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  1. Stupid Changes

    gorillas have shorter arms than that
  2. Just found out how bad my swing is!

    hit aeroplanes with your pw? no wonder with a 104mph swing speed lol
  3. How hard do you swing?

    I dont swing hard, i swing firm i think is the best way to describe it
  4. My swing side by side with changes

    lol my wife would kill me if she saw a video of me doing that!!
  5. I am definitely more of a sweeper and i dont think it has done me much harm thus far. However there are always improvements to be made in ones swing and i wouldnt say that taking a divot wouldnt mean i am striking the ball more truely
  6. Irons Slicing?

    Could very likely be that your club face is just too open at address
  7. swaying instead of rotating!!

    This has been a problem that keeps coming back for me, i dont know why but once a season i will go through a period of about 3 weeks where i cannot strike the ball well at all and it is because i am swaying!! doing my head in
  8. hook help

    hard to say without seeing your swing, is it possible that your hips are not clearing enough or quickly enough to let your arms swing through? if that is the case often the right wrist "flips over" to try adn correct this,... just a thought. Try swinging with this on the range and physically imagine you turning your hips and not even thinking about the ball.
  9. Golf Club Fittings

    you make a very good point notastick. I would, infact have an even stronger view on it. Especially for the 'excellent fitting' third process described above. While i can totally see why this is essential for people competing at the very top level who can repeat their swing time after time after time, i believe certainly any1 above single figures should totally forget about that! Waste of time money and effort. What the hell is the point of an 18 handicap or a 15 or a 22 getting the lie and all other complex things set up perfectly in a new set of irons? Most players work constantly to try and lower their handicap, therefore if their striking, launch angle, lie, etc etc improve those 'perfectly fit' sexy new clubs r just holding them back from the direction they want to go.
  10. lol with all due respect shortly, i believe an eye test could be of great benefit to you. I can appreciate your opinion, however i cant get my head round the fact that you believe you cant see the putter head hit the ball on a 1 foot putt. That is totally crazy talk. I also disagree with you saying that if i can see it with 8 iron i should with 3, yes you are right the swing mechanics r the same but my clubhead speed is not the same with 3 and 8 iron.
  11. i find myself varying weight dist, although im certainly not saying im right!! with my short irons i almost use what looks like a stack and tilt swing, infact anything up to about 5 iron. 4 or 3 iron i would be quite centred and as you say my wood play slightly back. Im certainly not going to give that as souns advice however but it works for me
  12. Can't hit my 3 wood for crap...

    i love my cobra speed pro 3 wood it is one of my favourite clubs i trust, although it is very tight to look own on, i had an md players 3 wood with a much bigger head and found myself struggling to hit it any further than my 20d hybrid with a very ballooning flight. I think especially off the fairway you need a 3 wood which looks like it can comfortably strike the ball
  13. yea i agree cirem22, only with my wedges, maybe up to 8 iron