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  1. 6/27: 15 minutes outside with sand wedge and plastic balls. 5-10 minutes of a couple slow-motion swings followed by a full show, focus during slow-mo work was no sway on the backswing and weight-transfer on the downswing, down to about A2 and pausing for a sec, then finishing at a full extension (A7.5?). Then hit about 20 shots, just working on aim/setup and slowing tempo down a bit.
  2. 6/26: 20 minutes outside hitting balls with my sand wedge. Slow-mo swings, focus on hip turn, then hit a shot or two. Rinse and repeat.
  3. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/roamin/round/1669567 Had a rough start with the driver, kept pushing and slicing them right (into trouble). Finally worked it out and found a draw (and the fairway) on the 5th hole. For those of you who've been following along... since my driver was sucking, I decided to hit it, once again, on 7 and crushed it down the middle, drawing away from the water. Too funny. Everything started clicking after my approach on 10, 5-iron from 157 yards. Beautiful strike, a little lower trajectory than normal, landed pin-high and bit hard...and I made the 10-footer for birdie. Two pars after that and then lightning decided to crash the party.
  4. 6/25: Got 12 holes in this morning before it started storming, ended up 9 over with a birdie. Took a few holes to get my driver working, and a few more to feel comfortable with my irons.
  5. 6/24: Travel day...church trip and concert. Managed 5 minutes of wall drill, now it's time for bed.
  6. 6/23: Sunshine and no rain today! Walked nine holes after work, shot 4 over. Was playing well, but felt stiff and rusty. Stuck a couple of wedge approaches close but couldn't convert on the birdie putts. Great fun, though.
  7. 6/22: Finally a day with no rain!! Was family game night, so no course time, but I did get ~30 minutes out front... 10 minutes of slow-mo backswings, focus on hip turn/no sway, a few reps and then an easy shot at a target, rinse and repeat. 10 minutes of pitching practice, hitting at my buckets. And another 5-10 minutes just hitting shots (at targets) for fun.
  8. Week Three Results Three weeks in the books and only eight days left to go! With more than 20 competitors now posting rounds in each challenge, we've had over 75 separate rounds of golf submitted by green hunters out there! The all-powerful, "Matt Carson", still shines as the leader of the pack in the overall challenge, with a fellow non-countrymen right on his heels, brandishing a hot putter. @coachjimsc, ever the stalwart, remains in third overall and continues his reign among the TST faithful. @iacas claws his way up the ladder to the number four spot, while a non-TSTer drops three spots to round out the top 5 this week. @JxQx drops to sixth overall, but is only three points off of @iacas's 65%... come on, Jeff! @iacas claims his rightful spot atop the individual challenge, but a small loss of focus, and a resulting nGIR from the trees, robs him of a perfect 18 greens. "Tony 'The Heel Biter' Komatz" sits right behind the TST legend, waiting to strike, and he's got the putter to clinch it in a tie. @coachjimsc remains tied with the mysterious, "Rachel Moreaux", and still in the lead among eligible TST members, while @JxQx's career high, 72%, continues to secure his spot among the leaders. On a side note...sadly, your humble emcee picked the wrong time of year to host a challenge and expect to compete in it. The steady and unrelenting daily rain forecast has kept me from posting any new rounds this week, but with the talent we've got in the competition, it's not like I'd affect the leader board, anyway. As a reminder, @iacas offered to match me on the prize, so there's a pair of TST ball markers up for grabs to the highest placing TST member in each challenge (@iacas excluded). Eight days left to stop @coachjimsc from taking home all four of 'em! You don't need a GameGolf device to enter. You can use the free GameGolf app to tag shots with your phone and stake your claim to the throne! Highest GIR% Overall - http://www.gamegolf.com/challenges/11194/leaderboardHighest Single Round GIR% - http://www.gamegolf.com/challenges/11195/leaderboard
  9. 6/21: Break in the rain! 30 minutes with sand wedge and plastic balls. Easy shots, just having fun hitting at targets.
  10. ...and then play the scramble.
  11. 6/20: Same. Looks to be that way for several days. 10 minutes of putting in the hallway.
  12. Man, I wish I could give rep in here.
  13. I got a remote controlled push cart (used but in great shape) and came here to gloat, but I think you win.
  14. 6/19: More rain. Ugh. Managed to get about 15 minutes in with my pitching wedge, just focused on easy swings and proper hip turn/no sway.
  15. 6/18: Got home late, but finally home! A few minutes of putting in the hallway and a quick nine holes on WGT.