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  1. My golf cart bag just packed in and I have been using a stand bag ever since. The weather is getting a lot nicer over here in the UK and I'd like to buy a new cart bag and get my trolley back out. If you were going to buy a golf cart bag which one would it be and why?
  2. I am your pretty standard casual golfer. I love the game and love playing. I try to play as much as possible but other things like work seem to get in the way during the week and I'm not really into competitions so only play the weekends sometimes. However this doesn't mean that I'm not really keen to improve and when I play I always enjoy it so much more when I play well. The main problem for me seems to be lack of consistency. I can certainly strike the ball and my good shots are good but my other shots are usually pretty crappy. So I'm asking what would be your number 1 tip for a casual
  3. Hey guys, Found the forum in google and been having a look around. Looks like there is some really good advice on here at the moment! I hope to stay and post a bit here and there. Currently playing off 20 and back into the game after a couple of years lay off. Loving every minute of it and desperate to get my handicap down! I'm sure everyone is Cheers Dave
  4. I'm young and have seen Tiger come from nothing to one of the best players ever so easy choice for me!
  5. Not a member here at the moment but its where I play most of my golf: http://www.brancepeth-castle-golf.co.uk/
  6. I run my own buisness selling advertising online to gambling companies after dropping out of uni - the best decision I ever made!
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