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  1. Oh, I didn't get my shaft pured or anything...Does that really make a difference Judging by the cost, I'm assuming it can be pretty beneficial, but what does puring really do? I've heard the term but I don't really know what it means...Since Dick's Sporting Goods is a chain, I'm assuming the price will be the same or relatively similar everywhere (~$20). I got mine done at Golf Etc. in Tampa, FL, and the $12 included a new grip and everything, so I guess I got kind of lucky. I got an Aldila NV75 Stiff for $28 off Rockbottom, so if it was $50 to reshaft I would have just waited and bought a n
  2. If you already have the shaft, any real golf shop, or even Dick's Sporting Goods will reshaft and regrip for around $15. Don't pay anymore than $20 though, I'm sure you can find someplace to do it cheaper. I only paid $12 to have my driver reshafted and regripped (including cost of the grip). Good luck
  3. Yeah, I like the look of all three, but I should probably looking at the one that is the most forgiving of the three. From reviews, it seems that the MP-57 is the most forgiving, but I haven't hit that iron yet. I think at address it looks relatively similar to the MP-60, which I like, but the X-Forged sit the best on the ground I think. Does anyone strongly feel that forged blades/cavity blades will be much too hard for a high-handicap player to hit? I hit my irons pretty well (especially 4, 5, 6 for some reason rather than 7, 8, 9) and my 3 iron is much better than my 3 hybrid...
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a mid-high handicap player using Cleveland Launcher LP's right now. I hit the irons pretty decent, but I hate the thick top line and the huge offset on the irons. When hitting of a tee, and to a lesser extent the fairway, I draw the ball, but I want to keep the ball flight straight and draw the ball only when needed. I tried the MP60's on the simulator and the ball straight seemed pretty straight. I was hitting off one of those TrueStrike mats or something, and I just feel like those mats are a lot more forgiving than a real fairway would be. I shoot in the mid 90s on a
  5. Orlando-only one i've heard about is Falcon Fire Golf Course Tampa-I live in Tampa, and there's a few good golf courses around here: Pebble Creek Golf Course, Heritage Isles Golf Course, Avila Golf Course, Palma Ceia....and some I WOULD NOT recommend you go to are The Claw at USF (i sometimes play here, its jsut not maintained well), Hidden Gunn Golf course is in the ghetto, i only drove past it but have heard that the people who work at the course suck...so anyway, those are some of the ones i would say play and don't play
  6. oh thanks, sorry about that, i didnt even notice they were partners with the site...thanks
  7. sorry if this is a stupid question, but is golf gods reputable? i always make sure before i order anything online...thanks
  8. thanks for the video...what store sells those repair tools? i cant find it on any online store (tgw, golf discoutn, golfsmith, or my local pro shop)...
  9. i've been using a regular ball mark repair tool from sports authority, and it works fine on wet/damp greens, but when i play a course with really dry greens, it tends to tear up the roots and ruin the green, so i've started just tamping the green down with my putter (dont hate me, i know its bad), so i was wondering where should i buy a new device...no golf shop around here has anything very different than mine (no really sharp one like the one that was in some video posted on here...btw, could someone post that video, its from somebody's home course, i thikn, and its by the greenskeeper)...is
  10. I am looking at buying a new TM r580xd but I can't decide whether to get a 9.5* or 10.5* loft. I only average 230 yds/drive so would one of the lofts be better for my game? I hit the driver pretty straight, and I use a 10* driver now. Will either loft make too much of a difference from what I am used to now? Thanks for the advice...
  11. right now i am using a 5 year old dunlop putter that i got when i was 13 (just to fool around with on one of those fake practice green things) and i just dont like it very much anymore...i can never seem to line up the putt correctly (it is a blade style putter)...i am looking for something like the odyssey white hot/steel 2 ball putter, but i cant spend $150 right now on a putter, as i am looking for a new driver as well...does anyone have any recommendations for a good knockoff/clone that plays nearly as well as the odyssey? thanks for your advice, you all have been great in helping me these
  12. hey, i just picked up these irons a week ago or so, and they are amazing...they have a thinner sole than the regular launchers, but i found they were both a lot easier to hit than other brands' irons...also, i went to a pro shop and got fitted for my launcher lp's for $340 (4-PW, and i ordered the GW as well)...the regular launchers were $500 for the 4-PW...as for why there is such a big gap, i can't tell you, but i can say that i found little difference between the two...
  13. I recently bought a set of Cleveland Launcher LP (4-GW), and a Hippo XXL 3h, and now I need a new bag. I have a carry bag from my beginner's set, but it doesn't even have a stand, and the bag has fallen over. So, all in all I am looking for a good stand/carry bag (I sometimes walk the 18 holes, sometimes ride, so I need something good for both situations). The ones I was looking at include the Nike Xtreme Sport, Ogio Exo/Edge/Vaporlite/Ozone/Grom, so a lot to choose from. If anybody can give me advice on what would be best for me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance! SS
  14. Hi, I was originally looking at the Cleveland Launcher irons, but I'm not sure if I want to spend $500 (this will be my first real iron set, I played with a beginner's set before). There is this website called PineMeadowGolf which sells the generic/knockoffs of the high end irons. I doubt they will play as well as the branded irons, and the lie can't be customized to my fitting, but since this is my first set of real irons does all that matter? Basically I'm asking what the quality of these clubs are, because I can get the irons/woods/and hybrids for around the same price as the Launchers
  15. what exactly does "low profile" even mean...i looked at the sets ryns2 mentioned above (thanks btw) but i feel more comfortable hitting with a +1" shaft then standard, and the lie of the club needs to be 1 degree flat...thanks for the advice though
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