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  1. 4/29: Out of town, but managed 30 minutes of putting practice at the local putt-putt.
  2. 4/28: 10 minutes of putting before dinner. Busy night.
  3. Here's my 6-iron attempt after 7 or 8 shots. The first shot was the closest one to the center, and they started moving towards the toe after that.
  4. 4/27: Just 10 minutes of wall drill while I watched the Matthew McConaughey Feherty episode.
  5. Unfortunately, no, I posted my first round in GG last Friday and got an, "It's tough out there..." My latest round: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/roamin/round/1527303 Driver and irons were working well, but I blew up the score with some horrible short-game shenanigans on 2 and 15. Recovered (mentally) with a Mickleson-esque 3-iron between the tops of two trees on 16 and scrambled for par. Bogeyed the par 3 17th with (another) 6-iron that went 20 yards to far (it's happening more often, which is exciting, yet scary), but came back with a perfect drive, screwy 3W, and perfect ~110yd PW and 2-putt to end the round with a tap-in par. Now if I can just remember to tag all of my putts on the course so I don't have to try and remember them after the round.
  6. 4/26: Played 18 this afternoon and shot 92. I had a pretty good round but had to go and mix a quad and a triple in there to mess things up. Short game really let me down today on a few holes.
  7. I have hole like that on my home course (tough tee-shot choice). It's a par four with a large pond down the right side, probable lost ball or forced chip-out if you go left, but a huge reward if you keep it straight or make it over the water as the ground slopes towards the hole. I love hitting driver on the hole, as the potential reward is great, but after a few straight rounds in the water I decided to give my 4-iron a try, since a perfect shot would leave me just shy of all possible trouble. The first two rounds I bogied the hole, so nothing special, but not in the water. Since then I've managed several pars and a birdie (that I even managed to record on video!). I couldn't have done it any better that day. Two, perfect 175yd 4-irons, the second of which stopped in the middle of the green. Then I drained the 25-foot birdie putt and won a quarter. Only one double, after a shanked chip shot and bad putting, but no penalties. I have played the hole well with the driver before, but the long-term average makes the choice easy...and honestly, even if I needed the birdie, I still think I like my odds with the 4-iron.
  8. 4/25: 5 minutes of wall drill and a few minutes doing one-handed swings -- no ball, just smooth swings, feeling weight transfer, turn, and in-to-out path.
  9. Interesting stuff. The (possible) flaw I see, though, is that TrackMan is showing you the result (at impact) that your swing produces. Without video to prove that each swing was "different", I would say it's just as possible that you're backing up what Erik has said all along -- Your consistent swing produces inconsistent results. I've been recording my swing on video for almost a year now, and I have seen small changes because of grueling work on a particular piece (over a long period of time), but I've also seen it revert right back two weeks later when I switch priority pieces. And all along, unless I'm drawing lines and analyzing frame-by-frame (even then, sometimes), and know what to look for, it still looks remarkably similar day in and day out. I would think folks like Erik, Mike, or other good trainers may see differences in every swing someone takes...they would know what to look for much more than me. It seems to me, it's more that those differences are tiny in many (most?) cases and an existing tendency/pattern/picture is still present in every swing. I could be off-base there, though, but I'm sure they'll correct me if I am.
