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  1. Was hoping lowry world shoot lights out to save my fingernails. Not to be, this is going to be good view for the neutral!
  2. As an Irish man I havent felt this good watching a golf tournament since 2007 when Harrington won the Open. Ill be hoping for less drama tonight and for Shane to walk this one in! Couldn't happen to nicer bloke. Seemed Supremely confident in his post round interview. Hopefully steps up to the first with the same confidence!
  3. Cheers man, I really appreciate yours and @boogielicious input here. I'm looking at all the key 2 videos now. I thought this game was hard when I had nothing going through my mind!
  4. Played Saturday but a lightning storm brought us in after 6 holes so we just got drunk instead. Was hitting my irons well but every drive was slicing and it was a tight courses so I was scoring badly. Trying to get my hips to turn properly and to get them to start my downswing
  5. Was away for a few days so only getting back to the range today. Above are both 7i. Trying to get my hips forward to start the downswing. Mixed bag really, some good contact mixed with bad. Playing this Saturday so will hit the range tomorrow as well.
  6. Not sure how much better these vids are. Need a tripod and proper camera going forward I think. I'm trying to focus on the hip turn in these but I also just wanted to put up my full swing dtl and fo just to have it up here and to get other opinions. Ill keep at the hips unless there's a more pressing issue that needs addressing from the above vids. Cheers
  7. Between the wind, the sun and the lack of space on my phone I didn't get any video last night. Tried to focus on turning my hips as opposed to swaying. Was catching turf on 4/5 shots but for the 1 shot I was catching clean my 7 iron was going 160 instead of the usual 150. Ill be up there tonight and will hopefully get some video. Sobering trying something new and not being able to hit the ball but lack of consistent distance with all my clubs is a big issue for me. Hopefully this is the start of more distance!
  8. Appreciate the comment man. I will be back at the range in a few hours after work. I figured out I had a slow motion option right at the end of last night's session, hence the crappy vid. I will post better vids after tonight's session and I will prioritise my hip turn. Cheers
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 1 Year My current handicap index or average score is: 100 My typical ball flight is: High Fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slice Hi Folks, Just realised tonight that my phone has a slow motion option so took the below in a bit of a hurry. Will get better content up ASAP but figured I'd start my thread now. I've been playing golf for about a year, which in Ireland equates to about 3 months, due to our weather! I've been lurking on this site for nearly as long and have picked up loads of useful tips. So thanks to all the contributors on here! Any advice on how to improve my swing based on my crappy video below would be much appreciated. Videos:
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