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  1. Awesome, Thanks for your help!
  2. Preferably a new set of clubs in the near future, but at now Id say looking into just a single new iron. Budget is around $200
  3. I've been playing golf my whole life, so around 20 years. Don't have a handicap (or have never thought to apply one), I'm a recreational golfer - usually play par/bogey golf from the white tees. I'd say I want straight ball flight. Right now I'm using the same set of Ram's that I've had for about 7 or 8 years, but its definitely time to upgrade them.
  4. Club Question Here: So I'm not the best at hitting a driver (I slice viciously), but lately I have been killing my 5 iron long and straight. Drivers are expensive, and I don't see myself stopping my slice anytime soon, so what clubs would you recommend for an iron that I can hit longer than a 5, without sacrificing any accuracy? What brands have the best irons? Should I stick with the 5 or upgrade to a 4 or something lower? All answers welcome.
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