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  1. Yup ! Feels wise ZO win by a mile... I still keep my ZO , and I have 2 set of them lol !
  2. I moved fr ZO to AP2 714 early this ..lol I love ZO more but 714 is more forgiving ..
  3. I like her because she has not not quit the games although so many people take her as a laughing stock ...( before 2014 ) . Her table top putting etc.
  4. Hi mvmac You are doing lots of HIIT / Tabata etc. , how is the result compare to tranditional strenght training for your golf game ? Thanks
  5. Spartans 300 Workout .. in 32 minutes .
  6. I'm using Rudy Project Argon with Golf Photochromatic Lens , it come with a optical adapter for prescription. I have to agreed with Rob that polarize lens are not good for reading the green especaillythe grain .
  7. I m going thru swing change and my score goes up too. From mid 70s to low high 70s and low 80s. I want to improve and leaverage my my lag furhter , and also change my shots from fade to straight. Recently, i went to see a TPI Golf Coach , and i learned that i have some physical limitation in my swing . He gave me some workout program to improve my flexibility and mobility . I m currently working on it and it does show some improvement.
  8. Some Update Of my putting stats after play it for like 20 rounds . I use Shotzoom on my iPhone to track my score . Putts for last 5 rounds 1.69 per Hole 1.86 per GIR All 50 rounds 1.79 per hole 1.92 per GIR I think I gained about 2 strokes for GiR ( correct me if I m wrong )
  9. 2 months and about 10 rounds with Edel Putter, i have improved significantly 20 footers long putts , speed and distance control are much better .
  10. Play to your strength ... Either it is 10 yards chip , 100 yards lay up , place the ball to your fav approach distance .
  11. Sometimes , we read a book like this one is to read his experience , knowledge , how he handles the situation and success story . I find this book has pretty good discussion about course management and some mental prep . I read about the same tips from utley's book and other source of tips from the Internet previously. However , this one strike me the most . Maybe it regroup the strength in my game and minimize my error .
  12. If you re-arrange a few common sense to a check list / book , it make more sense ....( not for all but to someone who "get the message" ) .
  13. I shot my best round ( one under ) after reading this book last week . Play to Your Strength - better course management Dont expect good score but make every shot count , the best you can execute . 85% Swing Effort - not to kill every shot Visualization - from Driver all the way to putting
  14. 1. Finally played 1 under in 2013 . Next Target for 2013 , play sub 70s. 2. Handicap still at 3.8 , long way to get to 2 . Need to get more consistent and reduce the error . 3. Getting there 4. Got myself an Edel in July and putting has been improving. Loving the putter ... 5. Still trying to find the time to do this ( since it is not available in China )
  15. The Edel's pixel insert actually gives a higher pitch of impact sound compare to my SC . It feels not as soft as SC. Have to re-learn the impact feel of edel for distance control .
  16. amac, This is my personal feedback. I brought my current SC putter ( which is custom fitted , lie adjusted to 68deg , cut to 33.5" from 34" ) when i see the Edel fitter in Colorado. I went through the fitting process and the fitter told me that my current putter is good for my aiming . I told him that i was struggling with consistent distance control ,he then assembled an edel putter to my current putter specs and add a 40g counter balancing at the handle, and my distance control become more consistent. At the end of the session , he advised me to keep the
  17. It all depends on the course , green ( elevated or flat to fairway , fairway thickness etc ) , green speed , green contour , dry or wet fairway I use my 56 / 60 a lot for those
  18. It was on the business trip . : ) . I have a choice to fly to Singapore , but cant find the time.
  19. I just got mine a week ago . I flew slightly further to get the edel fitting . Shenzhen China -> Hong Kong -> Los Angeles -> Denver Then drive for one hour from Fort Collins to Colorado Golf Club to get fitted . I am yet to try it out at the course but did some practice round at home . It really give some confidence compare to my Scotty. Can wait to try it on this sunday ...
  20. Same problem for me ... People say is the 5" between your ears . I m still need to find the solution ..sigh !
  21. My 2013 goals are 1. to break par but still not able to , just close close a few time 2. Get putter fitting with Edel - just got it done last week and now waiting for my putter to arrive . Should be any time soon . I also found out that my aim is okay ( during the putter fitting ) and that helps my confidence. Things that was not in my 2013 goal but acquired 1. Bunker shot - improve significantly and able t put very near to the hole ( green side bunker ) 2. Swing Change - Adopt Rotary Swing methodology and i m hitting more consistent. What is for 2
  22. Depends on the course to play . D P L S P 9 8 7 5 3H My scoring club are 7 to L
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