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  1. I don't have a problem with Fox doing the broadcast, what is starting to annoy me is having to watch Jack Nickalus at every tournament. Just show the golf coverage already.
  2. This won't stop here, they brought this war to our soil with the 9/11 attacks. Everyone needs to be more vigilant of their surroundings and not be afraid to speak up and alert the authorities when needed. This happened about 50 miles from where I live and I still can't believe it. Sad day in the great old USA.
  3. I am Staying Ahead of the Game with Sun Mountain! 1. Jordan Spieth -3 2. Jason Day -1 3. Matt Kuchar +1
  4. Played Indian River Preserve (AKA Walkabout) in Mims Florida Saturday. Shot an 88 personal best for this course. Takeaways to many penalty strokes=bad, putting was decent only 1 3 putt, driving was fair but the best part of the game was where I struggle the most, 100 yards and in. All in all day was a success. If any of you are in the Brevard County Area of Florida you need to play this course, it was in tip top shape, very affordable and probably the nicest layout in the area.
  5. Played an executive course, a par 61 shot a 78 nothing worse than double bogey and didn't lose a ball missed a couple birdie opportunity's. Definitely feel I am trending in the right direction.
  6. That course is brutal, worse if you slice the ball being there is zero room to the right. Definitely not my favorite, I have played every course in Brevard County so if you are coming down shoot me a pm if you want to know the conditions or play around.
  7. I actually started noticing a big difference about 3 weeks ago when I got fitted for a set of real golf clubs what a difference, don't seem to have to work as hard prior. Sure don't have to swing as hard either which has made the errant shots a lot more manageable.
  8. You ain't lying my wife constantly harps on me when were playing about the language and tantrums, don't have them as much now. Always found one way to get it under control is play with people you don't know you tend to make less of an ass out of yourself.
  9. I liked the Pinnacle Gold, Nike Mojo both are priced good decent enough, my favorites since I tend to loose less nowadays are any of the E series Bridgestones love them along with the new B330
  10. I think the mental game plays such a big part in breaking a 100, buddy of mine has only been playing for a couple of years now and I honestly think he could score better if he could get his temper under control. I was the same way when I started playing 7 years ago and even though I only shoot in the mid 90's with an occasional round in the 80's, once I got my temper under control and try to salvage the damage of a prior bad hole I could never break a 100 without a lot of luck.
  11. New guy here my name is Tim I live on the Space Coast in Florida, basically gave up fishing and took up this great game about 7 years ago. Play about 2 times a week, never have established a handicap normally shoot in the mid 90's. Did post my best round last weekend shot an 81 at one of muni courses. Looking forward to some great advice especially in the short game area. Just got fitted for my first real set of clubs Mizuno JPX 850 and they have definitely helped my game, seem to have to scramble a little less. Everyone have a good day and better up and coming weekend.
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