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  1. I apreciate the heads up I actually looked at a new wedge the other day. I wasn't sure which one I would need with all the different options they had. I'm 23 an I have not had my swing speed checked before. That's one reason I was leaning towards lessons with a track man. I feel that I swing about 60-70% of what I got so I can make a decent shot. If I swing my driver the way I would like to I put a big slice on it and the only way I've found to fix that was to slow down.
  2. Thanks for all the advise. I was just thinking I might have made the learning curve a little steeper with the clubs I have. I was told the sweet spot is alot smaller on the tour model irons. I also noticed that my driver face could be put in open netruel or closed position. I put it in the neutral position even though I feel it would help if I put it closed but I'm worried I would just be living with the problem instead of fixing it. I do plan to take lessons in a couple weeks. I went to nevada bobs to see who offered lessons in my area an they told me that I could take lessons in house with them on a track man. $75 for one 30 min lesson or $150 for three lessons. I'm thinking of getting the three lesson an splitting them up to one lesson a month. Would this be the right way to go about it or should I keep searching an find someone giving lessons outdoors on a range with real grass?
  3. I'm currently playing callaway X-20 tour irons with project x 6.0 flighted shafts Cobra S2 driver (9.5) stiff flex Taylormade SLDR S 3 wood stiff flex Adams Pro Hybrid 23* stiff flex Vokey 58* Ping g5i Anser putter I started playing about a year ago and bought all my clubs off of a friend. I have not taken lessons yet but I plan to this month. I finally broke 100 this week and its got me on fire to get better an now break 90. Ive been doing some reading on here and I'm starting to wonder if i jumped the gun by buying clubs that's meant for a lower handicap player. My irons seem to be the better part of my game. when I make a bad swing i usually hit behind the ball taking up some earth with it. I can hit my 7 iron about 140-145. My driver fly's straight then curves to the right with the occasional straight shots. I feel I could get more distance but the harder I swing the more it curves right at the end of the shot. The 3 wood and hybrid stay in the bag i cant seem to get ball off the ground unless I'm teeing off with them. Should I keep grinding it out and learning with the clubs I currently have or should I buy some clubs thats meant for a higher handicapper?
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