  10. I have an old school (stand-alone) metronome that has a dial for BPM and just clicks away at whatever speed you set, but the phone app I found has a time signature setting as well and it emphasizes the beep/click on the first count of each measure according to the selected time signature. 6/8 time is usually made up of two downbeats of 1/8 note triplets per measure, but it really just means six 1/8 notes per measure. You're right, though, no need for measures here. One "measure" was just another way of saying six counts. The "beat" can be broken down a number of ways (beats are bolded) -- | 1 2 3 4 5 6 | or | 1 2 3 4 5 6 | or | 1 2 3 4 5 6 |. It's normally related to the speed of the piece. A slower piece might be conducted with six downbeats per measure, while faster pieces would get less beats conducted, but the same number of 1/8 notes or counts per measure. 3/4 time has three 1/4 notes per measure (so, also six 1/8 notes), but as far as I know, always has three beats and would be counted as, | 1 2 3 |. To get six counts, it's: | 1 "and" 2 "and" 3 "and" |. (Edit: I guess I should never say always, who knows since music is "art" ) 3/8 time (what I originally meant instead of 3/3) only has three 1/8 notes per measure, thus three counts as well, but with a triplet or waltz-like feel: | 1 2 3 | or | 1 2 3 |. For six counts, it'd be: | 1 "and" 2 "and" 3 "and" | or | 1 "and" 2 "and" 3 "and" |. Small distinctions, but the way my head (still) works. Yes, that's all it is. I started with three counts up and one count down, but switched to counting in sixes to breakdown the movements and timing a little more. So it's six counts up and, technically, two counts to impact, but on the downswing I'm trying not to focus my thought on impact so much and using a full six counts from the start of the downswing to the finish. Which I guess makes it an even 1:1 ratio for backswing to (full) downswing. (To wrap up by continuing the counting exercise from above...) If we assign one measure each to the backswing and downswing and then put the "beats" on the start of the backswing and impact, you'd count it as: 3/8 time: | 1 2 3 | 1 2 3 | 6/8 time: | 1 2 3 4 5 6 | 1 2 3 4 5 6 | So thinking about it as 6/8 time helps me feel like impact is right at the end, or on the "and", of the impact beat in 3/8 time (i.e. not rushed). But again, I'm focusing on following through to a full finish with the same tempo, and not solely on impact. (Hope that helped. Sorry if I made the confusion worse. It's late. )
  11. 4/24: Took the night off from any real "practice", and reviewed gamegolf stats. Only have 5 rounds in so far, and I had to spend some time remembering putts and a shots I forgot to tag. Funny note: At the start of my latest round, I wrote a "T" on the top of my right thumb to remind me to tag shots, and an "80" on top of my left thumb (on my glove) to remind me to swing at 80%. Four shots later I realized I never look at my hands before a shot.
  12. I love this thread and am really glad I ran across it. I kind of laughed at it, at first, but then thought about all of the times playing with my friends as a kid, when we'd imagine winning "the big game" with a last second buzzer-beater or throwing the game winning touchdown. Why hadn't I ever thought of golf that way? Thanks to this thread, I'm now starting to (or trying, at least). I just finished up an extended golf weekend where I started the final day with a crappy round but managed to only lose 50 cents on quarter skins. Ate lunch and on the first tee of our second round my buddy suggested $1 skins (big money to me, I'm cheap )...and for some reason I thought of this post and replied with a simple, "Bring it." Nine holes later I was up 8-1. On the 16th hole, we had to go back a hole to pick up his sand wedge and he asked if I wanted to drive out to 100yds and put a $5 side bet on who could hole-out first. I've recently learned that my 52o wedge is pretty darn accurate and produces 88-92 yards reliably, so when we drove out to the marker, I asked, "you wanna go from about 90?" and he said, "Sure." I stuck it within 6 feet and made the putt. He made a four. On the 18th tee, I'm up 14-3 when he smirks and suggests our normal, "Double or nothing?" -- to which I just nodded and smiled. Why not, right? Tee'd the ball up and hit my longest drive of the day, 263 yards, right down the middle of the fairway...and then won the hole with an easy par. As we're walking off the 18th, noticing the course was still empty, he suggests we play 18 again for double or nothing (again). I knew I was being greedy, but agreed. We played the hole 3 more times, tying twice, until I shanked a 6-iron and he beat me on the hole by one stroke. Sad. Would've been a nice payday. But with $44 bucks on the line he had a lot to lose and finally zeroed in as I was running out of steam. Either way, I walked away $5 richer (from our side bet) and the knowledge that I can perform when the pressure is on and, for the most part, keep myself in that "confident not cocky" mindset even when I'm ahead. Hopefully, I'll also take it as a lesson to stay humble when necessary and walk away with the money while I can.
  13. 4/23: Welp...Golf Weekend is over. Ended up playing two rounds again today, at a course I've only played once. Shot a pair of 91s. The first round was tough, lots of bad tee shots and misses the wrong way. Felt like I was grinding the entire round except for few sputters of decency. I finally started hitting the driver well, and the second 91 was much more enjoyable. Time to get some rest.
  14. 4/22: Day two, rounds 3 & 4 of 5. Back at home and shot 87 (43/44) in the morning, with 4 doubles and a triple. Kept trying to get in trouble and was in recovery mode a lot but scraped out 5 pars and 2 birdies with several great approach shots and my best round of putting ever (29 putts!). The second birdie was a 30 footer to close out the round. As good as that was, the afternoon was even better. My wife brought my son up to the course and they sat with me while I ate a late lunch (and my daughter stole my fries), and then my son and I played a scramble from the front tees (I used my 3-iron for tee shots). We shot a 10 over, 83 (40/43). Five straight pars to start the round, three of which were made by my son (including the first two, which were 6-foot one-putts). As we walked off the second green, I asked him if he was ever going to let me putt. Great day.