrees off to the right immediately and stays straight. Fitter pretty much said agreed once I can get things cleaned up and not need whatever move I'm throwing in as compensation, I'll be in good shape (shocking, I know ). We landed on a good feeling shaft, grip that worked well (made it a bit less left) which is so much more comfortable swinging through than my current set. This would be a comfort (feel) purchase an square me a way for a long time with a 4 - PW. Prices are comparable to those out there and I recoup fitting fee if purchase through him. Driver we got a bit more distance by raising the loft but again, swing fix will be the big help there. My AOA was pretty much 0 or negative on all of them so just fixing might negate the loft. Consensus on the driver was worry about it later since I'll hit it not too often. In a couple of months (probably at the end of the year), he wants me to come back and redo the driver and wood fitting with hopefully a more in to out swing plane. All in all, it was a good experience especially for a data nerd like me, he does flight scope gapping sessions so that might be a fun adventure once I get things squared away as well.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I know I've got slow it down the practice and have patience with the drills I'm getting as well as with making the correct swings. Swings going to have to be built properly and each bit that changes should get me closer to where I want to be.
  8. Feedback from Evolvr on the initial swings were that I needed to work on grip, arm looseness, and some quarter turns so I've spent the past two weeks or so focusing in there. Decided it was time to upload another round for feedback, mainly b/c the grip's coming around and I'm going further back that in the sample videos and wanted to make sure that was okay. Nothing fancy, halfswings with a 7 iron: Things I notice when doing the drills, if I get back past the wrist hinge, I hit the ball pretty darn straight, consistently, and not too far off when I rear back on the full swings. Going back with straight arms gets me all out of whack and I top the ever mess out of the ball, will be curious to hear coach's thoughts on that. Spending a bit of time also focusing on @iacas comment of steeping the shaft with some mirror work, it's moving ever so slightly in the right direction on the drills. Full Swing's a different story: balls are still going about 15 degrees left and straight. Trying to swing out to right just gives me a monster slice. Looks like I'm going above the plane and then my hitch at the top of the swing just puts me ontop of the plane and I can't shallow it out. Going to work on feeling like I'm taking half-swings to get more control at the top and try to avoid that hitch and move downwards. Even with that controlled feeling swing, I can get good distance and around a course. Playing this weekend and will see how that goes. I've lost my ability to hit the driver (aka not even getting solid contact); something's off there but it'll line up once I get the swing fixed.
  9. You can definitely put an e6 out of bounds. I've done it plenty . It doesn't spin as widely for me on mishits and flies generally with how you struck it. At my higher handicap it's felt good throughout all my clubs and it doesn't roll off like some of the even cheaper balls. Golfballsdirect gets them under a buck a ball which is nice.
  10. Just squeaking in on the top side of the range with my latest handicap revision. Looking forward to pushing my scores down a bit more. Played nine yesterday and was struggling off the tee with my driver. Should have left that in the bag and gotten out with a 44 instead of a 48 if I just stayed inbounds. Next steps seem to be 1) fewer drives 2) fix the hook and then one day figure out how to hit the driver. Game Golf Recap: https://bnc.lt/yzOb/wPZ10h8EYu
  11. @Gfleck067 - I put your scores into a spreadsheet and it appears to be calculating it correctly assuming the differentials are good. Congrats on the birdie!
  12. https://www.gamegolf.com/player/101101A/round/1026984 Decent round, should have just hit my five iron off the tee and all those triples on the front would have been better scores. For the most part ball striking was good other than the driver, the good news is that while the driver went right, I was able to find my ball each time, it was just in OOB territory in folks backyards. They went right but not crazy right. May take the R9 off of the neutral and add some draw bias in and see what that does. One duffed iron shot on a par three but the rest were fairly flush. One day I'll get my distances down and pull the right club, that would have helped in a few spots as well.
  13. @iacas - Thanks for the feedback! I'd want to move the red line in the attachment closer to the yellow line which should make the staff steeper and keep me longer on plane, correct? Looking at the video in slow motion, noticed that my club face goes in somewhat shut which isn't surprising because everything going left. Played a full 18 this week and turned in a 97 on a par 71 that played as a 70.5/134 so it'll knock a few tenths off the handicap. Course was short enough (6,000) that I should have just hit 5 iron off the tee and landed about 200 yards in the middle of the fairway and I would have saved off about 10 strokes (OOB drives that added +2). https://www.gamegolf.com/player/101101A/round/1026984
  14. Semi Private Fortunate to have a few within 20 miles that have peak times and are pretty much wide open otherwise. Nice to know I can get around in 2.5-3.5hours max and can pretty much walk on when my work schedule has some open blocks. The pro shops are extremely happy to have the play ($) and typically are spot on for me if they've got groups on the tee sheet that are slow or there's usual club group times I should stay clear of. The two public muni's can play 4.5+ hours even off peak....
  15. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 months recently, about 10 years ago I played maybe 3-4 rounds a year. My current handicap index or average score is: 21.7 officially, 23.9 with recent single rounds in . My typical ball flight is: Fairly straight with good height on solid contacts, low stingers on thing / fat. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Fat shots / thin shots. Struggle with getting my low point in the right spot. A little bit of background me / golf game: - run a lot, cycle some and play tennis as well - can get on the range 1 - 2x a week, been averaging 2 rounds per month (play during the week) - been to 3 coaches, first two just sat on the range and would say you're doing x wrong, but not given any sort of drills, etc to ensure I get the motion down or even practice suggestions. I'd hit one good one and they'd be like "there ya go". Third one is a time issue with my work schedule. Found ya'll and signed up for evolvr and am stoked about it. - I learn well by understanding what's wrong, then working to fix it to see the results (thus I enjoy mirror drills and working where I can see the results). Just endlessly hitting into nets doesn't really do it for me. Same way I've always been. - Clubs are a hodge-podge of mix and match handme downs and cheapo gets: Driver: Taylor Made R9 / 10.5 / 460 cc / shortened shaft Hybrid: Adams 21 degree DHY Pro Irons: Adams Blue 5 - GW Wedges: Super old mix and match Putter: Random putter that was in a starter set my neighbor was giving away for free at a yard sale - A top fitter's near me so I do have a fitting schedule later this month, it'd be helpful to know as I start to actually fill out the bag, what's ideal. I have some issues depending on who I'm playing with and course design between the Irons being too short and the driver being too long. - Struggle with consistency, making sure I'm aligned to where I want the ball to go and getting the low point where I want it. - Goal is to get to consistent bogey golf. Videos: Back View: 7 Iron, second swing was rough and a mega fat shot. Other ones were pretty good. Side View: 7 Iron, fairly good hits and went where I aimed (not necessarily where I wanted it to go). It was a decent day of ball striking, 70%ish where solid. Noticed that staying on the ball of my right foot helped keep things way more balanced. Tried to keep the backswing more in check as well.