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  1. Hello everyone. Looking around at golf stores and online just the amount of putters available is insane! I currently game a Scotty notchback I bought new. I know I can get a few hundo out of it if I had to sell it but What makes putters them collectible. I was thinking about starting a collection I know Scotty circle t are at the top of the list but I can't drop 3k on a putter right now lol. Ping 8802 I know is a sought after putter from what I have read. Not trying to have the most rare crazy dollar putter just a decent collection of nice pieces gamed or not. Like 1-300$ I can spend now and not really hate myself the best day lol Anything from cool to rare. What would be considered collectible. I did just purchase the Oscar Mayer wiener putter because it made me laugh. Is it going to be worth much probably not. Like would nike be somewhere to start being they are going out of club making? Or a rougher Scotty and refinish it? Or is it more just buy what you like and maybe be able to get your money back out of it? I will game most of them but rare or more expensive would be in a case I'm going to build for my office. Sorry for the long and kind of rambling post just kinda courois thanks!
  2. I don't personally play them but the guy I golf with every weekend he still plays them. He had had them for like 10 years I believe. Played with them threw high school and we started playin again last year. He likes them. They aren't that hard to hit feel nice and you can get hem fairly cheap. I used them for a round and then felt good still.
  3. I'm waiting for the stuff to go up used in the winter I need a 3 wood and a hybrid but I can wait
  4. Which is why I was shocked I got them from 500. havent hit them out on the range yet but in the simulator they felt really nice and forgiving but you know when a ball wasn't hit correct. The 7iron I was getting a consistent 170yards then I grabbed the md3 wedges and those felt like butter the 52 I got about 120 yards and i had enough backspin to bring it back 2 yards. With the 56 I was at 110 with the same and cam3 back 2 yards. Which I have never been able to do all that well since I am more of a picker when I swing
  5. Yeah I have a driver no 3 wood yet. But I'll get that when I can. I'll go back wen ever I need more stuff that is for sure
  6. To save some money see if the store has any left over sets. I got a brand new set of callaway apex that are a year old that hung on the shelf for 499 original 1000
  7. So yesterday I ended up at the PGA super store in downers grove il . Looking to get new clubs and get fitted for a set and I fit off the shelf clubs standard length and lie. Well the fitter Paul, was a great dude seemed very knowledgeable and a very nice guy. I was swinging clubs for about an hour and half looking for the right set. Tried about everything in the shelf. From Nike to hogans to willson staff. After a bout an hour we got it narrowed down to the callaway apex, willson staff v4, and ping (can't remember the set). After about another 20 minutes I settled on the apex. I was looking to spend 800-1000 on clubs so the price was not going to shock me, but was I wrong. Looked at the price on the apex and it was 499! Left overs from last year display models the ball marks on the 7 iron wiped off and were brand new! So I also got the callaway md3 milled 52 and 56 wedges which felt amazing. i had my baffler xl in the truck so I traded them in for 150$ and I had enough to get a Scotty Cameron putter. All of that was still less than a new set of apex by 15$. So I felt like I walked out of the store with a killer deal and was super satisfied with my experience there.
  8. I started out on a set of cobra baffler xl. Think I paid 400 new. Best advise was given above actually look at super game improvement or max game improvement irons. Any golf Galaxy, PGA super store, or golf smith should have used clubs or demo new lower priced ones see what you like and look on Craigslist or eBay for a set.
  9. I try to hit the putting green for a half hour. Then the 75 yard pitching green for a half hour set up about 30 or so sand shots the a few short pitches from 5-10 yards then a few on the bottom of the hill to go up and over. Then to the driving range to hit the bucket of balls. I do this 2x a week. It is 6$ for a small bucket then I try to do 2 rounds a week durning the week. And a round on the weekend. I work 2pm-10pm and I live 11miles from work. Only good part about second shift. Seems to be helping shot an 80 today made 10 pars and 8 bogeys no doubles so I was happy I had only 3 3 putts. Everything else was 2 or 1. Short game was on fire from 75 in was landing 10'-15' from pin. Just bought a Nike vapor fly driver starting to get use to that hitting fairways from 250-285. Which I'm very happy with. Saved a par on a par three with a pitch to 15, and a uphill putt.
  10. As long as work allows I'm gonna sign up for this next year I think. Thank you for the feed back
  11. I posted this in a different section and i think it was the wrong one. So I'll post it here. Looking to get some information on the golf week amatuer tour in Chicago. Or any golf week amatuer tour reguardless what city. ive never played in a tournament before so I have no idea what to expect the leagues and stuff like that around me are all night or senior leagues and I work 2-10pm so that is out of the question. Had anyone played in one of these tours if so how did you like it? Was it a smooth running operation or like a big cluster of confusion? My friend I go golfing with every weekend wants to do it to but he won't research anything to try to figure it out before hand. I notcied there were 4 flights of players so then I would have to register for usga which isn't a big deal. and the tour had a registration fee of like 200$ I think. Was it worth it? Just an overall experience of the quality of the tour would be awesome to hear from someone.
  12. Came to me last Sunday hole 3. 185 yard par three level to the green over water on the left bunker on the right. I've been hitting further then I ever have. Grabbed a 7 iron gave it some and bombed it 8feet from the pin and dead stopped on the green 8' from the green. Biffed the putt for birdie rimmed it but made par. I was happy then a 15' uphill birdie put on the next par 5 after 2 4hybrid shots (driver was broke) best 2 holes I ever played back to back lol
  13. Well over the last month or so I have had nothing but problems with my driver. Going every which way. Come to find out the shaft was spinning on the head. Took it to golf Galaxy and hey said they might be able to fix it but it wouldn't be guaranteed. So I said screw it I have been working crazy hours let's try some nicer drivers. I grabbed a fly z+, xr, and te vapor fly. And the matching 3 woods all stiff and reg flex. Found out the regular flexed to much for me causing me to slice more so I went to a stiff shaft. The fly z+ felt nice shots were nice about 260-265 the xr I couldn't hit well at all going everywhere and slices and Mile high bombs then I grabbed the vapor fly. After the first shot the driver felt so nice! And a few more balls wee coming off the head at 120 mph 2250rpm and I had a pretty nice little draw (never happens) so I bought it and going to go back and get the 3 wood next week so I just got home from the range worked on a lot of sand and pitching and putting. Then went to hit the driver. I can control if I want a draw or a hook. I swing somewhat hard. And this driver was shooting arrows it felt so good to be able to hit a nice drive that goes straight and has some good distance. So far it was worth every penny to purchase this driver. Hopefully gonna go play a round Saturday after work or Monday before work. We will see if I can keep it on the fairway!
  14. I am watching the open before I go to work today and seen the GCAM. Started looking into it and came across the golf week amatuer tour Chicago. Anyone here every play in this event or with golf week tour? I will not even think about it this year one it's too late I believe and 2 there is no way I'm ready for that lol. I would like to do this next season. Detroit is only a few hours from me and Chicago is 40-50miles north of me and Indianaplois is 3 or so hours away from me. is it worth the membership? How do the events flow? Is it a cluster or run nice? if I wanted to do this next year how do I go about it for a handicap that has a lot of solo rounds? sorry for the questions just really interested in trying something like this next year.
  15. No I this was my first driver I really ever bough. My old clubs had a driver in the set and used that. I wasn't Informed about registering or any type of warranty when I purchased it. I did buy it new and I will try to contact tour edge and see what can be done. Thank you for the insight
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