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  1. Sorry to hi jack this topic but was just what i was trying to research. I've got a cobra amp cell with a stiff shaft. Following on from a few lessons earlier this year, i can hit my irons and 3 wood which are all stiff shafts pretty well with, on the whole, a tight draw. However i now can't use my driver at all. My normal swing seems to result in a high miss right. Like straight right. Or if i try and tinker with the swing speed, it'll could result in a bad hook. A guy at the golf course who plays off a low handicap suggested it could be that the shaft is too flexible. And it
  2. Thanks. Was just playing around at the range this evening. Never really thought about videoing my swing before i discovered this forum. Ill try and have another go but never seen anyone video at the local range before. Suppose there's a first for everything
  3. I've been Playing Golf for: 5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 15 My typical ball flight is: slight draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: high slice or complete hook Videos:
  4. Yeah, definitely happy. And ordered a new set of cobra fly-z irons that same day. Was a great offer on. Got 4-pw for £40 more than what i paid for the wilson staff clubs. Also seem to have been better fitted this time round. Shafts last time were 85g and reg flex. This time i think they're 120g and stiff flex. A lot of difference. But here's hoping for a good summer of golf!! Thanks for all your advice. P.s. going by the name, i thought american golf was a global brand originating in the states. Who knew?? P.p.s I've become addicted to this site. Any therapy groups out t
  5. Yeah, i thought that. Actually just got a phone call from the store. They're refunding me the full amount that i paid 2 years ago and I've to call into store to have a look at new clubs. Really impressed by this. They're going to resolve the issue with Wilson Staff themselves.
  6. Thanks for the replies. What I'm thinking is what do I do going forward? Do I just accept that I might break a club every now and then? As for buying from a store with the word 'american' in it, American Golf and Nevada Bobs seem to be the two biggest golfing goods chains in the UK. Should I be avoiding these places?
  7. Absolutely don't have any bad temper. It's a pet hate of mine. Each time they've broken, I've been in the fairway and i don't take a divot. I'm more of a 'sweeper'. I'm just frustrated as there's no obvious explanation and I'm left without my clubs for the next few weeks.
  8. The steel shafts actually broke. Between the black 'collar' and the club head itself. So there was about an inch or 2 if the shaft still inside the club head.
  9. Hi all, first time posting. Basically looking some advice. Bought a new set of wilson staff irons 2 years ago after being custom fitted for them in the local American Golf store. About a month after i got them, the head flew off the 4 iron upon striking the ball from the fairway. Returned it to get repaired. A few months later the exact same thing happened the same club. The store arranged for the whole set to get sent off to be checked. Then just on Saturday past, the same thing happened to my pitching wedge. I returned to store yet again and they've sent the whole set
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