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  1. I'm a liar, eh? Actually, you can move the clubhead very fast with very little effort. But, keep being a jerk about it. Great reply. Wilson teaches starting the swing with the lower body certainly helps with my overall motion. The body rotates and the arms follow. There are thousands of opinions and methods on the golf swing but this one certainly works well for me.
  2. I posted early in this thread and am returning due to this fascinating discussion over the definition of "effortless." As someone who has watched every Paul Wilson video produced over the past three years and has had 3-4 in person lessons with Mr. Wilson in Las Vegas I can confirm this - the more I use my arms in the swing the worse the result. When I'm hitting the ball well my arms are not even part of my thought process. There are plenty of great players and teachers who will and can nitpick the heck out of Wilson's teachings but three years ago I was a 52-year old recreational golfer with a 25 handicap who was worn out after every round and close to giving up the game. Today at 55 I'm a 10 and hit the ball 20-30 yards further than my 30- and 40-year old friends and playing partners with very, very little effort. All I'm saying is there are merits to Paul Wilson's philosophy. Those who have tried it have far more credibility on the subject that a bunch of video watchers.
  3. As noted in a previous post I am a Wilson disciple and spent four hours working with him in Las Vegas earlier this month. These lessons were my second with Wilson and were to serve as a check up. When I got back home I ordered the Body Swing book/video series and I think it's great. While Wilson is a great in-person teacher his pocket guides are a great reference when I got to the range.
  4. Thanks to Whistling Straits there is now a move in Wisconsin to build courses that are walking-only. Erin Hills, the site of the 2017 U.S. Open, has to be walked. http://erinhills.com/ And now, Ben Crenshaw is trying to re-create Bandon Dunes ... http://www.sandvalleygolfresort.com/
  5. I will apologize in advance if this post winds up being long. I went out for my first round of golf in 2015, shot a 110, went home, put my clubs on Craigslist, sold them within a day and decided to quit the game. I had been playing for 25 years but only felt I was getting worse. Then, while planning a summer trip to Las Vegas I stumbled upon Paul Wilson's golf videos. I watched a few and couldn't believe how simple he made the golf swing look. I picked up an extra driver from my garage, started trying to swing free and easy and went to the range 2-3 times a week to see if this method would really work. My first time out I shot 97. The second was a 92. The next was an 85. Then, I booked a pair of lessons with Wilson during my vacation. Long story short, Paul Wilson's teaching methods kept me from quitting the game. My handicap is down to an 11, and I am scheduled for two more lessons with him in July so I can confirm somebody who reads this forum is a Wilson disciple. While he can get pretty technical when describing his approach for me it's pretty simple - turn to the top, start the downswing with the lower body and let my arms swing loosely. I expect to break 80 for the first time in my life by the end of the year. One more thing, which has been noted previously in this thread - if I get off track I immediately go to YouTube, que up a couple of Paul's videos and know exactly what I'm doing wrong. His web site is an incredible resource for me, and I assume it's the same for many others.
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