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  1. Another day, another dollar and another month with little golf. Nothing major to report sans I sent the Pings back and there was a warranty claim on the Blues so I've ended up with a set of Aeroburners so the club changing is complete. Focus is solely on the swing for the next couple of months as I should be able to get to range fairly frequently now that some health issue and work craziness has worked through the backlog. Played 18 this AM, fewer shanks but didn't hit much that well and noticed I was shifting my weight backwards a lot more that I used to. Time for a lot of daily mirror work.
  2. Working on it as well, it was actually the guy I've been seeing that suggested I send them back and keep giving him the money :) Which is the hilarious part b/c he was the one that mentioned I go get fit. Long story short, Blues were replaced by Adams due to a warranty claim (hard pan bunker lip) with some Aeroburners (in the stiff) so I'm done with the club swapping for the time being and will be focused on figuring out a way to get the swing developed.
  3. There was some seriously creative work by the installers :) My old crawlspace door was repurposed for the main duct which let them avoid moving the electrical and all of those costs. They moved the crawlspace door to the back of the house which was awesome now I don't trip all over my sewer pipes when I go in. All of the serious bidders mentioned the ease of the job for the duct work which went into the pricing. I've got about 4.5 feet in my crawl space and the way my attic rafters they were able to zip around. But yeah, get multiple quotes. I had a few that didn't even get in the door when I asked for a general price on the the unit. I did get the serious upsell from contractor about zoning my house which is where I think he was banking on recouping some of the money but we ended up settling for the duct work to be designed in a manner for which we could zone later (two stories, 2200 sq ft). We were so happy with everything that we're actually considering doing it if my wife's work doesn't relocate her later this year.
  4. Just across the board in SC, after the crazy floods I had the following done by one of the more reputable contractors: - American Standard 3.5 ton package unit, 14 Seer with the bells and whistles (variable fan, etc which is mega important to us so there's no artic blast) - All duct work replaced in house - New thermostat - New Vapor barrier Done for $8,700 with a 10 year warranty. Installation was a full days worth for a crew of six. I was able to talk them down from the initial price of $9,500 b/c I found two different contractors who were cheaper on the exact same unit and then cheaper on the duct work. I may have also gotten a sympathy natural disaster discount along the way. :) I ended doing 5 quotes and tossing the 2 folks who came to the house and quoted me with no measurements nor really looking at what the issues where. They offered not as good quality brands and were dead set against the package unit simply because we had an old split system (which was rusting out due to humidity and mositure). I probably spent close to 40 hours doing research, talking with them, etc before we got the right contractor to take care of it. Once I was comfortable with the contractor, I made sure to get all of the other ones in the running to quote the unit I wanted. Can you go to Lowe's and get a quick quote for their bulk installer? That's a quick and easy way to get a reference point. Edit: Think HVAC quoting can be a pain, roof quotes was a gazillion times more painful and way way more variable for the samething. Some of my quotes were 3x others for the exact same product, warranty, installation.
  5. Long story short, went and got fully fit and walked out with the following specs: - Ping G, yellow dot, CFS Distance, stiff Basically as off the shelf as you can get. At the time I was swinging massively over the top and the fitter kept telling me to after it. My swing's evolved and Got the clubs just under 30 days (snagged some G30's instead) and three things have gone on: - hosel city / shanks - fade city (10-15 yds) - massive loss of distance (20-30 yds per club) I've sent the clubs back and gotten a refund but the fitter swears up and down that the fits good and it's all just me not adjusting. He definitely did the one goal I asked, which was to give me a one way miss. My prior irons which I pulled back out where handme down Adams Blue which I immediately hit a massively better. These do feel a bit noodley to me. Key differences: - weight of shaft (85 g as opposed to 110 g) - length of clubs (finding sweet spot) - 2 way miss is back, +/- 10 yds Based on my relative sample size, I think the weight of the shaft more than anything was messing me up and forcing my transition to change. Based on recent evolvr feedback, I'd gotten handsy. That and the extra length on the CFS distance For reference this is what I was measuring on the flight scope. 5 iron speed was: 88.3 mphDriver: 102 mph and I play a Gallfory ProLaunch Regular in my driver and according to GG, my average over the last 10 rounds is 261 yds. So yee sandtrap gurus, any thoughts on what a good lighter shaft that comes in the 95-100 range and has some stiffness to it? I'd like be armed with some knowledge when I try the big box fitting route this time.
  6. I've avoided the feed multiple times by just calling up golfnow and rescheduling. It's also been refunded when I haven't been able to reschedule by asking.
  7. Life, funny how it gets in the way of golf sometimes :) Played a couple of rounds over the last two months but pretty much no practice. If I can sneak out for to go hit, might as well play 9 or 18. The range that I'd be frequenting (and is the only thing within 15 miles) is on it's way out so hours have been spotty. Switched up clubs and went to Ping G30's with CFS stiff, got a killer deal on one of the used sites. Having issues with the 4 iron and 5 iron at the moment but I think I just need more time swinging those with the new length and weight. With the other clubs, lost a bunch of balls initially to the right but as I get used to the clubs I'm finding the distances tend be more consistent as does where they go. Still can lose one if I get sloppy but that'd happen no matter what I was swinging. Few videos from today: - still have a hitch in my transition gets me above the plane on the downswing. - posture still needs some work, bringing back that right shoulder will help line the hips, knees, ankles up with my toes. Not as bad as it was but in the video you can see how my setup is a bit leftish.
