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  1. Why, though? You were correct in pointing out that par is just a number. In any case, the average par 5 on tour isn't a gimme birdie for anyone, or the scoring averages would be lower (https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.144.html). So, I see it as actually leveling the playing field a bit. I like the idea of a few holes on the course providing (good) low scoring opportunities to everyone.
  2. ball position

    While a possibility, the clubhead is moving so fast I doubt that what you (think you) see is what's actually happening. Either way, if the ball is slicing, the clubface is open to the path (i.e. your path is 'out to in' relative to the clubface). You could obviously be different, but you sound like me ~6 months ago. I used to swing down on the ball with the driver and had to play the ball in the middle because moving it forward caused slices and sky-balls just like you mentioned. For me, the sky-balls were a result swinging under the ball and hitting it off the top edge of the driver. The two posts below changed everything for me. I now play it forward and tee it high and literally can't remember the last time I had one of those dreaded sky-balls. The slices still happen occasionally, but typically only when I rush the swing or swing too hard. Historically, I've always been a slicer and my friends know this, but just a couple weeks ago, after hitting a big draw off the tee and away from water, a guy we were playing with for the first time remarked, "well that's certainly safe!" and then I heard my buddy say, "oh, he doesn't go right".
  3. Leave the Driver in the Bag?

    No. Learn to hit it. If I could only play with one club and a putter, I'd use my 3- or 4-iron. If I could add a second, it'd be the big dog. Distance is king! FWIW, the link that @DeadMan posted is good one and my go-to when things get out-of-whack with the driver. Don't give up, it's worth the effort.
  4. TIL there are Amazon price trackers

    It's been comical to watch "the kids today" learn how 'sales' and the retail market works and think that they are the first to discover it or that it's even new.
  5. Jordan Spieth is as big of head case as I am.

    I figured you knew it was coming.
  6. Jordan Spieth is as big of head case as I am.

  7. I'm with David on this one as well... if breaking 90 is still a target and you want to shoot lower scores more often, you need to get the ball closer to the hole on your approach shots. IMO, the two big keys here are: 1. Tee Shots (Full Swing) 2. Approach Shots (Full Swing) The ability to scramble is important, but again, this is also helped by improving your full swing as you'll get closer to the green and have shorter short game shots. My current scoring goal is to break 80 and my primary focus is still the full swing. I still practice my short game, but really just to mix it up a bit and not regress. I've noticed improvement in my short game just from playing more. With that said, a few things that save the day for me when my swing isn't working as well as I'd like it to: 1. A low, curving recovery shot to get out from under trees and back to safety while still advancing the ball toward the green 2. The pitch shot (https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/39411-quickie-pitching-video-golf-pitch-shot-technique/) 3. Lag Putting YMMV.
  8. Happy 4th of July!

    Oh my goodness, talk about getting my kids hooked on golf! I knew I liked you.
  9. Debating on buying a new grill

    Then what's the point of grilling?? All of this, plus I like using real wood, either mixed in or by itself. I can cook quick with it too, but it's about the experience... ice cold beverages, kids playing in the yard, me pitching plastic golf balls over their heads to my "green" (outdoor carpet with pvc flagstick and a solo cup in the ground ), and a soft plume of sweet smelling smoke in the background, filling the neighborhood and prompting passersby to ask, "What time is dinner?!" The longer that lasts, the better.
  10. GIR is KING! GAME GOLF Challenge June 2017

    A most gracious and benevolent king. You're a class act, sir! ( @JxQx, looks like you'll need to PM your address to @iacas. )
  11. GIR is KING! GAME GOLF Challenge June 2017

    Sorry, guys! Thanks for participating!! Congrats to @Shindig for the Top 10 finish among TST members in the single round challenge! (7th)
  12. GIR is KING! GAME GOLF Challenge June 2017

    Although the GameGolf website still shows "Results Pending", I think it's safe to call it... All hail King Jim and King Erik! Long Live the Kings! Congratulations to @coachjimsc for being the top TST member in each challenge and taking home four of these awesome ball markers! (remember to PM @iacas your address ) King Jim launched his assault early, facing initial resistance, but repeated charges from his rivals were no match for his steady and accurate salvos. After grabbing the top spot in week two, he never looked back. In the individual challenge, King Jim declared his intent to unify the realm but was hit by a piercing blow from King Erik in week three that severed the kingdoms and couldn't be overcome. For the excellence of their feats on the field of honor, King Jim and King Erik, in their merciful wisdom, have granted pardon and elevated to the rank of Knight, all warriors who managed to breach the gates of the city and claim a spot among the Top 5 during the challenge. Three cheers for the Knights of the Top 5 Tables! @b101, @JxQx, @InTheRough, @roamin, @saevel25, @Valleygolfer "Hip, Hip!... Hip, Hip!... Hip, Hip!..." Finally, a big thanks to everyone else who participated in the challenge and put up with my silly posts... @billchao, @ChillyDipper, @cipher, @Denny Bang Bang, @georgep, @Hardspoon, @Slowcelica, Full TST member results in the spoiler... *I think I got all of the TST members, if not, sorry I missed you! :(
  13. 6/30: Skins game in the morning. Spent some time doing slow-mo backswings and downswings to warm up, main focus on no sway in the backswing, and paying attention to the feels I had yesterday re: Key #3 on the downswing. Ended with five reps of a slow-mo swing back and down to the ball (impact position), then an easy practice swing, then a smooth swing/shot at a target. June Challenge Complete!