  8. Fitting without purchase for irons only shouldn't run you Much more than $100-$150 for a very very through fitting. Fitter can probably match the courses pricing too if you ask. I've been fitted and bought directly from the fitter and also taken those specs and gone and gotten used clubs. They should be more than okay with you not purchasing then and there.
  9. Played for the first time in about a month today, hadn't touched the sticks either due life (that silly thing that gets in the way) Partner convinced me to move back tee box to play at 6600 instead of 6000. Made things interesting and a lot more fun to actually have to hit something other than driver/pw all day long. Suddenly all the traps were in play off the tee. Blasted par 3's were all 190-210 though, there may have been a lay up on one.... Ended up shooting 101 as I was mess on the greens (5 three putts) and thinned my fair share of chips. 9/14 fairways with 4 GIR. Rust started coming off on the backend with my iron game and approaches were much closer. Partner was a former assistant pro so it was fun to watch him have a few duffs as well, proves we're all mortals. New sticks are coming this week (used G30's) which have me stoked to go practice.
  10. I was quoted the following by a Top fitter: - 800 gets 4 - PW of Ping G, TM M2 or Callway XR - 130 for each additional wedge with fitting or I can get a utility wedge for any of the sets above for slightly cheaper - 3H Hybrid at $130 - Driver $350 - FW $210 Full bag was right at $1,700 - $150 for the fitting if I ordered through them. The price is right on the sets, aka the exact same amount as I'd pay in the store but it comes with some additional lie changes, length changes, and grips that I like. The shafts and the grips would add to the big box store price so I'll come out way ahead getting Irons through the fitter. I will probably go this route and call it a day. The perk is that for as long as I have the Irons, I can go back in and get them readjusted. All iron sets also come with a gapping session on the trackman and the option for a cheap ($25) follow-up session a few months later once you get comfortable with them. Cost is an issue with me so outside of the irons, I'll probably space them out as the fairway woods as combined birthday / christmas present and then the hybrid later down the line. I'm taking a pass at the driver for the time being as he suggested a shaft profile, weight and length to look for on ebay and or the golf sites. Once I have that, I can get the TM tip put in if need be and it shaved down to the length (44). His main point was that you hit your irons and the wedge the most so spend the $ there, unless you're playing to a low-cap you could go 4 iron off the tee on still have a legit shot at bogey golf.
  11. And the course can handle it. There's two around me that do 8 minute pace of plays. Course #1: Par 4 slight dog leg away, Par 5 (short) , Par 4 (dog leg), Par 3 (water carry at about 170 from the TIPS) Course #2: Par 5 (long) with water carry, Par 3 (long, 170 carry from the whites) to islandish green, Par 4 (long) with tight wooded fairway. Course #1 will cruise along even with 4 guys on opposite sides of the fairway. Course #2: Well it's just a cluster until you get past that third hole. The 2nd hole is poorly designed with the teeboxes so they can't move the "whites" anywhere up without it being too insulting. I've also noticed that on course #1, the tees are way more friendly for weekend play while course #2 plays longer with both tees and stupid pin placements. Course #2 could simply setting the "whites" and tips not crazy far back and dropping the pin more towards the center (no stupid tucked placements) and giving folks some bailout areas on the water carries. I've seen too many folks laser the flag and say it's 171 when it's 3 feet off the front edge. What the fail to realize is you can take your 185 carry club and still be a GIR. Perhaps they should all have to read LSW
  12. I think the pro shop sets a lot of the one for a course when it comes to this. I've found some courses will tell me preferred times to tee of or start me on weird holes when they know they've got a gap somewhere that should let me loop around with no issues. I play those courses A LOT. On the other hand, I played a course on Friday that had a walk up group of three ahead of me on line to play. They scheduled them for the tee time infront of me instead of pushing them to right behind me. This was 15 minutes before my tee time. Suprise, they weren't ready to tee off 7 minutes later and took a bunch of time warming up. Starter wouldn't let me off ahead of them due to the order of the sheet. Ended up skipping the third hole as I knew on the layout I could get it coming back in. Crazy part was that I was the only tee time in 3 hour block.
  13. https://www.gamegolf.com/player/101101A/round/1076736 Meh, 4 triples. Each time I got into trouble and couldn't get out of it. Either off the tee or just going bananas with thinking in my head. New course to me but it was fairly easy to follow and not a lot of hidden gotcha's (other than the water on 10.) Thought it was odd so many divots in the tee box but it was a hike to the cart so I swung away like an idiot. Rolled right on it. Finished strong. Solid drive, hooked an 8 iron OOB, stuck my second 8 iron to about 4 feet and putted in the for the par. Using the limited backswing from my last evolvr lesson seems to keep me in a better plane, I keep leaking right which is what we're current working on but it seemed I got bit more solid contact consistently, still working on trying to get right club for right distances and I could probably do club I think I should take + 1 each time.
  14. Count me in as well. It's a fairly quick trip up 77 if ya'll are playing anywhere on the south side.
  15. I draw the line at heat indexes above 95 b/c my wife will kill me if the heat doesn't. I get too uncomfortable as well in the sweaty clothes. Did you carry or push a cart? There's a crew that walks no matter what but they're all pushing clicgears with umbrellas going so they're always in the shade except for their shot.
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